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How Google Express Integration increased Intense Oud sales

How Google Express Integration increased Intense Oud sales


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Intense oud is a Chicago based online store selling renowned to be a reliable destination for buying perfume oil, spray, home fragrance, gift sets, accessories and more.The Shopify store owner followed his passion to aromatize his customer’s life with world-renowned ouds. As a result, he opted store automation to boost sales.

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Intense oud fulfills its products on its own with a strong in-house team of 10 members. Intense oud committed to providing the best ouds with its 100% genuine and branded products. Mr. Abdul and his team members focus on providing a great level of customer satisfaction with its products.

Hurdle that stopped Intense oud Sales

The Intense oud store discovered their sales were not up to the expectation. Surprisingly, selling products from reputed brands like Ajmal, Rasasi, Arabian Oud, and Al Haramain could not increase sales beyond a certain level.

The decline in sales kept the store owner on his toes. He scoured the internet to find the root cause. After spending several manhours online, he found out the real cause is lack of store automation.

Store Automation is key to seamless store management and elimination of manual error otherwise.

CedCommerce Convinced Intense oud to boost sales with Google Express Integration

Now, Mr. Abdul was keen on getting his store automated. He was looking for store automation to improve store management in the following way.

  • To extend business capabilities
  • To ensure the great customer experience
  • Automate product return process
  • Automate order shipment process

How CedCommerce Store Automation solution helped Intense oud achieve High Sales?

The Google Express Integration App by Cedcommerce put an end to various concerns of the Intense oud store.

Now, Intense oud store got automated in below manner

  • The app helped in showcasing the store product to millions of more customers.
  • Bulk product upload helped the store owner upload products within minutes with zero chance of manual error.
  • Profiling feature enabled the store owner to display the products with additional attributes.
  • Real-time syncing of inventory, order, and prices across Shopify store and Google Express.
  • App automatically updates the order tracking information in Google Merchant Center.
  • Intense oud can promote products on Google Shopping.
  • Similarly, Smooth checkout and Free delivery (qualifying based on criterion) helped to deliver a great customer experience.

As a result, Intense oud got equipped with features to make online selling easy and effortless.

CedCommerce is trusted integration partner of Google Shopping Actions.

How Intense oud leveraged Store Automation Solution by CedCommerce?

The important data fetched as a result of real-time reporting.  In addition, this data about the store helped Mr. Abdul to know more about the customer in-depth. He enhanced his marketing strategy based on the client data and boosted sales to the next level.

Store Automation helped Intense oud provide Personalised Customer Service.

The process of order fulfillment use to be a time-consuming process. As a result of store automation, it is fully streamlined and done in hassle-free manner.


In conclusion,  the Intense oud owner is more than happy to witness his business grow. Store automation with Google Express app  helped Intense oud to multiply business opportunities. He is able to do product listing on multiple Google platforms.  These platforms include,, and Google Home.

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