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Product Title Optimization: Win the Top Searches on Amazon

Product Title Optimization: Win the Top Searches on Amazon


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Are you aware of the fact that 95% of the product listings are placed incorrectly? This means that 300 million users are listing the products but aren’t optimizing them and losing a chance to rank the top searches. Perhaps, one of the main reasons is that they haven’t yet realized the importance of individual points in the listings. There are various stages that demand optimization, one of the main parts that need the utmost attention is the ‘Product title’.

People think of the product title as just the title and not the whole product. This is where they miss out, the title is the first thing that a customer sees, therefore it should be the first thing that should be improved.

Why Care About a Product Title?

What’s the big deal about the product title? Are they just labels? Yes, they are the distinctive labels that give an idea to your customers about the product. People search the product by their name, not the images or the description.

If the product title is incomplete or scrappy no one would go through the description or the images, no matter how radiant or high quality your images are! The product won’t attract customers and, therefore, has fewer chances of ranking higher.

Hence, an optimized, complete, and convincing product title is the key factor to kick-start, captivate and convert the prospects into loyal customers.

Concept of Amazon Product Title:

The product title on Amazon is the most crucial part of the product listing and is often missed upon. When you type a word or some phrases, Amazon gives a list in that particular product category. The headings that you see on the top of every product listing are the product title of that particular product.

The product title will decide whether the customer will click on the product or not. Therefore the product title needs to be attractive and convincing enough to prompt the customer to click on that particular product. You can create a convincing title by adding some phrases but it’s important to optimize your title keeping in mind the SEO (search engine optimization).

An SEO Optimized product title has more chances of being crawled and ranked on the top searches.

Improvise the product titles

Significance of SEO Optimized Product Titles:

You might wonder why we can’t add some attractive phrases and post them on Amazon? The answer to your question is that all the eCommerce websites, mainly Amazon, work on SEO. This means if the SEO is strong then it has more chances of ranking and, thus, visibility and traffic. SEO-optimized product title is crucial for Amazon as it has factors that can help you rank your product above others. Isn’t it amazing that you just have to optimize your product title and can be ahead of your competitors?

Let’s look at those factors which help you come from page 10 to page 1:

  • Represent Your Product:

    Play on the front foot by closely monitoring what your customer wants to see and, then, optimize accordingly. Make sure that the title describes the gist of your product by providing its features and benefits. Help your customers gain valuable information about the product which will eventually lead to the purchasing decision.

  • Hit the Top Searches:

    Why is everyone running behind optimizing? Well, the answer is to gain visibility and rank on the top searches. While optimizing, the keywords will play a major role as these are the terms that will help you rank. Include focus or primary keywords in your product title and try to make it detailed, precise, and informative. If the product title is relevantly optimized, the customers will definitely see them at the top and you will hit the top searches.

  • Escalate Conversions:

    Converting prospects into loyal customers is the ultimate goal for everyone. And, this is the reason why everyone is running behind optimization. Providing the customers with a descriptive and optimized product title will not only give you visitors but also make the search engines happy. And ranking on search engines will give you more conversions. Hence your conversion rate will increase.

Critical Key Factors of Amazon’s Product Title:

Framing and presenting the product title for your customers is a huge task that involves a few key factors that must be considered. These key factors should be incorporated, no matter which product you sell.

Before you start curating your product title, let’s look at some of the important aspects that comprise the product title.

  • Brand Name:

    You need to mention the brand under which your product is being launched.

  • Quantity:

  • Customers need to know the quantity they will get after placing their order.

  • Color:

    Colorful options attract customers as people have different color choices.

  • Size:

    Before ordering, consumers should be aware of the size of the packets they will receive.

  • Material/KeyFeature:

    The product material is a necessary point that you must mention. Do not mention all the features but keep the customer updated on the main feature that would drive sales.

Aspects of crisp product titles

The inclusion of these five elements will help your customers know about your offerings. Accordingly, they can align their needs with your offerings and make a wise purchase decision.

Position the Supreme Keywords:

Keywords are search terms or phrases that users use fr their search. There are different factors that affect the product ranking on search engines, the most important amongst them is the usage of keywords. Essentially, research and place your keywords but don’t stuff them. When you position the focus keywords in your titles, remember not to repeat them just to rank on the top searches.

Empathize yourself with the buyers and search for the products that you are selling and examine the search terms or phrases that are mostly used. Firstly, explore and examine the other related keywords and keep in mind the search volume and the SD (Seo Difficulty). Secondly, the search volume should be high and SD should be comparatively low. Thirdly, select the most common ones and use them in your product titles.

There are numerous tools available that can perform keyword research for you. You can use Google Ads, SEMrush, or download the UberSuggest extension for extensive keyword research.

Must-Follow Product Title Guidelines:

Amazon follows a list of certain guidelines on how the product titles should be framed and presented. Let’s get started.

Structural Requirements:

The various requirements regarding the design and format of the product titles are outlined below.

  • Capitalize the first letter of each word. (‘and’ could be an exception and can be used in lowercase)
  • Write it as ‘and’ and not as ampersand (‘&’) unless it is a part of the product’s brand.
  • Include numbers as figures and not words.
  • The units of measurements should be clarified and not abbreviated. For eg- (kilograms instead of kg, Fluid Ounce instead of fl oz)
  • The title should not contain any special characters to make it engaging. Special characters like <!{}_#<> and others should be avoided.
  • Avoid using subjective or promotional phrases.
  • Do not put prices, seller information, promotional symbols, or phrases that state guarantee.

Character Requirements:

Product title is identified by its characters and there are various regulations regarding the character limits. Let’s see what those are:

  • The product tile should have a character limit of 150-200 characters.
  • Amazon suggests the maximum limit to be 80 characters so that it is fully optimized for mobile users too

Note: For some products, the title can’t be 80 characters but try to optimize it and not go beyond 200 characters.

Amazon Title Optimization Tips:

Optimization has never been easy, as it takes a lot of time and research depending on your product. There are several tips and tricks available that you can use to optimize and well, get ahead in the competition.

  • Keep It To The Point:

    Draft your product title in such a way that it provides relevancy in regard to the product. This will add value to your customers and your product.

  • Easy-to-Understand Content:

    Customers purchase the product by scanning your product title. Make sure you use simple and easy-to-understand language by mentioning its features in a layman language.

  • Format It:

    The design and layout attract when it is well-formatted. Keep in mind the formatting rules mentioned above and make sure to follow them.

  • Include Keywords:

    Inserting the primary and relevant keywords is a crucial practice for Seo optimized product title. People tend to ignore this practice and end up on the last pages.

  • Focus On User Intent:

    Explore and analyze the search intent of your users and what they actually want. Frame your product titles accordingly by doing quality keyword research.

  • Avoid Fluff:

    Refrain yourself from using fluff words in your product titles. Words like ‘most authentic’, ‘Trending 2021 products’, ‘Sale up to 50% off’ are fluff words and you should definitely ignore its usage. These words are ambiguous, obstructive, and disinterested to the customers.

  • Cross Check the Grammar:

    People often make grammatical and spelling mistakes and regret them after posting. Therefore, It’s better to check the grammar, punctuations, spelling, and sentence structure before posting it on Amazon. You can use the tool Grammarly as it is one of the best in the lot.

  • Competitor Research:

    Exploring and analyzing the keywords your competitors are playing on is always beneficial. Don’t research with the intention to copy the ideas, but to improve your titles and keyword usage.

Final Thoughts:

With millions of users selling on this top-rated platform, Amazon provides you with lots of opportunities to grow your business. One of the recommended hacks through which you can grow is optimizing your product listings. And amongst the product listings, the most important is optimizing your product title. There are no secret tips or tricks in Amazon title optimization.

Creating a convincing product title is the key and for better conversions, you need to spend your time on research and creation. The product title best practices will help you run fast by optimizing and hence driving more sales for your business.

“A brand is a voice and product is a souvenir”- Lisa Gansky.

Share your experiences on how optimization has uplifted your business in the comment section below.

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