Shipping Templates
Understanding Shipping Templates | Setting up Etsy Shipping Profiles

Understanding Shipping Templates | Setting up Etsy Shipping Profiles


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Etsy is a rage nowadays with 2.1 million+ merchants already selling on the marketplace.

Starters use the Etsy seller panel to list their products and manage inventory. However, it’s the professionals who are well-versed on Etsy as well as other marketplaces are the ones who need to automate their operations.

The reasons are plain and simple. You have thousands of SKUs, and managing and handling them manually is the toughest nut to crack. It is an international marketplace where merchants don’t require separate permission to sell in different countries.

Etsy Shipping Profiles

One of the essential parts of onboarding on Etsy is – defining shipping profiles. Etsy Shipping profiles allow merchants to apply the same shipping cost to multiple listings, which are from the same category.

The downside is if you don’t assign a shipping profile on Etsy, the listings won’t go live on Etsy. However, it’s not a big deal. The shipping profile is termed as Shipping Template.

Etsy Shipping profiles/template is nothing else but defining different shipping methods/modes – Free, Freight, Standard, Zone Skipping, and Expedited and more. However, the combination differs from products and their destination.

Creating Shipping templates with Etsy Marketplace Integration for Shopify

As soon as you get your products uploaded on the App, you can do the profiling for each of your products. There are three different templates available, which you can specify for your range of listings. They are namely:

  1. Shipping Template
  2. Inventory Template
  3. Pricing Template

These templates let you assign a specific set of values for a bundle or category of listings so that you don’t need to assign it individually to products. To create Etsy shipping profiles (template), you can either:

–> Get the available shipping profile on Etsy.

–> Create Etsy Shipping Profiles.

If you already have a Shipping profile on Etsy.

To make your selling process more manageable, the app lets you connect directly to the existing shipping profile you have already created on your Etsy Store. To get the same moving, you can click on the “Get all Templates” under the Profiling Tab.

Shipping Templates

If you don’t have Etsy Shipping Profiles on Etsy — Create it here.

If you haven’t assigned the shipping details to your products on Etsy, You can assign it through the App in just a matter of minutes, the process involves:

  • Click the “Add New” button under the Profiling Section.

Shipping Templates

  • Enter the details about the Shipping templates.

Shopify Shipping TemplatesThe details that need to be entered are:

Title: The name of the shipping template (profile).

Dispatch Origin: The origin country, where the product belongs to.

Minimum Processing Days: The minimum time it takes to reach order to its destination

Maximum Processing Days: The maximum permissible time it takes to reach order to its destination.

Note: The similar shipping template/profile can be created from the app as well, for this, you need to visit Profiling >> Shipping template.

Once you’re done creating the Etsy shipping profiles/template, “Save it.” You can create as many profiles as required. You need to click “Add New” to create every new profile.

  • If you enable the “Weight option” in the shipping profile.

Shipping templatesIn case you enable the checkbox to weight option, you need to enter the range of the weight; you want to assign the shipping template to. After assigning the weight range, you can continue filling up the other details.

Wait! One more thing!

Not just the shipping templates, but additionally, the app also lets you create templates for your Inventory as well as Pricing. The Etsy Marketplace App enables you to seamlessly control your Etsy Store, helping you manage both of your platforms. Creating shipping profiles on Etsy lets you categorize the products and assign the various templates as per the products so that it saves time and energy.

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