Update your Order having status on hold

Update your Order having status on hold


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When you are shopping online and you ordered some product but after ordering you see the product you ordered is now updated with latest version and now you want replace product in your order but your order is in processing and you can’t change that it feels very bad and for you the only option is to again order your new product and cancel the previous order that was the situation before Update Order Until Hold extension by CedCommerce. Now this amazing extension comes to rescue you from this problem. This extension will allow you to  update your order until it is on-hold status. And for shop admins this will give your customers a big reason to love your site.

Now come to amazing features of the extension I will give you a brief introduction of this amazing extension by CedCommerce.

How to configure Update Order Until Hold extension?

Update Order plugin has very easy setup you can easily configure it for your shop you can also give the time for order that you want customers to update. This will show the timer in  the order page when customer will see that order.

update order until hold settings

You can also decide how many time a user can update order by allowing the number of times settings in back-end. This will show you user the timer and allowed attempts for a user to update order. When the time or allowed attempts are expired then user can’t update the order.

Update order detail

When a user will click for update an order all the items in the existing order will go into the cart and then user can simply update the quantity of product and add more product to cart he will go to checkout then there will be simply two buttons for Update Order and Cancel Update.

Update order until hold buttons

After updating the order the user will see the thank you page with message order is updated successfully. If the allowed times are not expired user can re-edit the order. This will help a user very much for he does need to cancel and re order all items.


Update Order Until Hold is really a full fledged solution for your shop users by which they can update their order by a simple click. Here is all about this extension by CedCommerce, If you have any suggestions or doubts  you can share with us we will be happy to hear from you. Click here to visit our product gallery.


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