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How Ana Silver Co took their handicraft business to Etsy and scaled it!

How Ana Silver Co took their handicraft business to Etsy and scaled it!


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It is always said that,

“Hard work pays off!”


The Overview

Ana Silver Co proved the proverb right, by starting up with their online business back in 2006 from California.

George, the owner of this beautifully molded business, started manufacturing and selling of handcrafted jewelry. Having a long list of products to sell online, George often faced difficulties but his dedication and strength helped him in giving fruitful outcomes.

He started witnessing happy customers who used the products and were utterly joyful to tell others about their experience.

As the next step, George turned his face towards the Etsy marketplace and was looking to expand this business to reach more and more audience. Cedcommerce solutions helped his way out of the troubles by providing him the exact solution which he was looking for.


Hurdles he faced

Selling only on his website gradually started resulting in lower sales graph and now, he knew this was the time to expand his business.

“If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique, it’s on Etsy.”

The engaging and attractive tag line by Etsy was enough for George to make his decision to sell on Etsy and over above all this, he knew what benefits he can make there. Etsy, being a flourished marketplace and specifically oriented towards the handicraft products, looked a perfect place to George for selling his products.

But, as he started moving forward, he realized the long list of his products was being an obstacle in his way. Manual listing of each product online to his Etsy store was turning out to be very tedious and time-consuming.

Ana Silver Co being a small scale company, needed more manpower for doing the process and George was looking for a solution to expand his business and not the heads. He was having a tough time dealing with-


obstacle in the way to sell on etsy


Here is when Cedcommerce came into the picture.


bulk management and other requirements to sell on etsy


The path towards success

George, one day while looking for a solution on Shopify app store found us with our various integration plugins that looked aspirin to his troubles.

Wasting no time, he contacted us and told that what he was looking for along with all the problems faced by him so far.

We figured out the key factors he wished to have, and they were –

  • Increase in sales
  • Diversifying his business
  • And scaling

He was looking for a solution that can automate the process for listing his products in bulk and can also manage them in the later go. He wished to sync his website’s inventory to the Etsy store.

Having understood all the requirements, CedCommerce provided him with the aptest solution the Etsy Marketplace Integration App.

Etsy marketplace integration app on Shopify store


automation process helped to sell on etsy


George was quite impressed by the services and features we provided him with. Our personal account manager that was assigned to assist him during the course of his work was very much appreciated by George.


much supportive customer service to sell on etsy


The Conclusion

The results were visible. George, could now put his whole efforts and focus on manufacturing and selling the rest of the hassle was taken cared for by us. His Etsy store is doing great with around 2000+ products listed and 300+ admirers of his store. George has managed to earn good reviews and ratings on Etsy.

No wonder, how hard he worked to scale his business. But, with hard work, George opted to work smart as well and this decision of his took his store on the path of success.

We, at Cedcommerce, thank our customers for believing in us and putting their faith. Cedcommerce solutions always look forward to helping and assisting our customers on every path of their journey.

Good things come to those who wait!

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