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How to Import Products from eBay to Shopify Store?

How to Import Products from eBay to Shopify Store?


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eBay is one of the most prominent marketplaces in the world. It attracts over 187 million users worldwide and has over 1.4 billion product listings. These stats alone make it an attractive option for sellers to start listing their products on eBay. However, merchants with a vision to expand their reach beyond eBay try finding a way to do it.

Owning an online store becomes one of the best options. It establishes you as a brand and acts as an extension to your services in the world of eCommerce. The smartest of the lot ends up choosing Shopify. Being a SaaS-based platform, Shopify provides easy setup and designing.

Furthermore, Quick Guide To Shopify setup assists sellers with their Shopify store setup process. All a seller needs to do is Import Products from eBay to Shopify and initiate selling.

The Process of Linking eBay to Shopify Store

Once the store has been set up, you are free to import products and start selling. Select the marketplace you want to import products from into Shopify. eBay is our marketplace in this case.

To initiate the selling process, all you need to do is link your eBay seller account and follow a few steps. These steps can be lengthy and complicated. So, it’s always good that you get guided assistance through apps from the Shopify App Store that can satisfy your needs.

Importing products using Multichannel Importer, one of the most reliable applications developed by an official Shopify Partner, CedCommerce makes the entire process simple, convenient, and straightforward.

Let’s look at the steps involved in importing products from eBay to Shopify using the MultiChannel Importer App.

  • Register yourself on the app.
  • Connect eBay seller panel.
  • Import product data from eBay to the app.
  • Upload product data from the app to Shopify.

Starting the Process: Import Products from eBay to Shopify

Registration: Register yourself on the app to enjoy its further utilities

Registration Page: Multichannel Importer

Connect your eBay Seller Panel: When you log in to your eBay Seller panel through our app. After that, you’ll then be prompted to import items.

  • Enter the country.
  • Click on Link your Account.
  • Click on redirect and fill in the details.

After having completed the above onboarding steps, go to the Import/Upload section.

  • Import Products: As you have linked your eBay account to the app. You can start importing products from your eBay listing to the app.
  • Upload Products: After importing your products on the Multichannel Importer. Upload them on Shopify.

With this, you will have completed the process of uploading and importing product listings to the app and then to Shopify, respectively.

The seller can upload products in 3 different ways:

  • Bulk Upload
  • Select and upload
  • By profiling

When you select Profiling, You are provided with two options to go ahead with the importing process.

Profiling: These are the details that you provide about a product. They affect the way a product appears. Eventually making it easier for you to organize and help your customers find that product.

Create Profile

You have two options for uploading your products:

  • Default Profiling: The first ten products get uploaded to your Shopify store. It is according to the sequence in which they get placed on the app. It gets initiated irrespective of product type, vendor, and other options.
  • Custom Profiling: If you wish to upload products based on your products type, brand or country, etc., then you can create a profile on a requirement basis and only upload the products that the profile contains.

Why Should You Choose The Multichannel Importer App?

The app comes loaded with great features that can be very helpful in making the entire process of managing and automating the selling process convenient.

#1. Easy Detail Input

The MultiChannel Importer App has made the entire data entry process a straightforward and fast-paced approach. Removing various steps and providing a perfect API network for the integration makes this possible.

#2. Efficient Information Sync System

The app has made the sellers say goodbye to the conventional way of entering information. With no more manual entry of merchant details, details of the products (variants, SKUs, and others), the Multichannel Importer App automates the entire process of data upkeep and management. Hence, The sellers can easily export products from the marketplace and import them into the Shopify store.

#3. Budget-Friendly plans to choose from

The MultiChannel Importer is available at budget-friendly prices. The plans offered have been decided to keep in mind the user’s convenience. You can get detailed information about the Pricing.

Updated features: Multichannel Importer

#1. Supports Warehouse selection

The plugin provides you to choose a warehouse if you have more than one warehouse synced to your Shopify store.

#2. Choose a Collection to add your products

Also, you can add your product listing from eBay and other marketplaces to a particular collection that you own at your Shopify store.

#3. Inventory and price syncing

Not only it helps to Sync inventory and price of eBay products to Shopify stores. It also makes listings of the products more accessible.

#4. Product Import based on Country

Merchants get to import products based on a particular country. For instance, a merchant selling on eBay US and eBay UK can manage both the accounts from the app itself. Therefore, importing, uploading, and managing the entire selling process for both the accounts and the Shopify store from the app itself.

Multichannel Importer: An Aid!

MultiChannel Importer App by CedCommerce has the aim of providing you with a better product importing experience. It not only helps import product listing from eBay to Shopify but from other supported marketplaces too. Moreover, it helps you maintain track of inventory at both your marketplace and the online store. Through importers, you get the chance to rule the e-commerce world and build your brand. You can use the Importer App to your benefit. The app automates the entire process of online selling on marketplaces.

You can use the Importer App to your benefit. The app automates the entire process of online selling on marketplaces.

Compatible Marketplaces


No wonder extending to marketplaces can increase revenue, but it can be tedious too. Being Shopify Experts, CedCommerce helps small and medium businesses and store owners through outstanding solutions and exceptional services.

The Multichannel Importer is one such app for centralized management of marketplaces that lets you import product listing from eBay and other marketplaces. Loaded with features to facilitate sellers to import products from Marketplaces to Shopify Multichannel importer is a great add-on. Therefore, helping sellers create and build a brand image and also automates the entire selling process on Shopify.

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