holiday season marketing checklist 2021
Your Holiday Season Marketing Checklist To Magnify Festive Sales 2021

Your Holiday Season Marketing Checklist To Magnify Festive Sales 2021


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It’s fall, have you got your holiday season marketing checklist ready? It is the transition where you observe summers draw to an end, kids go back to school, and adults wrap up their summer wardrobes as everyone seems geared up for the unrelenting autumn schedules. However, the road to September is still a month away, but people are on the brink of seeing the Halloween decorations on display and even Thanksgiving-themed garlands seek your attention peeping through the window. Is it that time of the year when shoppers are ready to loosen their purse strings and conveniently admit they are shopaholics. An early shopping spree is unsurprisingly expected, is your holiday marketing strategy well on track?

An early shopping spree won’t be a surprise

Shoppers shopping most of their stuff online are into an early shopping spree as there remains a persistent fear of losing out on their favorite items. 2021 holiday shopping predictions speak about the effect of the pandemic and its impact on the changes in consumer behavior. Besides, the pandemic has undoubtedly left people to vouch for bonanzas and special offers falling for the unreal urgency. Thus, this time around, shoppers would leave no room for rush for the Fomo to come in with those last days and limited stocks. Hence, freebies and discounts will again be entering the big picture.

Planned holiday marketing strategies would be the game-changer

The threat of lingering production and delayed shipping issues still looms large as the third wave of the pandemic knocks doors. Besides, the previous waves of pandemic have wreaked havoc and have given brands and retailers great learning lessons, changing the way people discover, shop, and buy. Furthermore, as per the 2021 holiday shopping predictions, none of the shoppers want their bags empty post-pandemic, eventually succumbing to carefully planned holiday marketing and advertising strategies. There comes a chance for the marketers and business owners to bag the best out of the most thriving season of the year.

Time to discover proven marketing strategies to boost holiday sales

The leaves change their color from the transitional summers to winters, therefore, it’s time you help your customers out embracing the gift-giving season and help them cheer up during the COVID pandemic environment. Besides, discovering the proven marketing strategies for the previous year’s holiday season will be an excellent opportunity to drive maximum sales and revenue from your online store this year.

Think how much easier things will be if the holiday rush is managed perfectly well with ready-to-go marketing campaigns. Unfold the holiday marketing calendar template, plan, and phase according to the breakdown of all the holidays, big events, and inspiration campaigns. Start planning your holiday marketing strategy right now and kick start your business on the most successful season of the year with a more significant piece of the pie.

Refreshing holiday season marketing checklist to tap into the festive emotions

holiday season marketing checklist


Skyrocketing your holiday season sales is just a list away from you! Read our checklist and set up a well-planned holiday marketing campaign. Our marketing checklist helps small and medium-sized businesses like you devise and develop a well-defined campaigning workflow. Streamlines your:

  •  advertising channels
  •  sales goals
  •  events to attract new clientele
  • nurture quality leads
  • gain higher returns on investments.

Follow the mix-match of strategies stated below and soar sky-high.

1) Tap into the Holiday emotions

The first and foremost step of your holiday marketing checklist will create an immersive environment for your visitors. Moreover, visitors will stay along and interact with your website with tremendous enthusiasm only when you give them a reason to do so. Therefore, design every webpage in a manner that gives out a holiday-approaching idea to make your holiday marketing campaign more memorable.

Additionally, bringing the emotional connection with your audiences via the announcements, offers, discounts, and reminders flashed through the footers, headers, CTAs, and other critical elements of your website also become crucial. Rendering a cherishable onsite customer experience is the key to more incredible website visits!

2) Keep them engaged with an unreal urgency

Holiday discounts first compiled with FOMO through limited stock offering let your visitors fall for your products. Create an unreal urgency through understandable freebies and discounts showing shoppers what they actually need. One big reason behind turning your visitors into shoppers is keeping them engaged and stopping them from shopping elsewhere. Try and induce an obsession for bonanzas and special offers. These proactive measures will create a fear of losing out on a lucrative deal and ensure bulk purchases. 


The Magento-based store setups can avail the functionality of the gift cards to give their Holiday Season a strong sales motivation. Customers like to share these gift cards with their friends, relatives, and peers. 

3) Initiate impulse-driven purchases through online marketing campaigns

If you are reading this in August and September, your holiday marketing planning already seems to be in good shape altogether. Additionally, it is time now that you sail smoothly with your online marketing campaigns. Moreover, advertising through the paid marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, email, and so on builds constant contact.

Again, leveraging the power of online marketing platforms lets you discover new audiences in addition to retaining your very existing customer base. Social media posts, online ads(festive PPC ads), events, surveys, etc., advent themes to offer your preferable products or services each day nurturing quality leads. So, start planning, creating, and scheduling your online marketing for the 2021 holiday season. Do it now and save yourself some time and stress during the busiest time of the year.

4) Keep customers happy and give them some extra value

The core of your holiday season marketing checklist is to engage your visitors with festive contests. You can go a bit creative here! Giveaways, lotteries, sweepstakes, etc., boost your brand awareness and let you reach potential customers. Again, social media contests, especially on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platform feeds, can bring your product to the forefront of potential customers. Thus, a mix of traditional marketing and in-store contesting lets you win over new users and brand advocates.

5) Enhance your store’s mobile experience

Mobile e-commerce sales are expected to be on a boom in times to come! With mobile purchases predicted to hop this holiday season again, your store’s mobile experience is the real deal. Your website has to be mobile-optimized with a good page loading speed, mobile site usability, and other ranking factors. Factors that are being considered by the changing algorithms of search engines are crucial for offering a personalized experience. So, enriching the overall experience for all mobile users involves creating web pages that are more effective, smoother, and quick to load. A highly responsive web app for mobile platforms is your way to go!

6) Retarget emotions for retargeting customers

Holiday certainly revitalizes the spirit of joy and thus becomes a mixture of nostalgia to retarget shoppers’ emotions. Users who are your brand’s advocates have to be retargeted. A remarketing campaign here would focus on a broad group of already visitors to your site. As a user-centric approach, your business should understand and rejuvenate each user’s motivations. An intelligent holiday marketing strategy retargets emotions and hits a prospect’s soft corner for the brand. Remarketing encourages users to interact and engage with purchase-intended decision-making.

7) Promote your products and consequently your brand value

You must fill your shoppers with excitement by creating a lasting impression on your prospects. Promote not only your products but your brand value as they are equally important. One big reason behind a surge in seasonal sales is your brand attaching to a unique selling proposition. Additionally, the USP to the brand value highlights to showcase your store differently. Moreover, offer a personalized experience more than anything for generating enough brand value.

Make the most of the magical holiday atmosphere

The beginning of the holiday shopping season marks a paramount time for retailers and enthusiastic shopaholics. Unplugging the extravaganza of happiness and joy, this very prime time of the year demands throughout. Businesses online need to connect with the varied energy levels of shoppers. Businesses, therefore, need to be prepared beforehand with their plans and holiday marketing strategies well set. It is to ensure greater market penetration and better business growth. The holiday season marketing checklist becomes the go-to solution for capitalizing on the busiest time of the year. So, don’t wait! Go through the list and get ready to develop stunning holiday marketing campaigns. Create a magical holiday atmosphere to attract new customers, boost sales, promote your business and enhance the brand value.


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