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    i sell as a job – i have always used personal – i want to be able to make more draft bank thaN 250 and is my impression that business alows me up to 5000 is that true?? and will my fees go UP if im business account?? how??

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      Thank you for your inquiry.

      eBay offers a monthly limit of 250 zero insertion fee listings, beyond which a fee of $0.35 per listing is charged. It's important to note that a business account does not automatically provide 5,000 listings. However, upgrading to an eBay store subscription can increase the number of zero insertion fee listings available each month. eBay offers several store subscription options with varying limits for fixed price and auction-style listings in specific categories, as well as additional fixed price listings in select categories.

      1. Basic Store: Up to 1,000 fixed price + up to 250 auction-style in specific categories + an additional 10,000 fixed pricing listings in select categories.
      2. Premium Store: Up to 10,000 fixed price + up to 500 auction-style in specific categories + an additional 50,000 fixed pricing listings in select categories.
      3. Anchor Store: Up to 25,000 fixed price + up to 1,000 auction-style in specific categories + an additional 75,000 fixed pricing listings in select categories.
      4. Enterprise Store: Up to 100,000 fixed price + up to 2,500 auction-style in specific categories + an additional 100,000 fixed pricing listings in select categories.
      5. Please let me know if you have any further questions or if there is anything else I can assist you with.

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    Thank you so much, Akshay, for all this information. I do have an LTD company, and I'm planning to create a business account on eBay. You mentioned that the registration process might take a considerable amount of time. Could you please provide more details on this?
    Additionally, I have a Wise business account. Can I use it as a receiving account on eBay instead of Payoneer?
    Thank you!

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      Hello Jalal,
      To register for an eBay business account as a limited company (LTD), you have two primary options.

      Option 1: Open the My eBay drop-down menu on any eBay page and select Selling. Then choose a Business account, fill out the registration form, and click Create account.

      Option 2: Alternatively, you can go to Account settings in My eBay, select Personal information, and then select Edit next to Account type. Here, you’ll select Business Account, confirm, and enter your business information such as name, contact information, and returns policy, then save.

      The registration process requires you to provide your bank account or credit card information, tax information, government ID, and to set up your account policies including shipping, return, and payment policy preferences for your listings.

      Additionally, for a registered business, specific information is required like individual identification for beneficial owners, officers, directors, or account managers, and your legal business name​​​​.

      Regarding the use of a Wise business account on eBay, it is indeed possible. You can get a Wise Business account and receive payments directly from eBay. Their setup allows you to open account details in the desired currency, add these details to the eBay platform, and receive the money directly into your Wise account.

      I hope this solves your query, Jalal. Feel free to connect for more information about selling on eBay or to learn about our offerings, eBay Integration for various platforms.

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    I want to break up and sell my long term coin (hobby) collection, gradually. Which way should I go? I don't want to build a business as such, with all the complications. Would the business account be preferable? Thank you.

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      Hello Karl,

      A personal account may be sufficient for you if you’re looking to sell your coin collection slowly and don’t intend to grow this into a larger coin selling business. It’s simpler and more casual seller friendly, and you’ll get a certain allocation of zero insertion fee listings each month that you can use for selling.

      On the other hand, if your selling activity increases or you find yourself dealing in larger volume, the business account might be better because it gives you a higher selling limits, access to advanced selling tools, and may offer tax advantages.

      The process of converting a personal account to a business account is straightforward and can be done through your account settings.

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