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How Etsy enabled Ana Silver Co, grow handicraft Business twice

How Etsy enabled Ana Silver Co, grow handicraft Business twice


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The Overview

Ana Silver Co. dipped their toes into the world of online business from California in 2006. Mr. George, the owner of creative Handmade Jewelry Business, has been running a Shopify store with handcrafted jewelry products.

Having expertise in various products, He always faced issues regarding the listing of products manually and managing them. With his strength and dedication, he used to work his business while making a considerable amount of sales

Gradually, he realized that his business would wonders if he could get rid of all the tedious tasks that consume his energy and time. Upon exploring, one day, he came across Cedcommerce’s solutions that helped his way out of troubles by providing him exact solutions that he was aspiring for.

What Made him Choose Etsy Marketplace?

Surfacing the exceptional products only on the Shopify store was not providing him a satisfactory sales graph. Also, he couldn’t acquire the amount of traffic at his store that he was expecting. This made him search for options to expand the business smartly. George found the Etsy tagline(“If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom, or unique, it’s on Etsy.”) to be very appealing and attractive, and so he chose to sell on Etsy. Etsy, Being a flourished marketplace and specifically oriented towards handicraft products, Etsy seemed to be a perfect place for George to sell his handmade products.

What were the Hurdles in managing a store and Etsy shop?

Handicraft Business

Hurdles before integration

As Ana Silver Co. onboarded to Etsy, George found managing two online stores were a lot tiresome and hectic. He had a bulk of products ready to get listed on Etsy, and he was also worried about how to match inventory at both places. This was getting more unmanageable and time-consuming; he could not focus on selling and promoting his products. Ana Silver Co being a small business, needed more workforce for managing the hefty chores, but George was looking for an efficient solution to expand his business and not the heads to pay more.

Handicraft Business

Cedcommerce solutions

How did Etsy marketplace Integration help in Goerge’s Business?

There was a time when George was seeking a solution on the Shopify app store and found Cedcommerce, with the various integration plugins that would work like a pain-relieving patch. With no wastage of time, he approached cedcommerce for the solution to the problems he faced so far and discussed all that he wanted.

key factors he wished to have, and they were –

  • Increase in sales
  • Diversifying his business
  • And scaling
handicraft Business

Etsy Marketplace integration

He was looking for a solution that can automate the product upload in bulk and manage them later. He wished to sync his website’s inventory to the Etsy store.

Having understood all the requirements, CedCommerce provided him with the aptest solution, the Etsy Marketplace Integration App.

George was very much impressed by the services provided by the cedcommerce. He was assigned a personal account manager who assisted him during the course of his work and was there whenever George needed any help with his business.

Handicraft business

personal accountant

What was the Outcome after the Shopify Integration Solution?

Since Ana Silver Co. got the Etsy marketplace Integration app on their Shopify store, they have experienced that they can easily manage the bulk uploading of products and fetch the product’s real-time data. Also, there has been an increase in the graph of sales growth. Since their handicraft jewelry is much in demand among people, new products are often uploaded online and get sold as well;

With the app taking good care of Goerge’s restlessness, he focuses on increasing the sales growth of Ana Silver co. He has been doing great on Etsy with around 3000+ products listed and 500+ admirers of his store. George has managed to earn good reviews and ratings as well on Etsy.

There has also been a rise in sales during the festive season compared to when they had a single store. Now having two stores to manage with integration, George noticed the ease of work handling and its popularity. Even after the pandemic hit, he continued getting a good amount of traffic and conversion on Etsy.

The Serene Solution

The Results were visible; despite manufacturing and selling with the hassle and full of restlessness, now George No wonder how hard he worked to scale his business. With hard work, George opted to work smart as well, and this decision took his store on the path of success.

We, at Cedcommerce, thank our customers for believing in us and putting their faith in us. The Etsy Integration solution always looks forward to helping and assisting our customers on every path of their journey. The solutions provide ease in your business and chances to grow more.

Good things come to those who wait!

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