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15 Unfailing Tips to Maximize Conversion with Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

15 Unfailing Tips to Maximize Conversion with Enterprise eCommerce Solutions


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A business always strategizes for higher conversion, for which merchants often switch to enterprise eCommerce platforms. But do they make the most of it? Well, not always, merchants mostly utilize only the limited features of enterprise solutions and miss out on the rest. In reality, enterprise eCommerce works as a conversion magnet if utilized properly. So, to understand how enterprise-level eCommerce platforms can increase conversion, first, we need to figure out the path of conversion in eCommerce. An eCommerce conversion funnel can explain this easily.

Table of Content

  1. Superfast Page Loading
  2. Deal of the Day
  3. Free Samples/Gifts
  4. Contests
  5. FOMO
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. SEO
  8. Design and Layouts
  9. AI, 3D Image Views, Videos, AR, and VR
  10. Omnipresent Shopping Cart and Search Bar
  11. Personalized Recommendations
  12. eBook, Webinars, and Regular Advice
  13. Live Chat
  14. Referral Marketing, Reviews, and Ratings
  15. Skip Shipping Charge

A Brief to eCommerce Conversion Funnel and Assistance of Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

Customer behavior is highly unpredictable – they do not necessarily behave or act the way you expect. Simplistically it means, at the first visit, you cannot consider a visitor of your website as a customer.

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Why all visits are not conversions on eCommerce website

Source: Smart Insights

Instead of considering a visitor as a customer, you may try to bring a visitor to the eCommerce funnel. Well, a page view becomes a conversion after going through certain stages of the conversion funnel. An eCommerce funnel can differ from industry to industry; however, the stages remain mostly the same. But, without understanding the eCommerce funnel, you cannot optimize the stages for maximum sales.

eCommerce Conversion funnel

Stage 1: Awareness

On top of the eCommerce conversion funnel, there is the awareness stage, where buyers try to get a solution to any of their problems. Here merchants need to supply relevant information to the buyers that will lead them to the next stage of “interest”.

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Stage 2: Interest

After the awareness stage, the next stage of the conversion funnel is “interest” where the informative blogs, webinars, videos, etc. keep the buyers hooked. 70% of marketers prefer SEO to PPC and 57% of them prefer on-page content development for utilizing SEO. It keeps them engaged and this engagement takes them towards the next stage i.e. desire.

Stage 3: Desire

Buyers’ interest in the content of your brand results in a desire to purchase. Here, the merchants should talk about the benefits (the way it solves problems) of the products instead of the features to convince the buyers. Placing CTAs while informing the features will insist the buyers take an action i.e. purchase.

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Stage 4: Action

Very few customers reach this stage because of inappropriate product descriptions, improper assistance from brands, high prices, etc. All these hold the buyers back from purchasing. However, some convinced customers finally make a purchase. To do this successfully, merchants need to find out the point where visitors can be turned into leads. Enterprise eCommerce solutions provide smart assistance to the merchants to lead the buyers to this stage.

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Average eCommerce Conversion Rate and Role of Enterprise Level eCommerce Platforms

The average conversion rate in eCommerce is somewhere between 3 to 5. According to a study, out of 100 visitors

  • 43.8% visit the product page
  • 14.5% add the products to the cart
  • 3.3% make the purchase

Here, the point is a strategic use of enterprise ecommerce software can improve conversion rate to a great extent. An enterprise solution is like a lead magnet that is capable of boosting your sales. That’s why more companies are switching to ecommerce enterprise platforms today.

Investment on enterprise eCommerce platforms

Source: Statista

Find out how can you use eCommerce enterprise platforms in a better way:

15 Ways to Use Enterprise eCommerce Solution as A Conversion Magnet

Here are some findings which you can utilize to increase the conversion rate with enterprise ecommerce solutions.

Best ways of using enterprise eCommerce solution

1. Fasten Page Loading

Buyers do not like slow-loading pages – be it an app or webstore. Slow loading pages lead to high bounce rates and shorter sessions. 70% of buyers mentioned that slow pages impact their purchase decision. A store that takes more than 3 seconds to load is a slow-loading page. Buyers are less likely to revisit these types of sites.

Enterprise eCommerce solution is loaded with premium features – so, merchants can utilize it for making their pages dynamic. It will make buyers stay longer on their sites. With eCommerce enterprise platforms, pages can load within seconds and improve user experience. It increases the customer engagement rate and thereby sessions. Meanwhile, it also increases conversion with the increasing level of user satisfaction.

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2. Plugin Deal of the Day

Merchants do not just need strategies to have higher conversion – they also have to connect with customers’ psyche. In simpler words, connecting with the buyers’ thought processes can lead to higher conversions.

In this regard, a personalized deal of the day can be an excellent step to grab their attention. Use your eCommerce enterprise solution to design the deals page and notify the customers.

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3. Incorporate the FREE Factor

The term “Free” is another attention-grabbing component that pulls customers easily. Customers are normally attracted to free offers or free sample products, and if the offer suits their preferences, they are likely to make a purchase.

The use of enterprise solutions can make free offers more appealing and relevant to buyers. As a result, you will get more conversions with enterprise ecommerce software. With enterprise eCommerce development, merchants can make their deals and offers even more attractive and get more views and conversions.

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4. Use Contest

Just like sales, use contests to increase organic traffic on your pages, and ultimately conversion and branding. Customers are more likely to open a contest link to get a discount coupon or free product, compared to other links. Design the enterprise platforms in a dynamic way so that the contest seems interesting to take part in. So, work on enterprise eCommerce development to offer attractive interphase to the buyers.

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5. Utilize the Fear of Moving out (FOMO) – Limited Product Left

Sale Ends today to boost eCommerce Conversion rate

(Source: Milled)

A number of brands are using this trick to increase their conversion within a short span because his trick creates urgency with

  • Sale ends in
  • Only a few products left

It creates a feeling that the buyers will miss out on the offer if they don’t avail it right then. You can use enterprise eCommerce solutions to make these offers more impactful so that buyers take interest in it. You may create a countdown pop-up with an enterprise website.

6. Create a Hype on Social Media

Once the deal of the day, sales, and contests are prepared, share these on social media. All social media platforms have a huge number of users. So, it becomes easier for brands to reach their audiences. Enterprise eCommerce software comes with social sharing options in them, so utilize these properly.

Social media marketing keeps the buyers engaged and promotes your offers in a better way. Be it a free sample, free registration, or a timed sale, social media will drag more audiences to your platform. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to enterprise eCommerce development.

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7. Utilize SEO and Blogs

At present, 61% of marketers believe that improving SEO is equivalent to improving organic traffic. Just the first five links of page one get 67.60% traffic that’s why content curation is very important.

For this, you can use SEO-friendly blogs with product titles, image alt tags, descriptions, and image tags. It helps the search engine in crawling from time to time. Enterprise software comes with full SEO support – by utilizing it you can automatically get better ranks.

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8. Use Elegant and Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

An enterprise solution comes with excellent design and layout options. To enhance it, you can use

  • Rotational carousels on your homepage
  • Themes related to your store
  • Easy navigation
  • Bright CTAs
  • Proper segmentation of products
  • Different views and sorting options

It will make your eCommerce store simpler and more attractive to buyers. With enterprise eCommerce development, merchants can get some cool templates for their stores. As a result, the customers will stay engaged and it will increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

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9. Employ AI, 3D Image Views, and Videos

Images are a crucial part of any online business. So, try to add 3D images, videos, and AI technology to provide an in-store experience to buyers. In eCommerce enterprise solutions, you can add AR and VR technologies to amplify buyers’ experience and multiply conversions. Thus, enterprise eCommerce development can help you to stand out with modern technologies.

Owing to such premium features, the IT industry is rapidly switching to enterprise eCommerce platforms. The following graph is proof in this regard:

Information technology (IT) spending on enterprise software worldwide, from 2009 to 2023

IT investment on enterprise eCommerce solutions

10. Use an Omnipresent Shopping Cart and Search Bar

To pull eCommerce conversions, a satisfactory experience for buyers is a must. So, to make the entire store more accessible on every page, ensure the search bar and shopping cart on all the pages are well placed.

With enterprise eCommerce software, the buyers will be able to conduct a search for any product and see their carts with a number of products throughout.

11. Provide Personalized Recommendations

Be it the deal of the day or a free product, try to relate it with the previous searches of the customers. AI-powered algorithms of enterprise solutions can help in understanding the exact preference of the customers. Therefore, you can send offers to them easily and accurately by using enterprise-level eCommerce platforms.

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12. Offer eBook, Webinars, and Regular Advice

To help your buyers get hooked, provide eBooks, arrange webinars and release related videos. Let them know that you are open to suggestions so that they can drop their views. Enterprise eCommerce software makes the entire process of engaging through the content very easy. So, use these wisely.

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13. Offer Live Chat

live chat for enterprise eCommerce solutions

Source: Bargainfox

Merchants ignore chatbots even after switching to the enterprise platform These chatbots provide automated responses to customers’ queries. But the fact is, customers often leave a site if they don’t get proper assistance. So why not leverage the Bots for keeping the customers engaged?

86% of the customers mentioned that better customer service leads to brand loyalty. 89% of customers make a repurchase decision based on positive customer service. Therefore, live chats can please them by offering proper information. It can influence them to make a purchase that will enhance your overall conversions. Enterprise-level ecommerce platforms, thus, make the chatbots hyperactive to assist the buyers.

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14. Use Referral Marketing, Reviews, and Ratings

The use of referral marketing techniques with enterprise eCommerce platforms can also increase conversions. You can offer free products or discounts or even points to the buyers so that they can refer the products to their acquaintances. It can influence buyers to repurchase in order to redeem the points.

Encourage the buyers to drop their experience with your eCommerce store to influence others. Reviews, ratings, and Word of Mouth are some smart marketing techniques. The majority of the buyers either check the reviews/ratings or check from their acquaintances before making a purchase. So, you don’t just need to focus on satisfying the customers, you have to insist them in spreading brand awareness indirectly with enterprise-level eCommerce platforms.

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15. Smartly Skip the Shipping Charge

High shipping charges often hold the customers back from making a purchase. On the contrary, products with free shipping offers get more views and more purchases. Resultantly, 93% of the buyers prefer free shipping options.

For example,

A product with $1000 + $40 (shipping charge) gets lesser views and purchases than the same product with $1050 offering free shipping. Now, this is called the power of free and it is directly related to enhancing the eCommerce conversion rate.

You can use your enterprise eCommerce software to mark the price of your product smartly by avoiding shipping charges. Therefore, it is essential to be attentive to enterprise eCommerce development. Marketplaces are using this trick a lot and gaining popularity among buyers.

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An enterprise eCommerce solution can do wonders if you utilize it thoroughly. Enterprise solutions are that’s why the conversion magnets in eCommerce. In addition to that, it has some dynamic features that give a high-end performance to pull the eCommerce conversion rate.

Enterprise software, with its fast loading pages and UI, improves the user experience and keeps them hooked for longer. It improves customer engagement, reengagement, and conversion rates. Also, at the time of ensuring cutting-edge performance, enterprise eCommerce software keeps everything ultra-secured.

At CedCommerce, experts ensure that your investment in enterprise solutions aligns with your eCommerce needs. Magento enterprise solution is one of the most useful eCommerce enterprise solutions at present. So talk to our experts, if you want to know more about it. They will be happy to assist you in enterprise eCommerce development.

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