9 Tips For Writing a Compelling Landing Page
Tips For Writing Compelling Landing Page content

Tips For Writing Compelling Landing Page content


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A compelling landing page is a part of a website that visitors reach after clicking a hyperlink on a different page.

In other words, It’s a single page on a website that’s been designed for a specific purpose (such as a product overview, demo, or sales pitch, etc). So, learning how to write content for a compelling landing page is essential. My blog “Tips For Writing Compelling Landing Page content” post today is here to help shed light on the subject!

Landing Pages by Cedcommerce

Landing pages are meant to engage the user in a particular way, leading them to complete some sort of action.

It’s important to note that landing pages don’t replace the website’s home page, where users can explore by clicking navigation and sub-navigation buttons and menu. Instead, visitors usually land on a landing page after clicking on an ad, promotional link, or search result, etc.

Why Use a Compelling Landing Page?

People usually go online when they need something – whether it is a product, service, or entertaining distraction. As globalization continues and customer’s wants keep increasing, it’s very easy for visitors to get overwhelmed with all of the options available. A landing page is a separate web page that a visitor “lands” on by clicking through from a link, advertisement, or other digital locations.

Once they’re on your landing page, readers are encouraged to take any action, such as joining your list or buying your service and products. If the visitor takes the specific desired action, then your landing page has succeeded in getting them to convert.

Attracting more visitors to your business requires customized offers; This helps in meeting the unique needs of your target audience; and, that’s exactly where a landing page comes in. Displaying an integrated message, a landing page is a simple page with a single purpose and one call to action.

Sometimes, all you need is to having one high converting landing page to bring in the big bucks.

Here’s the proof.

Conversion Rate Experts generated $1,000,000 million for Moz with a single landing page, an enticing call to action, and a few emails.

Uses of Landing Pages

Tips for Writing a Compelling Landing Page

A compelling landing page is a specific page that is designed to achieve a particular goal.

Typically, the aim is to procure the user’s contact data. However,  this could also be used to download a PDF, register for a webinar, make a purchase, etc. Whatever the aim is, the landing page should be completely focused on that. Great landing pages have a few more elements in order to maximize conversion rates.

It’s important to note that the perfect landing page doesn’t exist. Landing pages can always be improved.

Here are 9 tips for writing a compelling landing page

An Attractive Headline:

This is the primary and possibly the only thing that will attract visitors’ attention when they will read it. The headline is where you win or lose their trust. The key here is to explain the perks you are offering to users in a single sentence. Don’t talk about features, talk about what they can get thanks to your recommendation. Make it all about the user.

Great Offers:

You could have the best landing page in the world, but if your proposal is worthless, users aren’t going to be converted. If your goal is to get new subscribers to your approach, you’ll probably want to give away something for free like an in-depth guide to your chosen topic. If you want visitors to sign up for your webinar, you’ll need to highlight why your webinar is outstanding.

Use Eye-Catching Image:

Some visitors won’t bother going through your headline. But, if they see an image that they can relate to, they may be convinced to grant a second chance to the landing page. Don’t use any stale image stock, however. Think of your image as a second pictorial headline. Make sure it manifests your product or service and the benefit to the user if possible.

Appropriate Videos:

Videos are better than images. If an image says thousands of words, how many words does a video say? million? However many it is, videos are a great medium to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Include the Words Used by Target Audience:

When interacting with users, use words that precisely speak to them. Talk to them using the words or phrases they use. One of the most important tip for writing compelling landing page content is not to use jargon, industry slang, or any other type of expressions your target audience may not understand or use them. Speak to them in a simple and standard language they are familiar with.

Trust indicators:

These can be anything from reviews and testimonials to customer logos and industry certifications. This is an essential element if the aim of your landing page is to induce users to purchase a product.

Keep it simple:

Landing pages that are too complex will divert readers away. With this in mind, here are some dos and don’ts for compelling landing pages:


  • Make it simple
  • Focus on the convenience of your product, the worth it offers to the reader, and the way it will renovate one’s life
  • Keep images and videos complimentary
  • Make your opt-in box elegant and easy to fill out


  • Use of jargon or overly complex language
  • Stuff your landing page with flashy elements
  • Be too long-puffed out

A post-conversion page:

Which is the best time to get a reader to convert? When they’ve already converted.

This is the primary goal of a post-conversion landing page. Once they’ve clicked the call-to-action and filled in their data, follow them up with another offer.

Strong End:

You must saturate landing page content with strategy at the beginning and end of the page if you want it to effectively convert your reader. So before you end a page of copy, try the following strategies:

Incorporate scarcity:

Use language that lets audiences know their approach to the product or service may be finite.

Add a sense of urgency:

Motivate your audience to take action by setting a deadline on the offering or telling them what they may lose by waiting to move to the next step.

Finish with a call to action:

Tell readers exactly what they need to do next to get closer to get the product or service.

With these tips for writing a compelling landing page, that is all easier than it’s ever been before. Whether you’re a landing page expert or a beginner learning the roots, these tips are perfect to get you off the crowd!

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