How Responding to Bad Reviews Can Help Enhancing User Experience?

How Responding to Bad Reviews Can Help Enhancing User Experience?


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Are you working painstakingly to earn reviews and feedback for your business? If so, you are not the only one striving for positive reviews for your business. Several businesses work hard to get as many five-star reviews as possible. But do you know responding to bad reviews can also be very helpful for the growth of your business?

Reviews play a crucial role in the success of any business. The first thing you do before purchasing anything online checks its reviews. If you find negative ratings or reviews on the product, you will not likely purchase it. But if the product or services are reviewed positively by users, you will decide to give it a try.

So you should try every possible method and acquire as many positive reviews as possible and prevent any bad reviews on your site, right?

But that shouldn’t be a goal to thrive in the market.

Believe it or not, acquiring great reviews is good for the business. But negative reviews play a significant role in improving your services in a way you have never anticipated.

It may be hard to accept that negative reviews are good for the business, but actually, it is true.

Let’s get into it, how bad reviews help grow your business.

The Significance Of Negative reviews and how they can help in business growth

Before the digital era, shoppers usually rely on their friends and acquaintances for testimonials. But presently, numerous factors help make final purchase decisions about the brand.

It seems that reliable reviews have a more significant impact on online purchase decisions than friends, family, or acquaintances.

As per the December 2020 report by Statista on U.S online shoppers, about 94% of respondents said that good reviews made them more likely to purchase with the brand. In contrast, 92% revealed that negative reviews stop them from making a purchase from a brand.

About 97% of shoppers check product reviews before making a purchase decision. On the other hand, approximately 85% of shoppers read bad reviews to make more informed purchases. Decisions. This is because bad reviews give their customers an idea of the worst-case scenario. Also, too many good reviews can seem fake to most buyers.

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Plan A Strategy Before Responding to Negativity

Are you getting negative reviews? No need to panic or ignore them; embrace them. However, if you are embracing negative reviews, to need plan a proper strategy before responding to the negative reviews, consumers want businesses to reply to their reviews quickly. About 51.7% of shoppers want businesses to reply to their bad reviews within seven days.

So if you are getting bad reviews, you need to act fast on it. You should be well informed about your each customer complaint. You need to remember that all bad reviews are not bad for your business.

Bad reviews can be of different types

Bad reviews are bad if they are not addressed perfectly; else, you can get good benefits from utilizing negative reviews if you learn from negative reviews to improve your services and offerings, then they are an opportunity for the growth of your business.

The Genuine Complaint

The genuine complaint is that when the user dislikes something about your app. That needs to be changed or corrected. Maybe they are experiencing some issue in using your mobile app, bad support service, or any other issue. Here the negative reviews are the thing that will make you realize where things went wrong.

In this case, reply quickly and efficiently to the customer review. Start with apologizing to your customer and assure them that you will resolve the issue earliest.

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Complaint beyond your control

This is a sort of negative review in which users complain about an issue that is beyond your control. Say you are getting lots of orders during the festive season. It is taking a little more time to respond your every customer. Then, a customer may review that the product was good, but it took a long time to reach. This type of review serves two purposes, if you tell your visitors that the festive season is busy and it will take more time to deliver during this period, they will be more willing to wait. Second, these reviews will show the authenticity of your brand, as too many positive reviews may seem fake to most of your visitors.

You can respond to the review by giving them a humbling agreement or sympathy. This will make your visitors feel better and explain to other visitors who come across the review section.

The Ignorant Customer

Some customers always search for points to review negatively without any genuine reason. These customers just love to leave a negative review without any reason.

You need to respond to these kinds of reviews politely and then move on. Don’t waste much of your time dealing with such types of customers.

To Put It Briefly

Reviews play a crucial role in increasing the sales and revenue of the business. Yet every business has both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. And every business receives both positive and negative reviews. You don’t need to be afraid of negative reviews. Even negative reviews help in the growth of your business by helping in finding out your flaws. Through this, you will find and resolve issues arising in your product. Consequently, help enhance the user experience. To entice your users with a fast and fascinating mobile app.

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