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An eCommerce Entrepreneur Who Brought His Niche Vision To Reality

An eCommerce Entrepreneur Who Brought His Niche Vision To Reality


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Mr. Mallikarjun, an Indian entrepreneur runs a very unique B2C website. His website ekprice.com has a very fantastic concept to it, every service and thing sold on this site is at a uniform price. 

The motto of this site is “Put your Rs 500 to the best use.” 




B2C website

Homepage of ekprice.com



 How was the idea ignited?


According to Mr. Mallikarjun, the idea of offsetting this website came up when he and his friend we in the middle of a discussion as to how they can ease the price variations and provide everything for the same price.


Since they observed that there is a fluctuation in price for the very same things at different places and the price sometimes seemed to be unfair.


Plus there was also a lack of platform which can satiate the need of customers to get products and services at a fair price as well as let the vendors get a fair margin for their products or services. It was like serving two purposes through a common platform.


Motive Behind The Website


Ekprice.com was started with the sole intention of creating a platform to beat the price fluctuations and give customers both products & services for the same price all round the year.


There is a chance that people may get products within their budget but it may not be the case in terms of various services hence the website is a platform to find even services within your budget.


The platform provides a plethora of various services including freelance services like banner and logo designing, web theme creation, bug fixing etc, legal services like PAN card registration, GST service etc. all at the same price


Features That he Prominently Wanted in his eCommerce marketplace


When Mr. Mallikarjun came to us with his idea there were some specific features that he prominently wanted to be present in his website. They were


  • Bulk upload feature and
  • Easy return feature


Challenges faced by him


The main challenge was to find a perfect solution for bulk upload and also adding extra fields for seller registration which would help them to capture more details during registration that too at a decent price.

Mr. Mallikarjun elaborates that before contacting CedCommerce he had already eyeballed solutions from other companies but wasn’t satisfied with what they offered hence trying their solution wasn’t even a question.  


What Made Him Choose CedCommerce


Mr. Mallikarjun shared with us that he had been looking for a solution provider that could not only provide him with the best solution for his idea but also be within his budget, that’s when he came across CedCommerce.  


He had gone through the reviews of the customers that have already opted for the services of CedCommerce, plus he found the customer support service very promising and patient to guide him throughout the whole process. It was a great factor that influenced his decision.


He decided that CedCommerce was the most suitable for him as he was getting his desired eCommerce platform at a price that no other solution provider offered him.


He took his time to check out all the solutions and even had an elaborate discussion with our BDE regarding what he wanted and they guided him to choose a solution from our panel.  


What did we offer


After an extensive discussion, Mr. Mallikarjun decided that the solution and addons suitable for his eCommerce marketplace were:


Marketplace basic


A premade frame with multiple features including

  • Facility of return and refund.
  • Enhanced configurations for admin
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Multiple website logins & product support and much more


Vendor Product Addon


  • This addon helps to add all kind of Magento products
  • It also supports product custom option
  • In addition to other features, default product inventory and pricing feature are also there.


Vendor Order Addon  


This addon gives full access to the vendors to manage the orders,  invoices and shipment options some of the other significant features of this addon are:


  • Supports vendor for multi-shipping and dropshipping
  • Supports merged and split orders for vendors
  • Item-wise transaction management functionality for admin is also available 


Vendor Commission Addon 


  • Product Type wise: for adding commission based on the product types.
  • Category wise: for adding commission rates on the available categories.
  • Min/Max rule: for deciding the rate which has to be applied as commission.
  • Vendor wise rates: for defining the commission rates of specific vendors.


Vendor RMA Addon 


This addon includes the process of returns or refunds between customer, vendor and administrator. some of its features are:
  • Guest and Registered users’ links to request view and update RMA.
  • Administrator Control to generate, edit and update RMA.
  • Administrator can set vendor controls for RMA.
  • Administrator and vendor both can control Time Limit for RMA.



Vendor Mass Import-Export Addon  


This addon allows the vendors to upload products in bulk. The feature that Mr. Mallikarjun had been prominently looking for. It comes with the following features.


  • Allows creating all 6 types of Magento products.
  • Easily upload & export CSV files. Support bulk image upload.
  • Support import & export for upselling, cross-selling and related products.


Vendor Attribute Addon 


This particular addon facilitates the admin to add Vendor Attributes and Vendor Attribute groups for obtaining more vendor information. Some of its features are:


  • Unique Attribute Code.
  • Several inputs types are available like Drop down, Text, Textarea, Date, Multiselect, etc.
  • Input Validation and Sort Order of Input Fields.
  • Attribute Groups Creation for categorizing attributes.
  • Listing of admin created attributes at frontend on the vendor profile page.


Social Login Addon


  • One Click Login/ register
  • Easy configuration Settings
  • Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google Login


Mr Mallikarjun stated that CedCommerce was his perfect choice for the vision website he had in mind and It was our pleasure that he chose us for this job, we are thankful to him.


About CedCommerce:


CedCommerce offers the necessary technical online store solutions specifically made for building one such platform. These extensions come with a multitude of features to aid in the development of a rich multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace.

CedCommerce ’s marketplace packages and add-ons are ready made and reasonably priced solutions for building a website like Amazon. A marketplace armed with these features is undoubtedly going to possess the best in class features.

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