Group Gift Extension
An Exciting Feature That Let’s People Gift To Dear One : Group Gift Extension

An Exciting Feature That Let’s People Gift To Dear One : Group Gift Extension


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Be it contributing for gifting boss on his birthday or arranging a small party and gift for colleague in the office. Or pooling into a present dear friend in schools and colleges, one thing that is same if gift and the other thing that is common is everyone wants to contribute but no one wants to take it all. And for gifts, accepting and offering gifts is one thing that everyone loves, no one despises it, for they bring happiness.

And this is the problem statement, prior to this options were limited. And they were either to buy groups offline and then gift them or mention the address where the gift is to be sent and pay the amount. But the Group gift extension developed by CedCommerce tackles this problem head on. It wears an extremely flexible approach when it comes to gifting for end customers and for online sellers it means more business.

The striking features of this extension are: Group Gift Extension

1. Pool in people:

Individuals can invite friends, peers, and colleague to be the part of the process by contributing to the amount for purchasing the gift. Also, any number of people can be invited for purchasing.

2. More Marketing:

Not only it garners revenue by solving the collective purchasing problem, it provides an opportunity to the vendors to get new customers as it has an invite option. New people who otherwise haven’t heard or visit may visit your website.

2. Choose The Person:

Also, new customers can come in the way of the person whom the gift is delivered. No one forgets who has sent them the gift and the company that delivered it and the website from where it was purchased if it indeed intriguing. Just choose the customer whom you want to gift. Any person can do that all he/she needs is creating the gift registry.

3. All product can be gifts:

Though it won’t be a great idea to send Toilet cleaner as the birthday gift but it can be purchased to sent to your nanny’s house to get rid of the stinking toilet. Therefore all types of gift can be send using this extension.

4. Coupon Code Generated:

As soon as the payment for the gift or more specifically when you confirm the gift, a coupon code is generated for the corresponding gift and sent to the people who is to receive the gift.

5. Refunds applicable:

Although, morally the gift shouldn’t be returned but the extension provides for any opportunity that results in returning of the gift. Thus refunds can be initiated with Group Gift Extension.

Needless to say, all the vendors who deal in gifts must use this extension. Also for vendors, if an individual sending gift invites the friend for contribution then vendors get new customers, so it acts also a perfect marketing tool.

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