WordPress Backup Plugins
WordPress Backup Plugins: Backup Your WordPress Completely And Securely

WordPress Backup Plugins: Backup Your WordPress Completely And Securely


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Backup And Restore is a plugin by CedCommerce which can be used to take backups of your whole site along with database at regular interval. It also creates various restore points as respective of the backups taken and the site can be easily restored to any point by just a click.

Main Features

There following main features in plugin  :-

  •   User friendly interface.
  •   Copy on local server.
  •   Copy on drop-box.
  •   Copy on Google drive.
  •   Restore points available for every copy of WordPress you made.
  •   Restore can be done by just a click.
  •   Restore can also be done through browsing.
  •   Log in is generated with all details of backups.
  •   Download option is available for all backups taken.
  •   Backups can easily scheduled as well.
  •   It is just a matter of click to take backups and restore your site.

How to Use Backup and Restore

There are following setting pages which help you to easily configure the event and then easily restore your whole site.

backup and restore


Here you can easily configure the type of backup you want like on local server,dropbox or in google drive.


Dropbox and Google drive Backup settings

You need to configure the dropbox settings like give Dropbox app key and secret, access token and in google drive please save drive client ID and secret this is it. Now you are done with settings next the plugin will handle by itself.


backup and restore settings


Schedule Backup

The most amazing feature of this plugin is that you can schedule the backups and plugin will automatically make copy of your entire site on scheduled time.


schedule backup


You can look at the scheduled times on this page and can also cancel the scheduled events.
cancel scheduled backup



It is very amazing plugin because now a days you will need your backup any time this is also a great protection from site crash and hacking or your site is down from any reason, You can simply take backup and restore it as needed.


Click here to have your own Backup and Restore.

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