import products from eBay to Shopify
How to Import Products from eBay to Shopify Store?

How to Import Products from eBay to Shopify Store?


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Importing eBay items to the Shopify store has now become easier with the MultiChannel importer by CedCommerce.

Let’s have a look at easy steps to import products from eBay to Shopify using MultiChannel Importer:

  1. Registration: This process involves Registering yourself on the app to enjoy its further utilities.
  2. import products from eBay to Shopify

  3. Connect your eBay Seller Panel- This is the connectivity process wherein you connect your eBay Seller Panel to the app to import items.
    1. Enter the country
    2. Click on Link your Account
    3. Click on redirect and fill the details.

After having completed the above onboarding steps, go to the Import/Upload section.

  1. Import your Products – After linking your eBay account to the app, you can start importing your eBay listing to the app.
  2. Upload Products – After importing your products on the MultiChannel Importer, upload them on Shopify.

Products can be uploaded in 3 different ways:

  1. Bulk Upload
  2. Select and upload
  3. By profiling

import products from eBay to Shopify

  1. Profiling-This feature allows you to upload your products easily from app to Shopify. You have two options for uploading your products:
    1. Default Profiling: In this, the first 10 products are uploaded to your Shopify store according to the sequence in which they are placed on the app irrespective of product type, vendor, etc.
    2. Custom Profiling: You can upload products specifically based on brand, product type, vendor, category, country, quantity, etc.

The process has become seamless crediting to the flexibility of the Plugin and its updated features such as:

1) Easy Detail Input-

Multichannel Importer has made the process of entering details very rapid and easy by cutting off the sections irrelevant to the merchant. So, this saves time and eliminates complexity.

2) Efficient Information Sync System-

MultiChannel Importer has made the path of Syncing in product information from the marketplace to the Shopify store straight. Thus, the wavy path has been eliminated by expelling out the conventional way of entering information such as merchant details, details of the products (variants, SKUs, etc) twice- once while exporting products from the marketplace and once while importing them into the Shopify store.

3) Budget-Friendly plans to choose from-

The MultiChannel Importer is available in budget-friendly prices which are feasible. The plans offered have been decided to keep in mind the user’s convenience. Clicking on the link below will help you know more about the context.

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This is how our Dashboard looks:

eBay importer

Upgraded features of the Multichannel Importer that make it even more user-friendly-

  1. Supports Warehouse selection- The plugin provides you to choose a warehouse from multiple warehouses you may own synced to your Shopify store.
  2. Choose a Collection to add your products too- You can add your products to a particular collection that you own at your Shopify store.
  3. Inventory & price syncing- Helps to Sync inventory & price of eBay products to Shopify store to make listings of the products easier.
  4. Select Collection: Sellers have full liberty to select the collections for their products to list on your store, these changes will not be reflected on eBay.
  5. FBA Compatibility-Sellers can use the app to fulfil the orders from the FBA account as the app creates connectivity between the seller’s Shopify store and FBA account.

Importer Plugin by CedCommerce is aimed at providing you with better product importing experience and let you rule the e-commerce world by building your brand. Moreover, it even helps you maintain traction of inventory at both your marketplace and the online store.

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The multichannel Importer Plugin as Launched on 5th November 2018, is easy to use to import your products from eBay to Shopify. You can complete the procedure in less than a minute and build your brand or manage it if you already have one.

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