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A complete list of the eBay errors with the best possible solutions

A complete list of the eBay errors with the best possible solutions


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eBay, an eCommerce giant never lags behind in providing an A-game to the sales of its sellers. However, along with this, sellers also face eBay errors which are sent by eBay when a seller fails to follow the guidelines on a particular step. Sometimes these errors may strike you to put your selling process on halt, but it’s completely like contributing to your own loss.

Therefore, here’s a list of all the eBay errors which you face while selling on eBay or using the ebay integration app along with their reason and solutions to defend you from the error hurdles on each and every step of your selling journey.

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Reason and solution of the frequently asked eBay errors

1. Listing violates the Duplicate Listing policy.

  • Reason- You already have a live eBay listing for the product you are trying to upload.
  • Solution- You have to remove the existing listing of that particular product if you want to create a new listing.

2. This listing would cause you to exceed the amount you can list.

  • Reason- A seller can only list a certain inventory per month. This notification comes when you are trying to upload more than that limit.
  • Solution- Along with this error, eBay sends a URL, through which you can call on eBay and request to increase that limit.

3. The packaged weight is not valid or is missing.

  • Reason- Shipping weight is not provided to the product while listing.
  • Solution- In the product details, the shipping information section is available. In that, you have to fill the two columns of “Shipping weight minor” and “Shipping weight major”.

4. A mixture of Self Hosted and EPS pictures are not allowed.

  • Reason- Your pre-listed products on eBay have images which are hosted by ebay. If you map that same product with a similar product on the Shopify store with more images, then this problem occurs. Because the images which are extra (not on eBay, but on Shopify) are considered to be self-hosted images, and eBay doesn’t allow the mixture of self-hosted images and images hosted by eBay for a similar product.
  • Solution- You have to remove the images of that product on eBay and then map the product from the Shopify store through the integration app.

5. Before you can list this item we need some additional information to create a seller account.

  • Reason- This error occurs when your eBay seller account is not connected with any payment methods.
  • Solution- You can go to My eBay-> Accounts-> payments ->
    • Payment options.
    • Accounts.
    • Payments.


6. Your item-location was not filled in. The location field helps buyers determine the shipping cost(s) for the item, and should always be included.

  • Reason- Your ZIP code or postal code is not filled in. Please enter the valid ZIP code.
  • Solution- You can simply go-to: Configuration-> Global policy.

7. Internal error to the application.

  • Reason- This a generic eBay error, having no specific reason.
  • Solution- We contacted eBay to know the reason behind this, and they notified that it’s likely to happen when Business Policies aren’t set-up properly.

8. eBay account not connected.

  • Reason- This error comes when the connection between your ebay integration app and eBay seller account breaks. Generally, the connection breaks when the seller adds any major detail or change password on the seller panel of the app.
  • Solution- You have to reconnect your eBay integration app with the ebay seller account.

9. Return Policy Attribute Return Description Not Valid On This Site.

  • Reason- Return description is allowed only on following eBay sites: Germany (DE) Austria (AT) France (FR) Italy (IT) Spain (ES) Motors. For the rest of the eBay websites, you cannot describe your eBay policy.
  • Solution- You have to update the return policy from the eBay seller panel and then sync with the app and then again try to upload.

10. Your listing cannot contain javascript (“.cookie”, “cookie(“, “replace(“, IFRAME, META, or includes), cookies or base href.

  • Reason- Products with these javascript words are not allowed to list on eBay.
  • Solution- You have to remove these script tags and the above words from the description/title of your products.

Integrate eBay with Shopify

Why you should care

To move in the right way on your eBay selling journey, you should resolve all these eBay errors. Being a merchant on eBay, you will face these errors (or maybe faced already) and it is possible that you will hop on different platforms to find the right solution, therefore, we have decided to present you all the queries in one place.

Now you can sell happily on eBay as all your eBay errors got covered! 

Still have some errors? Comment down below, our experts will be there to help you round O’ clock.

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