Sell on Reverb from your WooCommerce store
Sell effectively on Reverb with your WooCommerce Store

Sell effectively on Reverb with your WooCommerce Store


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To ease the process of selling, CedCommerce announced a new plugin Reverb Integration for WooCommerce, enabling merchants to sell musical instruments worldwide. The integration solution allows sellers to sell on the Reverb marketplace effortlessly and with much more ease.

With the Reverb Integration for WooCommerce, you can connect your WooCommerce store to the Reverb marketplace and ease the process of selling with its automated features. The plugin allows you to upload/update products, centralized order management, inventory synchronization, and bulk upload of products.

Let us look at what Reverb is all about.

What is Reverb Marketplace?

Reverb is a leading platform that brings together a vast community of musicians to present their music gears to the potential audience and initiate the selling process. It is a destination that has all kinds of music gear, which attracts vast audience attention. Reverb marketplace currently has a customer base of 1.05 million and more than 2.6 million registered users. The marketplace, therefore, brings together a massive community of musicians from all over the world.

Amidst the pandemic, many people turned to musical instruments to keep them occupied during that time. Reverb sold $227 million worth of music gears in Q2. In addition, the platform saw a surge in demand for home recording equipment purchases and small portable instruments like acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and keyboards.

Let’s check out the benefits of selling on the Reverb marketplace.

Perks of selling musical gears on Reverb marketplace

Sell on reverb- perks

  • Attract a vast customer base.
  • The sellers will pay only when they make a sale.
  • Get access to the potential audience by showcasing your best products.
  • Access safe and secure payment methods.
  • Expand your business across the globe.

Therefore, the Reverb marketplace provides instant access to sellers and buyers worldwide to interact and sell music gears and instruments.

Key Features of Reverb Integration for WooCommerce

Sell on Reverb- features

Product Upload/Update

Firstly, you can easily upload and update the products. The products in the ready state that fulfill the criteria can be quickly uploaded, and their data can be modified or updated as per the requirements.

product upload/update

Bulk Upload

Secondly, you can bulk upload your products. Uploading products one at a time can be a tedious task. Thus the plugin facilitates the bulk upload of products in a single click, reducing manual involvement.

bulk upload

Order Management

Thirdly, the plugin allows you to centrally manage the orders by importing all your Reverb products into the WooCommerce store as it is hard to keep track of all the orders. You can also set a scheduler/cron, which will fetch orders automatically.

order management

Inventory Synchronization

Lastly, with the plugin, you can set a scheduler/cron to keep the inventories synchronized and other details in line from time to time. You can directly update the inventory by merely selecting the product and clicking on the update inventory action.

inventory management

The idea is to make the selling process easy and effortless. The extension emphasizes the reduction of manual work of the sellers making their sales effective and efficient.

Merchants worldwide will be able to sell on They will connect their WooCommerce store to the Reverb marketplace, enabling them to sync their products quickly. The integration features allow the management of the stores from a centralized location, and inventory synchronization helps keep the stores up-to-date.


Automating your store with Reverb Integration for WooCommerce certainly makes the selling process painless and affordable. The plugin helps in the centralized management of stores.

With CedCommerce, a dedicated account manager will help you understand the plugin’s flow and functionality. Thus get your WooCommerce stores integrated with the Reverb marketplace through Reverb integration for WooCommerce and expand your business in the musical world.

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