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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for Amazon-Shopify Stores in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for Amazon-Shopify Stores in 2023


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Looking at the current rate at which social media has taken over influencing consumers’ purchase decisions is overwhelming. Not just that, as per experts and researchers, 80% of shoppers will make purchases on social media platforms than brands’ websites or even third-party marketplace giants like Amazon. Needless to say, building a social media marketing strategy in 2023 is way ahead to conquering the online business world. Here are some top social media marketing strategies, predictions and trends straight away from top experts from the eCommerce industry. These strategies will help you create brand awareness and help customers know about your brand on Amazon and Shopify stores.

Expert Social Media Marketing Predictions in 2023

Let’s talk about something that’s coming straight away from experts! Here are some top social media marketing predictions that will shape the social media marketing strategies in 2023, and all you need here is to read them out and apply them to your brand to make its reach wider to your target audiences.

  • “Short-form vertical videos will take over the content game.” Jacob Styler, Founder & Digital Marketing Director At Infinity Digital

Who can deny that short-form videos are a huge social media marketing trend these days. From Tik-Tok’s short reels to Instagram’s short videos and YouTube shorts, and now Amazon launching Tik-Tok like features where sellers can create vertical short videos for products is all about new building new marketing strategies on social media platforms.

  • “Viral Marketing will take the Lead in Powering up Brand Engagement.” Mike Dickerson, CEO At ClickDimensions

Viral marketing helps a brand become popular with a lot of consumer engagement; needless to say, word-to-mouth marketing quickly builds a good brand image. A good viral marketing strategy has several benefits: increased brand awareness, increased sales, making a brand a trendsetter, and eventually, audience growth.

  • “Brands Will Strive To Build And Maintain An Engaged Community.” Alex Macura, Founder Of Your Digital Assembly

With an end to third-party cookies, you, as a retailer, must manage customer details beyond what Amazon gives you. Email marketing and community building on social media platforms, like Facebook community, are good ways to build and maintain an engaged community in 2023.

  • “Marketers need to skate to where the puck is going to be in 2023, not where it has been.” Greg Jarboe, President & Co-Founder Of SEO-PR

As a social media marketing strategist, choosing the right social media platforms is essential in building brand awareness is necessary. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are undoubtedly shaping the future of eCommerce. If you want brand awareness beyond Amazon, see which platforms suit your brand’s vision. Also, focusing on growing economies will help you scale better in 2023. With Amazon Global Selling Program, you can quickly sell to growing economies and create brand awareness to the targeted audiences through a robust social media plan.

  • “Existing Social Trends Could Tip The Balance For B2B Marketers.” Matt Mudra, VP Of Planning & Performance At SCHERMER

Be it B2B marketing or B2C marketing, every social media platform has made its own space for a particular type of customer base. While TikTok has surpassed Google and Bing for Gen Z searches and is leveraged by B2C brands, LinkedIn is still the best platform for B2B brands. The current social trends are more likely to be as it in 2023.

Did you know? Over 4.26 billion individuals globally used social media in 2021, and in 2027, this number is expected to double to nearly 6 billion.

These experts have something very substantial to say; therefore, these social media marketing predictions and trends can give a framework for what a working social media marketing strategy would look like!

Proven Social Media Marketing Strategies in 2023

As mentioned above, just building an Amazon Storefront is not enough, and neither will just creating a Shopify store bring the aspired revenue until you know how to make people know about your brand! That’s where social media marketing comes into the picture. So, let’s jump into these proven social media marketing strategies based on the expert predictions you just read above!

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Set Measurable Goals First!

Social media marketing means getting more likes, comments, interactions, and engagements from the targeted audience. This means that your social media campaigns must have measurable goals regarding how you define your social media marketing success, which we call as SMART goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound

For example, being a seller on Amazon, you would want your audience to visit your Amazon storefront and make a purchase. In that case, your measurable goals can be no. of clicks and visits to your page.

Choose your Platform and Audience after good research

You should know the products you sell on Amazon and Shopify store. Who are the actual customers (demographics), which platform do they use, and what most significant social media trend in 2023 are they looking forward to? You should know that people use social media websites for variegated reasons, and your content must align with why they have chosen to visit that platform.

Make Your Content Interesting and Relevant

Whether selling home furniture or something as small as pearl beads, you should know how to present it to your prospects and make them visit your storefront on Amazon or Shopify store. You should follow big brands and companies rocking their social media marketing campaigns to make it interesting. Research the biggest social media trends of the time; it could be in the form of memes, news, short video, or anything that’s in trend.

Be Dynamic with Content

From creating memes to producing short yet meaningful short-video content, your social media marketing campaign must involve dynamic content forms. In the era of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, you should know how to build a viral marketing campaign. Successful viral marketing can generate massive brand awareness and increase customer engagement in no time. Spend more time researching what will work and what will not for your products.

Take Inspiration from your Competitors

Look, every business has done it! Analyzing your competitor’s approach and how they are pitching their brand tone and generating customer engagements is a wise idea to know how to proceed. Take them as a case study. See what strategies will work well for your Amazon storefront and Shopify store, and build your social media campaigns accordingly.

Invest in Paid Promotions

Allow paid ads to do some job for you. It is a hard fact that good content is already a booster for your brand’s awareness and growth, however, paid ads to speed up the process. Paid promotions and ads help your brands reach the target audience quickly and give you the desired ROI.

Add Chatbots to your social media marketing strategy

While using apps like Facebook messengers and WhatsApp, integrating Chatbots can help you hook your customers with human-like conversations and resolve some FAQs regarding your products, and can direct them further to your Amazon storefront or Shopify store.

And these are some of the significant aspects of successful social media marketing strategies and trends. Only major ones have been explained here. Others can be using each platform at its best, for instance, Facebook is the ideal platform for building communities, whereas Instagram is an emerging platform for social commerce, being the second most used app globally. Remembering the festivals and audience, experimenting with different ideas, and analyzing campaigns timely can help you succeed.

Integrate these ideas into your social media marketing campaign, and in no time, you will see more leads and conversions on your Amazon storefront and Shopify storefront, making your Amazon Global selling a success.

Do you know selling on Amazon Global can be hectic if you don’t have the right solution to automate and centralize your multichannel selling on Amazon? But here is the right solution for YOU!

How can CedCommerce Help You?

Ensuring an automated feed management system while operating multichannel business on Amazon and Shopify is crucial. With good feed management software, you can sync and manage all the feeds on one dashboard. CedCommerce’s Shopify-Amazon sales channel app empowers merchants selling in multiple countries on Amazon with unique features. Below are the highlighted ones:

Multi-Account Support

Stop navigating between different seller accounts. Control Amazon accounts for each nation from a single hub. You can use the app to manage your accounts’ sales, inventory, and delivery.

Order Control

Manage every Amazon order from your store and through FBA. Orders may be fetched, created on your store, and updated with their shipping status on Amazon.

Inventory Control

By entering a pre-set value for Inventory levels, the Threshold Inventory option enables you to make your inventory more useful and supports you by keeping you from running out of stock.

Product Upload in Bulk

Bulk Upload and Import of Products are easily accomplished using the app’s API architecture. Choose the items you wish to submit to Amazon based on various criteria.

Live Listing

Control the Amazon products that are listed. From the app itself, change the attributes and specifics for each product, such as variations, size, colors, etc. You won’t have to move between Amazon Accounts any longer once this functionality is a part of your daily life.

Promote your Handmade Goods

Create a catalog of your handmade goods and sell them on in 14 categories, such as accessories, artwork, decor, and more. You may also manage orders and inventory for already-listed handmade goods on Amazon.

Additionally, our dedicated customer support is working round the clock to help you shift from any technical glitch you face.

Here we come to the end of the blog. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Let us know how these social media marketing strategies helped you in getting more customers.

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