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How to Create a Daily Deals Website like Groupon!

How to Create a Daily Deals Website like Groupon!


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In Today’s era, everyone at some point of time in their life must have used daily deals on the online website either for shopping, paying bills or booking hotels, etc. Currently, there are large no. of daily deals website like Groupon running and are growing day-by-day. No matter what kind of customer you are, daily deal website only mean one thing – awesome and attractive offers. Daily deal website like Groupon, Yipit, Rue La La, etc. will help reduce your shopping, booking and entertainment bills by at least 30% of your bill.

The number of daily deal website is increasing on a daily basis that one cannot help but wonder if it is really such an easy affair. Well, actually it is.



Why Create a Daily Deal Website Like Groupon?


If you are offering deals on your website then more customer will get attracted to your website consistently. Deals will not only keep your customers consistent and convert them but will also increase a trust towards your brand and website’s products.



website like groupon



Let’s take a real-world example when any physical store runs offer on their products at that time, the huge crowd gets attracted to that shop which increases sales of that store’s product. And when those customers go out and share their experience for the discount they got from the store with which more traffic rush to that store to grab the best deals before offers get over.



Features that a deals website like Groupon must have.



  • Provide a discount on the minimum purchase: Motivates customers to invest more money by offering the discount on a purchase of some specific amount.



website like groupon



  • New Customer offer: Offer some discount to new customers to make them feel special and easily convert them into a paid customer.


  • Referral Discounts:Provide customers some discount for referring your website to their friends, this will increase your sales also and promote your store as well.


  • Rewards point to customers:Reward your customers with some attractive deals time to time to build a strong bond with them.


website like groupon

  • Multilingual support: Must have support for multiple languages so that sellers/customer of any location could use your website for buying/selling products.


  • Log in via social media: Sellers/buyers could log in via social media sites like google+, LinkedIn, facebook or twitter.


  • Marketing techniques: The website like Groupon must have Newsletter/mail subscription so that any new deals or update related to any product could be easily communicated to customers.


  • Abandon cart functionality: Customers get reminder emails for the cart abandonment so that it will remind them to purchase the product and avail offers.


daily deal website like Groupon



  • Remarketing: Those customers who already have visited the site will be targeted with the attractive deals and offers for reminding them to come back and purchase the product which they were crawling. For Building your own Magento multi-vendor marketplace and to see what our clients have to say about us please visit: Magento 2 Extensions Marketplace.



How to build your own daily deal website like Groupon?


In a website like Groupon all listed features such as the abandon cart, functionality for providing deals and discount, rewards system, etc. are incorporated.

The three major action items for building a marketplace are:

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting
  • Design and Development

CedCommerce offers you the ready-made online deal website like Groupon, Rue La La, etc. which is well optimized for both the web and mobile platform. CedCommerce provides you the customized app with your own brand name. Why CedCommerce Online Deals and Discounts Marketplace for websites like Groupon? Simply because it is very cost-effective, easy to use and has plenty of extensions to enhance your marketplace features. Moreover, you don’t have to be a tech guy to build a website like Groupon.



Website Like Groupon



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