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CedCommerce x Coupang: Empowering merchants to sell seamlessly in the South Korean marketplace

CedCommerce x Coupang: Empowering merchants to sell seamlessly in the South Korean marketplace


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Amidst the rapid growth in cross-border eCommerce, CedCommerce announces the launch of ‘Coupang Integration for WooCommerce‘. This strategic collaboration aims to empower WooCommerce merchants globally to sell on South Korea’s biggest online marketplace ‘Coupang’. The tie-up means a chance to expand cross-border business to more than 18.1 million active potential customers. The vision of the two leading eCommerce players revolves around opening  opportunities through the most affordable and competitive solution.

Poised to become the third largest e-Commerce market by 2025; South Korea is an online seller’s dream come true eCommerce hub. South Korea currently possesses one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world. Over half of all retail transactions occur online, and over 74% are via mobile devices. Furthermore, tech-savvy Korean customers also demonstrate an increasing demand for cross-border items. The list includes fashion and food items being the most popular product categories.

5 reasons why Coupang is the Seller’s Choice

Coupang’s mission is to create a world where customers ask, “How did I ever live without Coupang?” It is increasingly becoming a reality with the company’s growing market penetration. Moreover, this customer-obsessed platform offers just as much value for enterprising sellers.

That being said, following are some highlights:

Customer Centric Platform

Customers, customers, customers! Coupang has become integral to shoppers’ lives across Korea, with Q1 data demonstrating over 18.1 million active customers. Given South Korea’s population sits at just below 52 million, over 34% of the country chooses Coupang!

Leading Retail App

Coupang is no.1 when it comes to retail apps in Korea. Furthermore, Coupang is the most used across all age groups, a great advantage for sellers seeking greater exposure to their products.

Language No Barrier

Indeed, Coupang thinks & speaks global. Don’t speak Korean? Don’t worry! At Coupang, the multilingual staff are there to guide you at every step with 1-1 consultation.

Seamless Integration

Additionally, one of Coupang’s many strengths is its ease of integration, with the ability to enter the Korean market using existing operations. If you’re unfamiliar with the Korean market, the team at Coupang has a handy Service Provider Network and a list of trusted partners who can help you do business!

Signing Up is Simple and Free

Last but not least, there’s no charge to join Coupang, and you don’t need a Korean bank account or business license.

“The launch of Coupang Integration for WooCommerce is an initiative to empower merchants to harness the best eCommerce opportunities in South Korean regions. Our vision at CedCommerce has always been to make online selling a treat and a profit-driven journey for merchants globally, and we are confident that our partnership with Coupang will empower WooCommerce merchants to gain maximum out of the South Korean e-commerce industry,” said Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO, and Co-founder at CedCommerce.

‘Coupang Integration for WooCommerce’ empowers merchants to sell profitably to Korea

‘Coupang Integration for WooCommerce’ delivers convenience and automation, allowing WooCommerce merchants to experience frictionless selling on Coupang.

The multichannel capabilities of the solution enable seller-friendly features, including simplifying Product Data flow, Inventory and Order Synchronization, and Error Notification, among others.

Not only that, the automated data feed flow empowers merchants to channel their time and energy into strategizing their business expansion. At the same time, the solution takes care of all the sales operations along with regular update notifications.

“Coupang Marketplace is committed to ensuring our global sellers can get their products in front of as many Korean customers as possible,” says Gerald Hoe, Head of Coupang Global Marketplace. “CedCommerce’s integration with Coupang will enable even more cross-border sellers to expand their customer base to South Korea easily and efficiently!”

‘Coupang Integration App’ guarantees a smooth selling experience on Coupang!

As a matter of fact, expanding to a new market can be tricky – trust us, we know. That’s why we’ve added the bells and whistles you need for a seamless selling experience on Coupang Marketplace.

  • Authentication made painless – firstly, onboarding just became hassle-free with quicker, easier authentication.
  • Operations made simple – we’ve centralized your seller operations interface. This means that you can oversee and analyze everything from a single dashboard.
  • Bulk product upload in a single click – the solution allows real-time inventory and order sync.
  • Uninterrupted Inventory and Order Data Flow – reduced manual involvement saves your time and effort.
  • Real-time Error Notifications – last but not the least, stay on top of your demand and supply with our notifications.

While we help you reduce the need for extraneous human involvement, we know businesses are not built just by machines. Human connections are equally important, and we’re committed to providing 24/7 support services with our friendly staff.

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