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How To Sell On Flipkart

How To Sell On Flipkart


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Sell on Flipkart and seize the opportunity to exhibit your products in front of 213.43 million unique visitors and beyond every six months.


Integrate your eCommerce stores with Flipkart and get set to enlarge your eCommerce sales multifold with least efforts via the WooCommerce Flipkart Integration extension.


Why sell on Flipkart (Here) The WooCommerce Flipkart Integration Extension (Here)
Who can sell on Flipkart (Here)  Documents required to sell on Flipkart (Here) 


Having forecasted to reach $64 billion by 2021 the Indian e Commerce continues to remain as the fastest-emerging online market. The report by Statista shares the estimated Indian sales record of the year 2022. Thus, sellers can sell seamlessly on the Indian tech-giant i.e. Flipkart. The potential for growth on Flipkart is tremendous and is increasing, even more, every passing day.


sell on flipkart

Image Source: Statista


Besides, you need not mandatorily be a veteran in the field of eCommerce in order to sell on Flipkart. Just as every other marketplace, selling on Flipkart is way seamless. Find out how to sell on Flipkart India for beginners in the later part of the article.


Why sell on Flipkart?


sell on flipkart

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Flipkart marketplace is the leading place for all the sellers out there. Holding the 151 global rank, and 9th rank in the country. Flipkart marketplace withholds the 16th rank in its category.  Started with selling books online, Flipkart marketplace today sells everything.

Sell on Flipkart- India’s #1 online selling platform→ Automate your order, inventory in a single go (here).


No matter if you are a seller, manufacturer, or a supplier. Become a top eCommerce player with minimal investment by selling your products online on Flipkart marketplace. Moreover, get ensured with faster delivery and quality check of the items via their experts.




Flipkart’s Seller Protection Fund (SPF) shields sellers from any kind of losses. Also, the huge customer base of Flipkart marketplace (i.e. more than 100 millions) invites sellers to sell on Flipkart seamlessly.


-Easy and Free Listing:

Sync your eCommerce store with Flipkart and our representatives along with Flipkart representatives will help you list your products way easily.


-Pay only when you make a sale:

Sell on Flipkart and pay a small amount of commision only when you make a sale and your product is successfully delivered to the end customer.


sell on flipkart

-Expand your customer base:

Sell on Flipkart and put forth your products in front of 28 crores registered users. Thus, expand your online presence to wider audiences.  


Wider Product Category:


Sell more than 70 categories on Flipkart such as Books, e-Books, Gadgets, Sports, Furniture, Laptops, Apparels, Kitchen, Cameras and more.


The WooCommerce Flipkart Integration Extension


How about getting facilitated to automated listings and syncing your orders instantly? In order to eliminate all your multichannel related issues, the WooCommerce Flipkart Integration Extension helps you seamlessly on board your eCommerce store to Flipkart. Thus, catering you with increased ROI, and revenue and fuelling up your sales in no time.


Fast Facts

List. Sync. Automate.

Experience the hassle-free product upload to Flipkart Marketplace- here.

You take the extension, we will do the work! All your installation, account management, and set up related work will be handled by the veterans of the team.  

Sit back and relax!


The splendid WooCommerce Flipkart integration Extension features:


Bulk Upload: How about leveraging a large number of products upload on a single go and optimizing all your manual work? Get facilitated with an easy upload of products in bulk on a go.


Centralized Order Management: All your orders are managed on a centralized platform. All your order acknowledgment, cancellation, inventory updates, refund management everything can be looked upon right from your WooCommerce store.  


Real-Time Stock Updates: Would you mind staying updated with real-time order updates as soon as your order is marked shipped by Amazon Marketplace? Acknowledge and stay updated with the order status on both the stores.  


Auto-syncing of orders: Instantly sync all your orders in-one-go with your WooCommerce store and the Amazon Marketplace. Hence, depriving manual work.


Automated Profiling Feature: In order to automate the upload procedure on Amazon Marketplace, the WooCommerce Amazon Integration extension enables assigning and creating the profiles much efficaciously.  



Who can Sell on Flipkart?


Register. List. Sell


Individuals, owners or any Private Limited firm can sell their unique brand product on Flipkart. Having said that, it becomes imperative to acknowledge you with the steps to become a seller on Flipkart. Below we list the same:


-Get your documents ready for the registration

-Create your seller account and register here.

-Fill in your store details: Including the display name and business description.

-List all your products successfully on Flipkart marketplace.


In order to sell on Flipkart, a seller generally requires two kinds of documents for seller registration which can be found on Flipkart Seller Homepage. The prior being for Sole Proprietorships and the second one for companies falling in the Private Limited company category.

1. Documents required for Seller Registration as an Individual or Sole Proprietor:


>> PAN Card/ Voter ID/ Driving License


>> Cancel Cheque

>> Passport

>> Company Electricity Bill as of Proprietorship firm


2. Documents required for Seller Registration as a Pvt. Ltd. Company


>> TAN

>> Brand Registration Certificate


>> CIN (*Optional)

>> Company PAN Card

>> Personal PAN Card

>> Cancel cheque


Once you are done with the documents, visit the Flipkart Seller Registration Panel and follow these steps:


  • Register as a seller on Flipkart and provide the details as:


>>Your Name, E-mail ID, Password, Mobile No. and get verified after entering the OTP received on your number. 

>> Select the Pick-up location of your products.

>> Select your Primary Selling Category and submit.

>> Next, you will be asked to fill in the following details- Business Details, Bank Details, Store Details & Add Listings.


Well, right before proceeding with the Flipkart’s seller panel. You must get ready with the following answers:

  1. Nature of your Business
  2. The price range of product that you will sell on Flipkart
  3. Your expected revenue from Flipkart in the upcoming 3 Months
  4. Owner’s age
  5. Are you selling online yet or not
  6. Where are you operating from
  7. Gender
  8. Who will handle Flipkart account business
  9. What kind of help you need from Flipkart to grow your business
  10. If you wish to sell products your own brand
  11. No. of products to sell online available now.


With more than 200 pick-up hubs and 10,000 delivery personnel, Flipkart marketplace leverages you with its easy pick-up and delivery facilities. Sell on Flipkart and transform your just another eCommerce store into the big thing today!


Kickstart selling on Flipkart today!

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