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Many of you would’ve been selling on Walmart, much more would be waiting to sell at And why not? Since it knit picks quality sellers – thus competition is low – the probability of you getting more orders increases. But one more thing decides whether you’re going to outperform your competitors or not – Your Product Page.


Yes, it’s the most important real estate and you need to utilize it to fullest. It’s about selling smart way not the hard way. So you should focus on Your Product Page:





First and foremost, your Title should encompass Your Brand Name, Size, its USP, Item name, Color, Style and other important things that must be included. You’ve 200 characters to do it.


Moreover, doing so might enable your products being effectively categorized by Walmart into different product category as Walmart uses the TITLE information for the same.


And, if you can type those hilarious 140 character tweets, then writing a 200 character description won’t be a big deal. Isn’t it?


Product Variations:

Another potential factor that harms your sales is individual listings on Walmart, where a potential customer is subjected to multiple page navigation. It’s sacrilege. Your customer doesn’t deserve it.


Rather, carefully list all the variations – size, color, fabric etc – of the same product together. So whenever customers stop by your product page, they get all the relevant information at the same place.



Although sometimes watermark images pass the scrutiny of the Walmart team, but it’s a big turn-off for your potential customer.


They are there to see your products, not the brand. So you should respect their sentiments. Always upload high-quality product images. Recommended image attributes are 2000*2000 pixels at 330 ppi.


Provide comprehensive Information:

Walmart has set hundreds of attributes for each category. There is a reason for that. The Content Ranking System uses all the possible content against each attribute provided by you to rank you. The more content you provide the better your ranking would be.


Aforementioned information if used along with the competitive pricing will most certainly pay you rich dividends. The content and your presentation make you stand out from the rest and sow the seeds of trust by making your product transparent.



And if don’t sell at Walmart yet, fill the form (as per Walmart Guidelines) and we shall assist you becoming the one.


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