How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce

Sears marketplace is a community that allows the merchant to sell product or yourself to advertise on the sears. You can start your business with million of customers or drive traffic to your website. welcomes online seller with great product and enthusiasm to deliver quality after-sales service.

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce

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You can easily sell on from your Woocommerce site. WooCommerce has several of extensions which can be used to sell on among them Cedcommerce helps the seller to offer their products at Sears.

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce:

For sell on sears, you need to follow these steps-

Registration and Account Approval Information

For creating seller account you need to required following information and approved you as a seller on Seller Portal-

  • Registration Info

  • Business Address and Contact Information

  • Employer Identification

Registration Info:

Seller has to enter personal and business account information for sell on sears as seller like Name, Email, Password, Business Name, catalog size, Estimated Start Selling Date.

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce: Register Yourself With

Business Address and Contact Information

In this section, you have to enter your official business address, associated with your official employer identification numbers for sell on sears as like Business Name, Contact Name, Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email.

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce

Employer Identification:

In this section, the seller has to enter Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) that is on your business’s tax returns. Your TIN must match with your company name or Account holder’s Fist and Last name listed on your tax return.

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce: Enter the detail of business and contact information

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce: Enter the detail of employer identification

After filling all the details click on Create my Account button for final submission.

Once you’re approved you get Sears API keys to selling on sears, these include:

  • Seller ID

  • Seller Email

  • API Authorization Key

  • Warehouse Location Id


Now, visit the plugin section of your Woocommerce store and start the installation.


For installing Sears Woocommerce Integration extension, go to Plugins > Add new and upload Sears Woocommerce Integration

(The extension ask some credential for installation)

After the extension is installed, then begins the configuration process.

Sears Configuration Setup:

To successfully integrate your Woocommerce Store with and to start selling on, few settings are required to be configured.

Seller ID:

Seller ID is required for integrating your sears seller account to your Woocommerce store. You can get sears seller ID by clicking on account button.

Generate API Authorization Key

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce

For selling from Woocommerce website you need to generate API Authorization Key. You can generate it by Account Settings > Account Information and click on Generate New Key button.

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce

You will also need Email which is used in sears account. You can get email by Account Settings > Account Information>Warehouse Location Id:

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce

You can get the Warehouse location by Account > Fulfillment Location

After getting all the configuration information from sears seller account enter information into your Woocommerce website under Sears Woocommerce Integration extension.

How to sell on Sears using Woocommerce


After validating your credentials you are able to sell on Sears Woocommerce.

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