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New Updates: CedCommerce comes upfront to help Shopify sellers grow their sales

New Updates: CedCommerce comes upfront to help Shopify sellers grow their sales


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Portland,Oregon(19th June 2019): To help sellers meet the paced-up scenario of creating a brand on a SaaS-Based platform, CedCommerce has expanded its services of Store Development, Optimisation, Marketing & App Development of the online store. It has also introduced its new Cart Migrator Solution to help merchants migrate from Magento 2 to Shopify.

A quick glimpse of the new/updated CedCommerce services & products for Shopify:

1) Store Development/Customisation: For the sellers aspiring to have their own brand, CedCommerce has a team of Certified Shopify Experts to create a value generating online store. CedCommerce suggests you the best of store designs, themes and much more.

Store Set-up:
Get a result-driven Shopify store developed by CedCommerce.

Store Design: Choose from one of the best designs suggested by a team of Certified Shopify Experts.

Theme Customisation: Get a theme that improves the UX/UI of your store.

3P (3rd Party) Apps’ Integration: Achieve integration of useful third-party apps and tools for your Shopify store.

2) Digital Marketing: After having created a successful Shopify store, one would want it to gain popularity. CedCommerce with its Digital Marketing Services ensures complete store analysis using tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, etc. Sellers can also use CedCommerce’s PPC, SEO and SMM Services. Easily perform Digital Marketing for your Shopify store.

Analytics: Get complete insight into your store’s performance. Set-up goals and tracking conversions.

Pay Per Click (PPC): Appear on the top results of leading Search & Display Ad networks. Grow your Shopify store through paid methods.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO): Get your store optimized in the most effective manner. The optimization includes incorporating top search queries in your store content to appear in SERPs.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Drive targeted traffic to your store through social media posts, groups, forums & events.

3) Cart Migrator to migrate from Magento 2 to Shopify: This app by CedCommerce is dedicated to helping the Magento 2 merchants transfer their product data, customer data & order data to Shopify.

The team of the developers of the app stated that-

The app has been developed with a view to helping Magento 2 users unleash the potential of SaaS-Based framework (Shopify).


Defining features of the app:

a) Bulk Data Transfer: Get all the product, order and customer data from source to Shopify. Also, provide additional information about other relevant aspects of this data.

b) Date wise upload:
Transfer the data, date-wise, from the desired framework to Shopify for a selected range of date so as to have a customized migration of information.

c) Safe Data Migration: HTTPS secure Protocol is used for migration so as to prevent any eavesdropping. All data remain confidential and fully compliance with latest GDPR guidelines.

d) Personalized Data Transfer: Choose the data you want to take from a selected framework to Shopify and get it migrated to Shopify in an uninterrupted way.

e) Speed Optimization: The solution uses an up-to-date technical stack to make sure that the migration progress is accomplished with blazing speeds.

f) Professional Support: Get descriptive guidance throughout the process of store migration to achieve the sought after store set-up.

4) Updates in the Shopify Mobile App:
MageNative, a CedCommerce’s Mobile App Development vertical, has updated its MageNative Shopify App Panel.

What is MageNative Shopify Mobile App?

MageNative Shopify Mobile App is the one-stop solution that converts your Shopify store into a mobile-friendly featured application.

The updated features of the app ensure speed enhancements, scheduled notifications and much more.

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migrate from magento 2 to shopify


The co-founders of the company remarked:

CedCommerce has come up with the enhancements in its products & services to ensure a seamless experience for Shopify merchants.



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