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Terms & Conditions

In the event of you purchasing/availing a product/service from us you are required to adhere to following terms & conditions:

  • Purchase/avail of a product/service by you implies that the licensor’s terms and conditions will be binding on you. The agreement will be evoked, once the source code of software is legally shared with you via e-mail or other media.
  • Any derivation or activity that conflicts with the proprietary of our products/services will call off the associated agreement and may attract legal action(s).
  • Legal proceeding in regards to agreement conflict shall be conducted only in a court of law located nearest to licensor’s residence or the place from where he primarily conducts his business
  • You are not allowed to use more than one bought copy of software on single Magento installation, for personal/ business purpose, post agreeing to the associated terms. Prior to any additional installation(s), you shall be legally required to discuss the matter with the licensor and act accordingly.
  • The agreement into effect shall legally allow us to add you to its software users list.
  • All copyrights and notices served should be retained in original without making any alternation(s).
  • You are not allowed to sell or distribute entire or part of software/source code/documentation to anyone. In addition, you should not put the same on the internet for distribution purpose.
  • Sub licensing/modifying the agreement’s terms and conditions is strictly prohibited.
  • You are prevented from reproducing a part or whole of our product’s/service’s source code in any software development/alteration.
  • We shall not be held responsible for any damage(s) caused to the licensee due to any of our products/services. No legal action should be taken against us in regards to warranty rights.
  • The agreement or any of its clauses can be tweaked solely by us. The same can be imposed upon without requiring prior permission or discussion.
  • You can terminate the agreement at your end, at any time, by destroying the concerned software and associated copies. In such a case, associated amount of the products/services will not be refunded.
  • Upon termination of agreement if the licensee is still found using the associated software in one way or the other, he/she/other will be bound by legal framework to pay the attorney’s fee to us in addition to legal recovery of damage caused.

Free Upgrades

CedCommerce provides totally free upgrades to its customers for the version they are using which means, that if the customer is buying a product version X.m then he/she will be liable to receive free updates for the version branch X. (X.m, X.m.m). The free upgrade version can be downloaded from "Downloadable products" area after logging in. Besides this, an email notification will also be sent to the customer mentioning the new version availability.

Up-gradation doesn't includes the installation of the upgraded version of the purchased extension. If the upgraded version (with or without customization) needs to be re-installed on your site then it will be charged.

Free Installation

After purchasing the module, CedCommerce provides free installation to its customers. This is applicable to all the products of CedCommerce and all their versions as well. Installation can be done from the installation guides that will be available to you after purchasing the product. CedCommerce Installation guides are simple to understand and all the installation processes are easy. If there are already any customizations on your site and conflicting with our product then there will be installation fee but we can discuss about it.

Moreover, installation will be a one time process i.e. one installation would be possible only for one domain. For installing on multiple domains you need to purchase the extension again that many times.

Return & Refund

After purchasing our product you will get entire source code of our extension. So that’s why we don’t have refund policy. We will provide refund only in case we are not able to provide the feature which we mentioned in our user manuals. To request a refund please Submit a Request here containing your Transaction ID.

We would recommend that before purchasing our Extension, you can check out the demo of our products, indulge in discussions with our support team or our development team if required, and clarify all your doubts and requirements by generating tickets on support, sending queries on online chat or email. If you get completely satisfied with our product after going through all the background analysis that is required for you to understand our product and see that if suits your requirements, only then you should purchase our product. Having said this, we won’t entertain any refund, return or exchange request from your side after you purchase our product.

Moreover, if you install any other extension and it conflicts with our extension then in that case we will not provide free support as that will be a part of customization. We guarantee bug free extension from our side but cannot assure any other third party extension. For that purpose, you need to contact the support team of the concerned extension provider.

We will provide all kind of support to you to resolve out the issues that you are facing if it is with our extension as we want to make sure that none of our customers get unsatisfied. We believe in Customer Satisfaction and therefore make every possible effort to keep our customers happy.

  1. Prior to purchasing any of our products, you should read the details of the product, thoroughly go through the user manuals that are provided for every product and carefully check the DEMO. After purchasing if you demand for something that we never promised then either it will be a part of customization or we won’t be liable for it. No refund will be offered in any case.
  2. If the module is not working on your site then we will need access to FTP details, Admin details (user id and password) and Database details etc so as to debug the issue.
  3. For solving any of the issues completely, FTP and admin panel details are mandatory (teamviewer and VPN or any remote desktop are not allowed ) If it is not possible for you to share these details with us then we would highly recommend not purchasing of our module. We will not entertain any kind of refund in this case.

We will provide refund only if we will be unable to resolve the issues in our extension. If you still have any more queries then please contact us at support (online chat) or generate a support ticket at -

Support Services

We provide free support services 24*7 for any of the queries related with the module that you have purchased. For any issues or confusions you can contact us at or you can also visit our website Our support team will reply all your queries with well-explained answers and our response will be quick for the convenience of our customers.

No Encryption

All the modules of CedCommerce follow No Encryption policy i.e. our code is quite standardized and it doesn't contains any encryption in its code so that all its customers can easily understand the flow of the code.