Celebrating Our Year of Accomplishments, Innovations, and New eCommerce Solutions at CedCommerce

Celebrating Our Year of Accomplishments, Innovations, and New eCommerce Solutions at CedCommerce


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As we step into 2023, we look back on an incredible year at CedCommerce and our eCommerce solutions, with gratitude for all of our partners and merchants who made it possible. Let’s reminisce year 2022 and relive the memories together.

CedCommerce experienced another fantastic year of growth, network, and collaboration in 2022. Together with new customers, partners, employees, and marketplaces, we are excited to continue with this trend!

As we bid farewell to this incredible year, we’re taking a quick look back at our major events, CedCommerce’s growth, product launches, new partnerships, and everything CedCommerce.

Incredible Year at a Glance

  • Winning Your Support and Awards Over Years
  • “Expanding Our Multichannel Ecosystem Internationally
  • Bringing Innovation And Solutions To The eCommerce Industry
  • A Heartful WelCome To CedCommerce’s New Vertical launched in 2022
  • Taking A Step Ahead In Enhancing Our Solutions
  • CedCommerce’s Magic Moment of Networking & Connecting with You
  • A Sincere Thanks To Our Merchants and Partners
  • Farewell 2022, And Here’s To Welcoming 2023

    Winning Your Support and Awards Over Years

    Bagged Deloitte India Technology Fast 50 for the sixth consecutive time

    We’re short on words to share our excitement and announce that CEDCOSS, our parent company, has been acknowledged among Deloitte’s top 50 fastest-growing tech companies in India for the 6th time in a row!

    Although, this feeling is not new. Since 2016, technology has undergone significant development, affecting not only businesses but also consumers, small businesses, and local businesses. But our efforts to prove our mettle as the years go by have not changed.

    “With astounding revenue growth of 202%, CEDCOSS has sealed its place as “One of the Deloitte 50 Fastest Growing Companies In India”.

    Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP presented the 17th edition of its Deloitte Technology Fast50 India program – which recognizes, honors, and encourages the fastest-growing technology-enabled businesses.

    Finalist in the Google Premier Partner Awards 2022

    Another exciting milestone we marked in 2022. CedCommerce was announced as one of the finalists in the online sales category for the “Google Ads Premier Partner Awards.” A significant international award ceremony that honors the world’s top agencies worldwide.

    It’s a great acknowledgment for CedCommerce to get nominations at Google Premier Partner Awards. We are listed among a strong, international field with companies from countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, France, and Switzerland.

    Annually, Google Premier Partner Awards are given to Premier Partners who have contributed to the success of their clients’ Google Ads campaigns. In six categories—Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Online Sales, App Growth, International Growth, and Workplace Excellence—Google recognizes exceptional accomplishments in digital marketing.

    Magenative Featured As Key Market Player By Digital Journal

    Another feather on the cap. MageNative, one of our sister companies, got featured as “The Key Market Player by Digital Journal.

    Digital Journal is known for elevating voices in the news cycle. It collects and reports on global media platforms.

    This year Digital Journal shared their insights on “Small business eCommerce software Market Share 2023, Forthcoming Status, Size Estimation, Industry Demand, Revenue and Forecast to 2027”. The study includes market share analysis and profiles of players such as Expandly, Magento, MageNative, etc.

    In its report, “MageNative is featured as the major market player who has high potential to outshine and help small and mid-size business with eCommerce operations”.

    Achieved 4.9 Star Rating & 500+ reviews on the MageNative app builder

    Ratings and reviews are invaluable sources of feedback. Getting customer reviews and feedback surely motivates us to do better and outperform every time. This year MageNative (our sister company) crossed over 500+ ratings on the Shopify app store with a total of 4.9-star ratings.

    Magenative review
    With the “MageNative app builder,” you can build your custom mobile app and enhance the reach of your online store in just 3 simple steps. Moreover, you can boost conversions with features like push notifications, single-page checkout, and more.

    Introduced CedExpert as Shopify Experts

    In order to assist Shopify brands and individual merchants in growing their online presence and connecting with their target markets. CedCommerce recently announced the launch of Ced Experts( a Shopify Experts agency), a part of CedCommerce purely dedicated to creating, supporting, and growing Shopify stores.

    Ced expert by CedCommerce
    In just a few months, Ced Experts received 100+ reviews and successfully optimized 105 Shopify stores, optimizing its page speed, SEO ranking, and more. Our Ced experts team not only delivers your Shopify store, rather we deliver experience and trust. 24*7 constant support to merchants to help you beyond business.

    Expanding Our Multichannel Ecosystem Internationally

    From Fruugo to Cdiscount and Coupang, prominent new partners are uniting with CedCommerce all the time. We believe in joining hands to assist our merchants at every step and make their presence worldwide. Our partnership aims to provide our merchants with a new and simplified version of eCommerce.

    Brands and retailers need quicker, easier access to top platforms in order to manage multi-channel inventory, avoid overselling, orchestrate orders, improve shipping management, and save time that can be used to expand their businesses. This is due to the increasingly demanding eCommerce landscape. Small to medium-sized businesses can grow into additional channels and streamline their marketplace operations with CedCommerce and its partners.

    In years 2022, CedCommerce partnered with 3 major industry players and introduced integration solutions for our merchants.


    Coupang Marketplace is South Korea’s biggest online marketplace. In 2020 the platform had revenue of $12 billion and an operating income of $527 million. The number says it all. Coupang is especially known for its excellent logistics services and its obsession with the customer experience.

    Through this strategic alliance, WooCommerce merchants worldwide will be able to sell on “Coupang,” the largest online market in South Korea. Recently, in the month of August, CedCommerce entered into a strategic partnership with Coupang.
    The partnership aims to help WooCommerce merchants globally to sell on the marketplace. This platform is the perfect choice for retailers if they wish to test and enter the market in South Korea. The Coupang Integration for WooCommerce provides ease of use and automation, enabling WooCommerce merchants to sell on Coupang without any hassle.


    Cdiscount is one of the top marketplaces in France with over 10.2 million unique users and 23 million monthly unique visitors. The market boasts a network of 22,500 pickup locations, over 40 distinct product categories, and its own fulfillment service. Cdiscount is highly renowned for electronics & tech products, the home universe, and household appliances among French consumers.

    CedCommerce and Cdiscount Marketplace collaborated and joined hands to open Europe’s largest cross-border eCommerce markets to merchants willing to expand to Europe. This collaboration empowers merchants to sell on the marketplace seamlessly and automate product, inventory, and order management.

    Additionally, CedCommerce also launched a Cdiscount integration solution for Magento, WooCommerce, and Opencart. The integration solution assists merchants in quickly connecting their eCommerce store with the Cdiscount marketplace and automating their product listings.


    Fruugo is a UK-based online marketplace. The company is known for its seamless selling experience. Fruugo works on the policy “pay as you sell,” and this makes Fruugo distinct from its rivals. It serves in more than 46 different countries, meaning merchants have 46 different opportunities to expand their client base. Moreover, it is available in 28 different languages and works with 31 different currencies. Additionally, It allows you to conveniently deliver directly to consumers from your home market base.

    CedCommerce entered a partnership with Fruggo with the aim of providing our merchants with cross-border selling opportunities. Our sellers also have access to the “Fruugo Shopify Integration app” for free. You can list any number of products on the fruugo Marketplace from your existing Shopify store. And manage major business operations like product listing, inventory syncing, order management, etc from the comfort of one central app.

    Bringing Innovation And Solutions To The eCommerce Industry

    2022 was very fruitful for CedCommerce. We have launched 10+ new integration solutions for convenient automation, synchronization, and bulk product management.

    • Fruugo Shopify Integration
    • Coupang WooCommerce Integration
    • Cdiscount Integration for Opencart, Magento & WooCommerce
    • Amazon Integration for Magento (SP API)
    • ManoMano Integration for Magento
    • Shopee Integration for Magento
    • eBay Integration for Magento
    • Pinterest Magento Integration
    • The Bay Magento Integration
    • Shopify Magento Integration
    • Mysale Magento Integration
    • WooCommerce Magento Integration

      Expanding Our Horizons with a New Fellow Venture of CedCoss


      As the name suggests, it’s master of all your marketing game. CedCoss always looks out for different opportunities to help merchants in every possible way. Mastroke is one such initiative, where we aim to help merchants sharpen their Advertising & Digital Marketing game.

      Mastroke believes in hard work, determination, and perseverance over talent. The company is built with a millennial perspective and a people-first approach. We always look out for fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to find simple, workable solutions to even your most complex of problems.

      Mastroke provides services to curb the current demand of the market. Like digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, Amazon marketing, content marketing, email marketing, Walmart marketing, and more. In short, everything marketing.

      “Think Marketing, Think Mastroke”

      Taking A Step Ahead In Enhancing Our Solutions

      In 2022, we continued working on improving our existing solutions. The quality and functionality of our products improved tremendously in 2022 with many new added benefits. We have updated our connector app and integration solutions, and now they have become even more convenient and faster.

      To make multichannel selling simpler and help businesses grow, we’ve added features like analytics, product management, and multi-account connectivity. We’ve also improved our onboarding processes and bulk operations, reducing the time to get listed on marketplaces in minimal time.

      New added feature in the apps to streamline further selling cross borders:

      Multi-account Connectivity on the “Integration For eBay” app

      The multi-account feature in the Shopify-eBay integration app will enable merchants to manage multiple eBay accounts from one centralized dashboard. Merchants can manage more than one eBay seller account from one single app within the same dashboard. So now, you no longer have to switch between apps or accounts to manage multiple eBay accounts. With the “Integration for eBay,” app merchants can continue to list products on eBay from their Shopify store and manage everything smoothly just like before.

      Multi-Account Support In Amazon By Cedcommerce

      CedCommerce introduced this exciting new feature in the “Amazon by CedCommerce” app. With the multi-account support, you can access as many amazon sellers accounts with a single app, irrespective of the account country. With the addition of “Multi-account support,” you can manage, monitor, and visualize global selling from multiple Amazon seller accounts associated with a single app. So now connect, sync, and automate your business on Amazon in any country with any account via a centralized app.

      Ad capabilities & Supplementary Feeds in Facebook & Instagram Shopping App

      The “Ads capabilities” feature in the Facebook & Instagram Shopping App enables Shopify merchants to create, manage, and monitor Facebook Ads within the app. Our team of developers came up with this enhancement considering the demand of our merchants. The enhanced ad capabilities will result in better brand building and product discovery to connections already made on Facebook and Instagram.

      Moreover, the integration app now allows adding a supplementary feed to the catalog to help online merchants – already selling on Meta commerce platforms – take advantage of their existing items in their catalogs. As a result, you can now enhance your Meta catalogs with additional product attributes by enabling supplementary feed.

      Advanced Inventory And Bulk Product Management In Walmart Integration

      CedCommerce introduced three new features in the existing Walmart integration app. Namely, Setup by match, Inventory location mapping and Bulk editor. The newly added features further simplify the way you sell on Walmart. You can perform various tasks in bulk, like product import and export, uploading products on the marketplace in one go, and product editing. With the added feature, you can now also match existing products on the Walmart marketplace with your new similar products.

      ManoMano Magento Integration

      ManoMano launched three new APIs that focus on increasing selling efficiency, improving security, improving customer response time, and much more. So with the same line of thought, CedCommerce reviewed the Mano Mano integration app and launched version 2.0 of “Mano Mano Magento Integration.”

      The new upgraded version of the app focuses on increasing selling efficiency with the addition of real-time inventory syncing between the store and marketplace. The speed of data transfer also improved due to the removal of feed. New functionality of bulk action for inventory and price syncing is also added.

      There is also a massive improvement in UI making it more convenient to access multiple functionalities. Proper records of product change & syncing will now be maintained and can be accessed with simple filters.

      Amazon Magento Integration

      Amazon recently ended its MWS API and replaced it with a new SP API. The main motive behind this migration was switching to the next-generation API. It is to encourage merchants to adopt cutting-edge tools and features that will benefit both customers and selling partners.

      To help merchants from this sudden shift, CedCommerce also launched its new version of Amazon Magento Integration, which is totally compatible with the latest SP API. Sellers just had to update the app and continue selling effortlessly.

      Amazon WooCommerce Integration App Just Got Better

      The Amazon Integration for WooCommerce has also been updated in multiple aspects like the addition and enhancement of product template, amazon feed, ASIN update, Setup wizard, and sync settings. The app is built for WooCommerce merchants hoping to sell on Amazon; this integration solution is packed with unbeatable features like Bulk upload, simple category mapping, product feed optimization, order and inventory management, and more.

      CedCommerce’s Magic Moment of Networking & Connecting with You

      As eCommerce professionals and industry leaders, we always strive to build a network that fosters growth and exposure to opportunities for development.

      CedCommerce has always been on the front foot when it comes to connecting and simplifying eCommerce. The feeling of meeting people in person is unmatched. To sum it all up in a phrase, it was MESMERIZING.

      Major events in 2022

      Some of the major eCommerce events attended by CedCommerce in 2022:

      Shoptalk Europe 2022

      Over the last two years, we all have been a part of enough Zoom calls to realize that no virtual event or meeting can match the impact of a real in-person event. Shoptalk is one of the biggest eCommerce conferences in the US. It is one of the largest communities of eCommerce sellers, retail companies, influencers, investors, brands, and startups.

      Just the thought of those days brings back the whole excitement and happiness. The atmosphere and the arena impact so differently; we still cannot get over it. After 2 years of the virtual meet, it was wonderful to meet people in person. Our CEO and Co-founders, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal and Himanshu Rauthan met with merchants, brands, and partners while also exchanging ideas on multichannel capabilities, social commerce growth, commercial advertising, and everything eCommerce.

      The conference was insightful, engaging, and full of energy. They also had a great opportunity to meet and reunite with our partners and friends Alan Small from Wish, Lisa Powell from the market, Akhil C from Zoho, Shelley Boyle from ManoMano, and our beloved friend, Roi Elizondo, Alastair Hardie from Tiktok. We also got to interact and socialize with our old friends of the Cdiscount team, Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopware, and the Mirakl team.

      Meet Magento India 2022

      Meet Magento India 2022 is a virtual gathering of marketers, retailers, and developers. This virtual event, without a doubt, was on par with a live one. It was gratifying to meet the prominent speakers and exchange valuable views. It’s a gathering of professionals with similar interests and mindsets. It is conducted worldwide in more than 40 countries.

      The event became more happening for us! As our CEO and co-director, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, delivered his keynote: “Multichannel retail strategies to scale your D2C eCommerce business.”

      He also enlightened viewers with various marketing strategies, the selection of the right marketplace, and how to set up and manage your listings across multiple marketplaces.

      Grow Big Initiative

      In order to retool and empower small and medium-sized businesses to get online and start selling across numerous channels and countries, the Grow Big Initiative (GBI) brings together best-in-class industry experts, business leaders, and government officials.

      It was delightful to see CedCommerce as we spoke about “Managing inventory and syndicating product listings across multiple online sales channels such as marketplaces, your own website, and social commerce sites.”

      The GrowBig Initiative (GBI) brings corporate executives, government representatives, and industry experts to enable stakeholders to increase their online sales across new channels and regions.

      SARAL Summit

      Our amazing team members Ahmad Mobin Haris & Utkarsh Singh got the opportunity to connect and meet some amazing people and leading companies. They had the chance to speak with some greatest industry experts that are already thriving and winning in the eCommerce arena.

      A Sincere Thanks To Our Merchants and Partners

      There are very few occasions when we get the opportunity to sincerely thank our merchants and partners who have shown constant trust in CedCommerce.

      “Alone we are Strong; Together We are Stronger”

      CedCommerce take great pleasure in thanking our partners and merchants who always come back with their feedback and support whenever needed. CedCommerce’s relationship with our merchants & partners is not just official; we are all like an extended family.

      Farewell 2022, And Here’s To Welcoming 2023

      2022 brought many innovations to CedCommerce to help merchants address the issue, and it also brought more empowerment to knowledge to build the solutions they needed with our no-code and low-code platforms.

      These are just the highlights for CedCommerce, and we look forward to more innovation in 2023. CedCommerce’s achievement is not just ours; it’s for everyone, be it our partners, merchants, or employees.

      To Sum it all Up, The Year Was just MAGNIFICENT.

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