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Google Shopping Actions: The Big Opportunity for BigCommerce Sellers

Google Shopping Actions: The Big Opportunity for BigCommerce Sellers


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BigCommerce seller have the opportunity to sell on Google and diversify the business. The big question is how to sell on Google shopping?  and how much does it cost to sell on Google? Buy On Google(previously known as Shopping Actions) will help customers to buy the product from multiple platforms of Google. These platforms include Google Express, search, display, voice Assistant and Google Home. In this manner, the seller can sell on Google Shopping as well as boost the product visibility manifolds.

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Why Buy On Google is important for BigCommerce sellers?

The sellers will experience a high conversion rate (usually 30% or more) without spending a lot. Being a retail-oriented platform it enables sellers to build customer loyalty by integrating loyalty programs during the checkout process (fewer clicks equates to better conversion rate).


Payment needs to be done only after the product is sold and the seller will prefer to pay upon purchase instead of paying for product views.

how to sell on google shopping

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BigCommerce seller’s basic requirements for how to sell on Google Shopping?

To sell on Google Shopping for BigCommerce sellers becomes easy upon the incorporation of the BigCommerce store on Google Shopping. Installation to profiling all step are illustrated in step by step guide


The BigCommerce store owner must own a bank account in the US.  His warehouse should be within the US to ship the orders. 

‘Buy on Google’ program in France will be ending on December 7, 2021. For more updates or support, get in touch with the experts at CedCommerce here!

Other than that, to sell on Google Express he should have an account on Google Merchant Center. It is also necessary to have Buy On Google(previously known as Shopping Actions) approved. It is easy you can get it done here.

Why is Buy On Google the Right Choice?

Increased Customer Loyalty

Features like personalized product recommendations and single click reordering will convert the new customer into loyal customers.

Business Expansion on Budget

The pay upon purchase model makes Google Shopping an inexpensive method to surface your products on numerous Google-enabled platforms like Google Search, Google Express App, and Google Home.

Relevant Customers

Your product will be advertised in front of the right audience only who are ready to purchase the product



How much does it cost to sell on Google shopping?

The commission rate for selling on Buy On Google(previously known as Shopping Actions) is between 5% – 15% of product cost subjected to the product category. The commission rate for most of the products  is 12%


Learn more about How to Sell on Google Shopping?


How do you rank on Buy On Google?

Negative Keywords – Regularly monitor the keywords (search queries) for which your ad is showing up. If it is shown for something that is no way related to your product, add that keyword in the Negative Keywords list. 

Product Category – Insert the correct product category in “google_product_category” and  Google Product Taxonomy list will be helpful to determine the right category.

If you choose a broad category, your product will appear for the maximum number of search queries or keywords. This could also bring the majority of irrelevant customers to your products. The category should be broad enough but not too broad. 

Image Link – Add a link to the product image under the “image_link” field. When clicked it should open up a high-quality image (800 x 800 px at least) with no text, watermark or logo


Discounts – Customer prefers to avail discount all the time. These ads have edge over the products with no discount hence, are shown above other products.


CedCommerce is trusted integration partner of Buy On Google.

Do you have to pay for Buy On Google?

There ain’t any minimum criteria like the minimum cost for Buy On Google(previously known as Shopping Actions). No minimum daily budget also cost per click can be as low as $0.01.



How to drive traffic on Buy On Google with Google Shopping Campaigns?


Product Condition:

It is very important to update the correct status of the product. Google will consider your product as ‘new’ unless it is specifically as one of the below.


  • New 
  • Used 
  • Refurbished


If the condition is found to be different then the chances of product getting disapproved are very high. 


It is wise to use the size type option to further enhance the data quality and eventually make up for great customer experience


Product Attribute:

Products that are optimized (attribute wise) will have a better chance to stand out and appear for search queries done with buying intent. These attributes are though not limited to titles and descriptions but, optimizing them (key attributes) is important to appeal to customers. 


how to sell on google shopping 

Put search terms (that are done with buying intent) in your product titles and descriptions. This will particularly will uplift the product quality score and it is an important factor to make the product appear for multiple search queries by customers.


Sellers have up to 5000 characters for product descriptions means lots of opportunities to optimize it for better user experience.


Reviews: Words of appreciation are the most notable source of trust that lasts forever. These will help Google to consider your product credible, genuine and famous enough to be placed at top of the search result.


More Positive Reviews you Receive – More New Customer You will Attract


sell on google shopping


It is required when a seller resells goods manufactured by the third party


Product Quality Score:

Products with good quality score have more chances to appear high in the search result. 


  • Classify products into the most appropriate category
  • Order fulfillment is always done in a timely manner
  • Lower the Order Defect Rate (ODR). It can be maintained by 2 important factors.


    •   If the number of product returns is very less in comparision to total sale in a specific period.
    •   If the number of products with negative feedback is very less  in comparison to total order processed in a particular time frame.


Create Promotion: 

If you are running a sale on website then customer should gets info about it via your ads too. This can be done by creating promotion with a start and end date.


Sale Price Annotations:

A sale is the best opportunity to attract customer attraction. Above all, sale price annotations make your product stand out and capture cutsomer’s attention by telling the amount customer will save. 


The product will be shown with the sale price and original price (as strikethrough). 


What are the Top Tips to Increase Sale (by avoiding product disapproval) on Buy On Google?

Enable auto-update of items to prevent disapproval, if product quantity or price on the landing page is different from product data. This feature will ensure only latest information is displayed in ads.



Here is how to do it!!

As the page will crawl multiple times so avoid moving the location of price info within the  source code of landing page.


Also, it is wise to avoid JavaScript or similar animations for price and price reduction.


Changing product id means Google consider it as a new product, It again needs approval to be visible in ads. It is a time intensive process upto 3 business days. 


Another downside of changing product id will be, product performance for the last seven days will not be considered.


Use GTIN (only for the product that is manufactured by the third party) to make the ads rich and easily found.  As it helps Google figure out what products seller is selling.


Never let the customer put stress on the brain to figure out anything about the product. Therefore, avoid it completely by selecting the right variant else you are planning to adversely impact the customer experience.


How do I get my products to show up in Google Shopping?

An important question often bothering new seller is How do I optimize product image to increase visibility on Google Shopping? The best way is to follow image optimization guidelines laid down by Google. Upon compliance with below points, none of the product listings will diqualify on Buy On Google(previously known as Shopping Actions).


  1. Avoid using any kind of borders around the images.
  2. It is recommended to use a light-colored background (preferably, gray or white). Using text overlay, logo or watermark will hamper image visibility.
  3. It is better to avoid background that is dark, multicolored or has a pattern.
  4. Perfect image size range between 32*32 px and 64*64 px.
  5. If you plan to sell clothes go for 250×250 px or more.
  6. The product should be clearly visible. Moreover, add the extra images like product close-ups. 
  7. Product images with noise or blur will always fail to impress the customers.


The more your product appears to the customers, the higher are the chance customer will purchase.


The best practice is to list products using Google Shopping via Google Merchant account associated with Google Ads. Learn more


What are the important attributes of my products?

Mostly your product will belong to one of the below categories.  Therefore, mention the below attributes depending upon your product category.


Electronics – Tech Specs + Brand + Model + Product type.

Apparel – Color + Size + Material + Product type + Brand + Gender.

Books – Author + Title + Format (hardcopy or eBook) + Genre.

Goods – Brand + Size + Quantity + Weight.

Food & Beverages – Product type + Brand +Weight + Count.

how to sell on Google Shopping


How CedCommerce will help Boosting Sales with Integration Solution for BigCommerce Sellers


BigCommerce sellers will experience a boost in terms of sale due to CedCommerce Integration solution in the following way


Automation of fetching orders from Buy On Google(previously known as Shopping Actions) account to the BigCommerce store. This means no need to manually update hundreds of orders instead use that time to optimize ads for more selling.


Upload products in bulk with the app in a hassle-free manner. Even thousands of products get upload within minutes.


The profiling feature of the app will ensure BigCommerce sellers will be able to practice better control over which features should display on what products. They will be able to add a custom attribute for certain products. This will help in providing improved customer experience as well as stay competitive.  


Upon integration, the product will be visible to millions of potential customers. It is an opportunity to grow your brand as well as earn loyal customers on account of the smooth and secure checkout process.


The Integration solution for BigCommerce sellers will help sellers to reach the next level of online selling, emerge as a top seller on a leading marketplace and stay ahead of the competitor.


Get OnBoard with Google Shopping Integration Solution and Get Started Now!


Conclusion – Sell on Buy On Google to Sell More

Buy On Google(previously known as Shopping Actions) is one of the most prominent platforms to sell the product on the world’s most sought after search engine. It is good to acquire new customers as well as sell more to the existing customers. 


The high rate of conversion than text ads attracts lots of sellers. The competition is soaring. BigCommerce sellers can remain competitive by following the best practices. It will  boost their sales on Buy On Google(previously known as Shopping Actions).

Google Shopping Actions US is open for Merchants in India and Canada: Start selling cross-border to customers in the US, from either India or Canada without any fuss, right away.

Now, you know how to sell on Google Shopping ? Hence, would love to hear about challenges faced during the selling.


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