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Why should you integrate your website with Odoo ERP?

Odoo is the all-in-one software and a suite of open source business apps because Odoo is capable of covering your every business need of CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, a point of sale, project management, etc. They are integrated with one another, however, also can be used as standalone.


It is extremely modular. you'll be able to begin using Odoo ERP with some modules and add to it later as you wish while keeping the advantages of an integrated solution.


Odoo ERP relies on a technology stack that's trendy and up-to-date. These technologies are developed and tailored to the latest paradigms, and so is Odoo ERP.


It is simple to use software system however it additionally extremely versatile. Odoo ERP is often tailored to suit your company’s specific business necessities, due to its open source nature.

How can our solution help you?

Bidirectional Product Sync

The product and product categories can be easily synced from your e-commerce platform to Odoo and vice-versa in real-time. Whenever any product will be added it will be automatically synced.

Order Management

When any customer places the order on your website or store owner places the order from the backend, its details will be automatically synchronized to the Odoo. Any change in the status of the order will also be synced.

Sync Invoice Data

Syncs invoice data such as Customer, Address, Invoice Data, Salesperson, Product Detail, Total Invoice Amount from your e-commerce platform to Odoo Invoice when customer’s payment is processed successfully.

Real-time Inventory Sync

Inventory will get synced in real-time, whenever any new changes will be made to the inventory at either end due to new sales orders or incoming purchase orders it will get updated at another end in real time.

Easy Customer Database Management

Customer database will be easily imported and managed from your e-commerce website to Odoo. They will get notification of their order status change, abandoned cart, etc.

View Syncing History

You can check the history of the data synced from your website to Odoo.You can analyze which data synced successfully and which failed to sync from the report generated.

Automate your e-commerce website with Odoo ERP

Put a full stop on manual importing and exporting with spreadsheets. Our solutions enable complete synchronization of item records, price lists, inventory, taxes, business partners, orders, deliveries, shipping & tracking, payments and a lot a more at extremely affordable cost.

Our Package

Here are some key features of our solution that facilitate improved experiences for your website with the help of Odoo ERP integration.
  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Reduced Manual Work
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Single Point of Operation

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