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How to improve your seller performance on eBay marketplace

How to improve your seller performance on eBay marketplace


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Selling on any marketplace comes with added benefits for sellers that aid in their quest to continue growing without hitting a plateau. Marketplaces like eBay come with certain added benefits for sellers who take their jobs seriously. These benefits often end up helping sellers to list and sell their items at a very fast rate. So if you spend most of your time finding a solution to the question – How to sell on eBay fast? This article will answer it.

The article aims at making your journey on eBay simple and ecstatic instead of one full of confusion and searching for solutions to improve your seller performance on eBay.

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How to Increase eBay Sales?

You should strive to achieve healthy positive feedback and star ratings for each category if you want to succeed in your eBay sales.

  • Item as described,
  • Communication,
  • Shipping time, and
  • Charges for shipping and handling.

The best way to ensure your business has the highest feedback percentage is to take a few steps

Given below are a few simple ways that you can employ to improve and increase sales on eBay and make the most of your eBay seller performance without much hassle:

#1. Accurate Item Descriptions

An accurate item description is a basic requirement to improve sales on eBay. The most important part of making a sale on any marketplace is the product you are selling. A clear, concise, and exact description of the item you are selling can help you greatly in eBay sales.

item description

Buyers believe what they read and see. A proper description explaining what your buyer should expect when the item arrives at their place makes a lot of difference. Stating something else while sending the product that does not match the description hinders the chances of improving your performance on eBay. It is so because this triggers an “item not as described” issue resulting in low seller rating as well as higher return rates.

#2. Regular update of listing

eBay promotes sellers who update their listings regularly. The algorithm favors sellers that often list new products, so keeping your listings fresh will help you increase your sales on eBay. New items appear at the top of the “Time: Newly Listed” option on eBay’s search.

Moreover, a listing can be scheduled up to 3 weeks in advance to begin at a time and date of your choosing. It allows you to schedule the start and end of the listing according to your schedule.

regular update of listings

The listing end time follows that of the listing start time. So, if you schedule a listing for 3 days that starts on Sunday at 1:14 pm it’ll end on Wednesday at 1:14 pm.

#3. Request Feedback

Every buyer trusts the feedback and star ratings that a seller has received. It forms a foundation for trust that establishes whether or not a potential buyer will buy from you. So focus on your eBay seller feedback to improve your overall sales on eBay.


Here are a few things you can do to improve and increase sales on eBay through feedback and ratings,

  1. Leave feedback for the buyers mentioning how good the transaction was. It will open a door for them to return the favor and this will help you sell on eBay more efficiently.
  2. Do not avoid negative feedback. Despite a good seller star rating, it can be a dealbreaker for your buyers. Acknowledge the negative feedback and provide a quick resolution to them immediately. Ask the customers to revise the feedback once you have provided a resolution.
  3. Ask your buyers to leave feedback. You can include a thank you note or a card with the shipments reminding them they can leave feedback on eBay if they like what they received.

#4. Immediate Shipping

Practice immediate shipping. eBay offers you shipping partners like UPS, USPS, and FedEx to simplify shipping and help sell on eBay to its sellers.

How to get a 5-star DSR rating on eBay?

The process to get a 5-star DSR rating is simple. Follow the given steps as stated below:

  • Provide free shipping with same-day or 1 business day handling.
  • Print the shipping labels and ship the item through an eBay shipping partner.
  • Upload accurate shipment tracking information.

#5. Become a top rated seller

As a top rated seller, eBay promotes your listing by putting them on the first page for relevant search results. Also, you get a badge that lets buyers know you’re a trustworthy and respected seller in the eBay marketplace.

Although becoming a top rated seller requires a lot of dedication and hard work, once you earn the top rated seller badge, sales are bound to rise.

#6. Use multi channel listing tool

When selling on eBay while managing a separate store on Shopify or other frameworks sellers dedicate most of their time to inventory management and order management on both fronts. It leaves no room for activities like marketing and often results in poor shipping management. The overall process can become quite tiring.

A multi channel listing tool for eBay can help you improve your eBay sales. It organizes your inventory and facilitates your order fulfillment from the Shopify store. You need not update tracking numbers manually as the multichannel listing tool helps sync tracking numbers to eBay from Shopify to help customers know when they will receive their items.

Integrate eBay with Shopify

#7. Share on Social media

Social media is a great tool for sales with the great numbers of genZ participating in social commerce. eBay has already witnessed the growth and gained popularity amidst the gen-Z as it reported that every 1 in 3 gen-Z began selling secondhand goods on eBay in 2021.


What next? Accenture’s report projects that social commerce will earn $1.2 trillion globally by 2025. Moreover, currently, social commerce holds a 10% share of the eCommerce market. By 2025 social commerce will hold a 17% share.

So, start sharing on Facebook marketplace, Instagram and on Snapchat from the eBay marketplace to gain more views and improve sales records on eBay.


Improving performance to increase sales on eBay might seem an uphill task at first, but it becomes quite simple if you are willing to follow the steps required to improve your buyer’s overall seller experience.

Create perfect listings, focus on providing same-day or 1-day shipping, and create good return policies. Also, social commerce is a great inclusion in today’s world of eCommerce; leverage it to expand and get more views on your products.

Most importantly, seller feedback and ratings determine whether a buyer goes with your product. Secondly, maintain a healthy seller feedback score and try to earn the top rated seller badge on eBay.

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