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How To Grow Your Facebook Business Page?

How To Grow Your Facebook Business Page?


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In today’s time, when businesses think of growth, they inevitably think of social media too. Such is the power of social media that businesses can’t afford to miss it if they want to reach their desired audience. And one such social medium is – Facebook. The meteoric rise of Facebook has led to businesses establishing their presence, majorly through A Facebook Business Page.

With a well-maintained Facebook Business Page, you can expose your business or brand to an audience base of 2.7 billion monthly active users. And now, when the world is moving towards digitalization and the trends are changing – it is high time you settle down your business page with the trusted platform worldwide.

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An Introduction To Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page refers to a free online page that businesses can create on Facebook to increase their visibility and unlock a host of Facebook Business features. A Facebook business page gives an opportunity

  • To grow your business online
  • Reach out to a large number of users
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate sales

Moreover, the Facebook business page gives access to,

  • Connect with the 2.7 billion monthly active users
  • Share your content to a large number of audience
  • Post updates
  • Share and connect with other Facebook pages’ and users’ content
  • Receive and send message
  • Get notifications
  • And many more…….

Now that you know the benefits of using a Facebook Business Page, create one for your business as well and build the interest of people in your products and services or the content you share.

This way you can map out the advantage of the Facebook business page to grow your business. Therefore, below are strategies that will benefit you to grow your Facebook business page. Not just that it will also help you in scaling your business page for more visitors.

Create Interactive Opportunities

As I have already mentioned, Facebook is home to 2.7 billion monthly active users, so you need to make these figures count and work for your business page by creating interactive opportunities. Meaning, use the Facebook platform to communicate with people and present your business before them.

Here, the business page is

  • The product
  • A channel to reach people
  • The brand experience

When you use your Facebook business page to interact with your audience, they will continuously come across your business page. And this will build an image of your business page in the minds of the people. Continuous and regular feeding of your business page to the people can work in your favor. And most importantly, creating interactive opportunities will help grow your business page and generate sales.

For example, to build interactive opportunities for your Facebook business page, you can:

Create an interactive Facebook business fan page that will provide customer support to your business page because of the engagement of the fans.

An interactive Facebook business campaign can boost your brand awareness and build brand loyalty through online branding.

Designing an interactive Facebook post can also be a good strategy that will attempt to achieve more audience. Through regular updates and posts, you can gather the attention of your audience. And build the image of your brand. Moreover, you can encourage the audience to ask questions and therefore boost organic reach.

These are the basic benefits that you can get through the different strategies on your Facebook business page.

Produce an interactive Facebook business page opportunity to merge with your audience and engage for more likes, shares, comments, etc.

Take Into Account Customer Database

Customer database refers to accumulation of the information about your customers through e-mail address, phone number, etc. With customer database you can

  • Acknowledge the customers you want to track down
  • List down the activities of your customers in consideration of your product
  • Scale your planning accordingly and keep on revising the data collected

The Facebook business page is created to grow your business and maximize sales. So, try to connect using your Facebook business page to that customer who actively engages on your business page. Weed out the inactive users and focus on the outcome received after analyzing the customer database.

Creatively Use New Features Of Facebook Page

Facebook is introducing the following new features to the Page:

  • A dedicated News Feed
  • Easy navigation
  • Improved Page management tools
  • Actionable insights
  • Safety and integrity features

These add on features by Facebook can be used by businesses to grow their Facebook business page.The first feature will give you access

  • To a wider audience to encourage people to engross
  • More visibility to pages
  • Users can follow the page straight forward from the comments sections

The second feature simplifies the navigation of admins between their page and personal profile using a switcher.

The third feature grants the ability to assign and manage specific tasks such as Ads, Community, Insights, Content activity & messages.

The fourth feature will assist, comprehend your audience and how your content is performing through Facebook is null on the exact information.

The fifth feature will make the blue verified badges more visible, making it simple for users to recognize comments and posts from authoritative profiles and pages.

Update yourself with these add on features by Facebook and work out with them to grow your business page.

Select An Engaging Cover Photo

Cover photos on your Facebook business page are the first thing that people will see and acknowledge. Create compelling, eye-catching, and business oriented cover photos. Often, businesses miss out on this opportunity and overlook their business page cover photos.

Your cover photo is the first stoppage for your audience, and this is where you need to capture their attention. Enchanting the right visual properties and using cover photos of your Facebook business page as a marketing channel can help you grow your business.

When people approach your business page, the first thing they see is your visual picture. Channelize your strategy for growing your business page through the cover photo and demonstrate to them about your business. All the small steps count together on the journey of making your business page grow.

Though a cover photo may look just a piece of additional feature, it can influence your customers and attract them. Building a strong line of followers willingly updating themselves through your business page. Just think about it. Keep on engaging with your audience by updating your cover photos on the Facebook business page.

Add A Call-To-Action Button(CTA)

CTA is the button (Hurry up, Start Now, Limited Offer) that guides the customers to the final goal of conversion. CTA will convert the visitors into potential customers and aid in growing your business. The call to action button is one of the most important elements. That helps drive traffic to your online store and instills the feeling of eagerness in your customers.

When you add a CTA to your business page, it will guide the user to know what to do next. How can a call to action button help you grow your Facebook business page?

  • Adding a call to action button will create an urgency to buy your product.
  • Choosing the right color for CTA will increase the conversion of leads into potential customers.
  • CTA will direct people to your landing page.

Post Videos And Pictures

Incorporate video content on your Facebook business page to grow your business. Statistics reveal that the average engagement rate for Facebook video posts is 0.26%.

Remember that it is a strong encouragement to grow your business page using video content. Moreover, the average engagement rate of videos is less than 0.26%.

Post pictures of your product to capture the customers towards your brand. Present your products and services interestingly and innovatively. In a way that customers become impulsive to buy your product and avail of your services such as digital marketing services, content writing services, etc.

Use your business page to offer a good amount of pictures and videos. Because both forms of content are evolving and generating a huge amount of revenue for businesses. So, leverage these to grow your Facebook business page.

Be Active On Your Facebook Business Page

Only being productively active on your business page can accomplish your motive to grow your Facebook business page. So, try to connect with your audience by regularly posting content on your business page and sharing it. Moreover, to grow and market your business, you need to be active on your business page.

Follow these ideas for being active on your Facebook business page.

  • Update your business page regularly
  • Ask Questions
  • Start Conversation
  • Engross with other business pages
  • Host a contest
  • Post stories that your audience will relate to
  • Run opinion polls
  • Post infographics
  • Add videos
  • Give discount/special offers

Like anything else, manage your Facebook business page with the help of the above ideas. So that you can target your audience and increase your reach to grow your business page.

Monitor Your Business Page For Growth

Track the records of the activity on your business page via email notifications. So that you can reply to feedback or comments, delete spam, and continue to connect with your fans promptly. Moreover, monitoring the business page at regular intervals provides insights into the performance of the business page.

And this will scratch down your problems and make them clear like water. As a result, you can mark out the drawbacks and work on them.

Find solutions for the problems and nurture them with the most effective strategies. Work out with your business page and monitor your performance to make accurate changes. This will help grow your business page at a speedy rate and build long-term relationships with your audience.

Boost Sharing

Share your business page on other social media platforms to increase the number of viewers. Another way is to add share icons on your Facebook business page and give access to your audience. The advantage of adding share icons is a large approach at a single click. Sharing business page on numerous platforms will not only grow your business page but also,

  • Increase your brand awareness and help build brand loyalty
  • Work as a medium to reach out to the new audience
  • Generate traffic to your business page
  • Promote your business page
  • Introduce your products and services
  • Increase product visibility across Facebook

Pro Tip: Make your sharing easy for visitors.

Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Now, you have a business page and want to grow it. What can be the best option that works in your favor? Any idea! The answer is simple – It’s Promotion.

Promotion is the best strategy that can help grow your business page. One of the best ways is to design an ad promoting your business page. Creating an ad will address more people and send them to your website.

Promoting your business page will introduce you to new people who may be interested in your business. Once, these people go for your ad and like it. They may see your content updates in their regular News Feed. Therefore, while creating your business page ad, choose your audience, budget, and duration that matches your promotional goals.

Be clear with your goals and objectives that you want to attain through your business page. or hire a social media expert and let them sky-rocket your business promotion with Facebook advertising.

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Let’s Wrap Up

Never miss an opportunity because it’s hard to get one. Facebook is an opportunity for connecting and communicating with an extended number of users worldwide. Map down strategies and marketing ideas to the pain points of your audience and grow your business page.

Once you acknowledge how vast this platform is, you will certainly want to cherish the fruit of this platform. Undertake the privilege of a Facebook business page and get into the action with on trackways to grow it. Therefore, it will take time to ripe the fruit, but eventually when the fruit is ripened, it will taste sweet.

What I mean is initially growing a Facebook business page might be a time taking process but when your business page will grow and progress, It will reap you maximum returns on all your efforts. Hurry!! And put together the above practical ideas and make them work for your business page.

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