top selling items on etsy 2023
Top Selling Items on Etsy in 2024 | What to Sell on Etsy | List of Best Etsy Categories & Top Sellers

Top Selling Items on Etsy in 2024 | What to Sell on Etsy | List of Best Etsy Categories & Top Sellers


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With a massive 539M monthly visitors, Etsy is a niche platform where shoppers are always on the lookout just for the best products. As a smart business owner selling on Etsy, it’s more of an opportunity to capitalize on and not to miss out on listing products that are on your customer wishlist. So if you are looking for an answer to ‘What to Sell on Etsy’, here’s a thoroughly researched list of top selling items on Etsy for 2024 backed with the latest data. In this blog, we’ve also included a detailed list of top Etsy Categories along with Top Sellers under each category with hopes to make it easier for you to decide what can you sell on Etsy to make the best use of the platform.

Etsy is a wonderland for all those who are passionate about custom-made items, vintage, or those who are into creating personalized stuff themselves. But the big question is, Is it worth selling on Etsy & if it is, then what are the Top Selling Items on Etsy? What to Sell on Etsy to Make Money? Most of the newcomers who have no idea how to sell their stuff can make approximately $44,000/ year on average while others who have done their homework well and have all the tips and tricks up their sleeves can make more than $500,000 sales.

On the contrary, you should be aware of the present trends and statistics as to what is going on with Etsy. So the wait is over, you are at the right place to get equipped with the ins and outs of what sells best on Etsy and the best selling items on Etsy.

What to Sell on Etsy | An Overview of Top Selling Items on Etsy

Here you will tour through the significant Etsy players, top items, and impactful tactics. It will help provide a crystal clear picture of how to sell things on Etsy. Follow on to get a clear insight into choosing the right way to become a prosperous seller.

There will be four main segments, respectively.

But… before that here’s the big question. Is it worth selling on Etsy? Let’s find out the answer. 

Is it Worth Selling on Etsy?

If you are a newbie seller, then you must really know the answer to these two questions – how to sell on Etsy, and why Etsy is the best fit for you. The points below will help you decide Etsy’s worth:

  • Etsy is a prodigally recognized and trusted platform. According to Etsy’s latest statistics, Etsy has around 94 million and exponentially growing active customers. The hugely popular marketplace for handmade items and crafts reached a record consolidated revenue of $842.3 million, up 4.3% versus the fourth quarter of last year.
  • Etsy is centralized. If you sell anything vintage, handmade, custom-made, etc. Etsy is your arena. On other platforms, you will face competition from oodles of sellers, who might not even belong to your genre. E.g., Amazon, eBay, etc. as a budding craft seller if you choose any of these platforms, you will be lost in flood, and it will take you an eternity to stand out. Etsy chunks out that competition by volume. Hence it’s better to sell on Etsy.
  • It is easier to set up your shop on Etsy compared to other platforms. All you need is an active mailing ID and items to list.
  • You can easily sell on Etsy. The listing fee is 20¢/listings. It’s valid for four months.
  • Lastly, you get inbuilt traffic, traffic that is the relevant ante. All you have to do is niche-up your store, listing, etc. to fish out traffic specifically for your items.

Now that your question is answered let’s get back with the equally important aspect as to what to sell on Etsy, keeping in view the Top Sellers and respective categories.

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Top Etsy Categories To Sell in 2024

Selling on Etsy is a massive opportunity to woo 500+ million monthly visitors on a lookout for best handmade crafts and vintage items. Just like your competitors are putting (or atleast desire to) best efforts to boost profitability. 

But, sellers selling in all categories or those who choose Etsy category randomly without due research will have to work really hard and long to achieve the success.  Nevertheless, listing products in the best Etsy product categories ensure competitive edge as below.

  • Massive Customer Base – Top product categores on Etsy get maximum amount of potential shoppers. Hence, chance of imroving the conversion rate is highest.
  • High Visibility – The top product categories allows your products to be seen by more potential Etsy shoppers. As a result, higher product visibility is achived without investing in ads campaign.
  • Access To Marketing Tools – Etsy offer numerous markteing tools exclusively to sellers in top Etsy categories. Therefore, making product promotion easy and eventually grow your customer base.

Here is the latest announcement by Etsy on seller policy. adhering to it esnures your Etsy store runs smoothly by complying new updates about selling on Etsy.   

The latest trend in top Etsy product categories recorded a considerable shift to the household categories, wellness items, and more. Interestingly,  outdoor decor items have registered a 89% YoY increase in search  term on Etsy.

The top Etsy category list includes Clothing, Jewelry, Home and Living Items, Bags and Accessories, crafts and Supplies, Electronics, Arts and Bathware, etc.

what to sell on etsy

The Top Etsy Sellers.

eRank, the leading SEO website wholly dedicated to Etsy, keeps on updating and researching the performance of all the Etsy sellers. It acts as an evaluation tool for Etsy sellers, where you can have detailed insights about your store as well as the guidelines to improve it further.

top etsy sellers in 2022


Out of the above figures, 7 out of 10 are the sellers selling in the category of Craft and Supplies and Handmade Goods. This makes those two, the most selling and popular product categories to sell. 

PlannerKate1 is among the top sellers on Etsy 2022 in two categories with Crafts and Supplies and the Handmade Goods category.

On the other hand, CaitlynMinimalist and Modparty top the Jewelry and Wedding and Handmade Category respectively.

To summarise, the list of top sellers on Etsy 2022 gives a clear-cut picture of what sells best on Etsy and best things to sell on Etsy if you are considering getting maximum returns.

In brief, the following categories have the best-selling items on Etsy.

  • Craft and Supplies
  • Handmade Goods
  • Wedding essentials & Jewelry
  • Home Decor

Top Selling Items on Etsy with Categories

To make your work simpler, we have carved out a piece where you can get all that is required in one place.

This sorted Infographic will ultimately help you in deciding the more critical question you are dealing with. What are best things to sell on Etsy?

top selling items on Etsy with categories

Thinking to Start Selling on Etsy or Integrate your Store to Etsy. There are solutions available to guide you through.

What are the Top Selling Items on Etsy in 2023?

Going through the detailed Info-graphic. You can conclude the top-selling items on Etsy.

Let us deal with them, one-by-one in the further part of this blog.

Stick with us, We will Surprise You!

Craft & Supplies

Craft & Supplies is the top-selling category on Etsy with most sales. You can opt for craft essentials, miniatures, tools for jewelry, beads, and much more.

The best selling items on Etsy under this category are:

  • Stickers.
  • Antique Charms &
  • Hooks, Claws, and Beads


Yes, surprisingly, stickers are one of the top-selling items on Etsy. Why do Stickers Sell On Etsy like candies? Because they are cute. And people are stooges of sweet things they can’t get enough of it.

According to a report of Make For Business, it was observed that more than 86% of the Etsy shoppers and sellers are female. Need to say more?

top selling items on etsy stickers

It’s not hidden from anyone that Etsy is a marketplace of handmade and custom-made items. Just imagine if you get custom-made or handmade stickers that give you a vibe of uniqueness and personal touch, you won’t be able to find any reason not to buy it.

Some of the top sticker sellers are-

Charms/Beads/Hooks and Craft Supplies

Etsy is also famous for providing you with antique charms, beads, and all types of smallest tools and essential needed in the art, crafts, knitting, and jewelry.

top selling items on Etsy charm hook

Some of the top Etsy sellers in this are

A quick tip: If you already own a shop on Etsy and want to get a profound of keywords to use for your item and shop description, tags and names etc,  type in the term in the search bar, the drop-down will show you what are the most searched terms for the items that you sell.

Handmade Items

Etsy logo itself gives another level of prestige to the ‘Custom-made & Hand-made products.’ These types of items have another level of the customer base. Buyers feel connected to products when it is hand-crafted and customized just as you want.

The top handmade items on Etsy are Handmade Stickers, Metal jewelry, pendants, and paper designs.

top selling items on Etsy handmade stickers

The top sellers selling hand-crafted items are


Another most loved section on Etsy is Jewelry. Most of the jewelry options available on Etsy are self-designed and mostly customized. The minimalistic designs give the vibe of ‘Straight out of a fairytale.’

Etsy is a hive of creativity; it is innate that people widely search and buy jewelry making kits and tools. They sell on Etsy as quickly as lemonade sells in summer.

Along with the designs, buyers also feel tempted to the conversational yet straightforward product descriptions. One effective way to achieve this is by using different types of paragraphs in your product description. For example, you might include a paragraph that describes that materials used in the product, another paragraph that highlights the size and dimensions, and a third paragraph that showcases any customization options available. By breaking up your product description into these different types of paragraphs, you can make it easier for buyers to quickly find the information they need and make a confident decision about whether to make a purchase. You can go through them yourself.


top selling items on etsy jewelry

The top Etsy sellers selling astounding jewelry are:

Wedding Items

Etsy proudly holds a distinction in this field. Wedding preparation without going onto Etsy is never done. Wedding invitations, dresses, and decorations for the big day can be all covered with Etsy.

The best-selling items range from Bridesmaid gowns, Bachelorette shirts, Handmade Invitations, Jewelry items, and much more.

top selling items on Etsy accessories wedding gifts

You should definitely try the products from:


No doubt, the next trending category on Etsy is the Accessories. While on Etsy, you cannot ignore the Plaid scarves, Trendy Caps and Hats, and everything else to wrap around.

Sellers around the world are selling Cute child bows, bands, Pins, and Cufflinks, Crowns, and Crochet that are too tempting to ignore.

top selling items on Etsy accessories

The top Etsy sellers of accessories are

Paper and Party Supplies.

Etsy has much more for paper lovers. Who doesn’t love the catchy and cute calligraphic planners and papercrafts? If you get party decors that define your style and taste, you will buy them for sure. That’s why party decorations are one of the top-selling items on Etsy.

You can discover the Paper and Party Supplies like Scrapbooks, Stamps, and Party cards, making stationary very quickly on Etsy.

top selling items on etsy paper and craft supplies

The best you can shop at


People tend to love the clothing that reflects them. The typographic clothing items, Custom styled dresses, and Trendy shorts are sure to catch the eyes of buyers.

Etsy lets you choose from the thousands of options from Women’s wear, Menswear, and kidswear. The exotic kid’s dresses are a charm.

The best clothing collection can be bought at:

top selling items on etsy is clothes

Vintage Products

Etsy is one of the few marketplaces offering to shop vintage products. Your useless articles maybe a collectible for someone in some other part of this world.

You can dig deeper into the offerings of the Etsy vintage category; it ranges from home and living items to jewelry and collectibles.


top selling items on Etsy vintage items

You can rejoice at the listings of

Home & Living

The Home and Living category on Etsy does not just offer some furniture and Boxes, but it is sure to make you go aww by its broad and beautiful range of items.

The top-selling items on Etsy exceptionally hold some of the lovely home decors like Wall decors, Prayer beards, dining and servings, and Outdoor gardening and decor items too.

top selling items on etsy home and living

The top Etsy sellers of Home and Living are

Art & Collectibles

If you are an art lover and all you want is to live around them, then Etsy is the right place to meet your cravings.

Discover the most preached and unique set of art collections on Etsy. You can choose from Digital prints, Paintings, Drawings, and Illustrations.

top selling items on etsy art and collectibles

You should obviously try some of them here

Here is a Surprise! Find the top-selling product categories on the Etsy Marketplace from this explanatory video.

How to Sell on Etsy & Earn Huge Profits

The top Etsy Sellers who made it to the top ranking are all who started from scratch and then grew day by day. The notable thing here is to be competitive and be in the market.

etsy top seller in 2022

Image credit: toledoblade

Top Etsy Seller Kate Antesberger, founder of the PlannerKate1, started by just posting a picture of her sticker on Instagram, and that’s how she became shop owner on Etsy and in not more than four years she became a full-fledged seller having a team of 3 creative people and 40 silhouette machine.

Another most famous jewelry store on Etsy is GLDNxLayeredAndLong started by a very talented designer Chrissy from the United States. Before starting on Etsy, Chrissy had already gained a customer base thanks to her unique and catchy work.

Chrissy’s handmade necklaces were one of the best-sold items, but demand didn’t recede even she had to shut down her shop. She figured out a way soon, and with over 5 thousand followers, 50 thousand reviews, and five stars ratings, it can surely be seen that she is on top of her game.

Are you still in dilemma about the most profitable trends on Etsy to boost the festive season planning? Learn the best ways to skyrocket your holiday sales! Watch it here.

Beginner’s Tips and Tricks to Scale your Etsy Business

As we have already seen, from the list of best selling items and also the top sellers are offering all that. Etsy is a great platform to showcase your creativity, thinking, and ability to make difference.

For your help, here are some of the proven tips and tricks that will help you scale your newly established Etsy Store and at the same time will make you climb the ladder of becoming the top Etsy seller.

Perfect Product Combination

Etsy is not an excellent platform for a generic storefront. In order to attract shoppers, you have to create a niche for your product category and ranges.

Go through your browsing history, and it will help you narrow down the products popping up in your mind that you can sell.

By browsing through your own history, you will come to know the perspective of random buyers who don’t have any specific motive but search for items on Etsy. Make a list of the items present in your browsing history, which will help you to see what draws the buyers during a random browsing session.

You can then go for the most tempting and feasible option that can attract many shoppers.

Keyword is the Key

After you choose to come forward with a product to sell. You should master the art of using Keywords. Etsy listings are shown according to the Etsy search algorithm known as Etsy SEO. Make Sure you make the best use of keywords in your listings. 

etsy keyword research importance keywordtooldominator

Image credit: keywordtooldominator

Include the keywords in different segments of product listings like the product title, the description, and other parts of the listing. You need to get the complete insight of the Etsy SEO play, to get higher visibility of your store and thus gain shoppers.

Adopt Consistent Pricing Strategy 

As an Etsy seller, you should keep track of your product pricing, the best way to choose the price of your product is to try out the following

  • Firstly, click on your most visited random browsing item that had made you think “OMG I HAVE TO HAVE IT” at the very first glance.
  • Secondly, look at it carefully and note down the pointers regarding what attracted you to it. 
  • Now, look at the price of the item and ask yourself whether you would need that much amount for that particular item. 

If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then observe the product and see why you want to pay that hefty amount for that item. It will help you catch the buyers’ perspective. If the answer is ‘No,’ then move on to other items and get that range of competitive pricing for those items.

At last, Try to be in that competitive bracket of pricing for your product.

Make Good Use of Customer Engagement Tactics.

The best sellers always keep their customers intact. On Etsy, you should try to engage your customers more and more as it is a creative platform offering personalization to an extent. Make your buyers take part in the buying process and engage them through activities, thus capturing their e-mail ids and contact nos for future interests.

top selling items on etsy

Use Multichannel Platforms

If you really want to excel as an Etsy seller, you need to go for multi-channel selling, i.e., selling on multiple platforms like Amazon, eWolrdTrade, eBay, Google Shopping, and more. To do this, you need to organize your inventory management, order management, and Advertising. Global eCommerce Solutions make these tasks easy for the sellers, thus helping you make more Sales from other marketplaces too.

Opening an Etsy shop without analyzing your product is not the best start. Listen to the Podcast here and know how to do it before you start your Etsy business.

What’s your Take Away?

So far, you have come to know what is rolling on Etsy. Who are the top players? What to sell on Etsy and What sells best on Etsy? This blog gave you enough to think about where you want to start and with what.

You can start from the very beginning and be sure to reach with consistency and creativity you are a master of.

In the meantime, if you stuck anywhere or you need any help you can reach out to us over Skype for 24×7 Support.

If you are thinking of onboarding to Etsy from a framework like Magento 2; Shopify; Woocommerce; BigCommerce; OpenCart; and PrestaShop, Try the excellent eCommerce Solutions.

Take Inspiration or Start Yourself. Happy Selling!

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      To specifically, answer your query – If you wish to get the supplies, you can contact the online as well as offline wholesalers available dealing in these kinds of stuff. Some of them are Houseofgems, Halstead, ShineOn (mainly for jewelry) Moreover for apparels, there are some great suppliers like printify, printful, and others.

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