Prepare OnBuy stores for coming festivals
5 Practical Ways to Prepare your OnBuy Store this Festive Season

5 Practical Ways to Prepare your OnBuy Store this Festive Season


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Festivals and celebrations are the reason that brings positivity and bind people together around the world. 2019 and 2020 were very hard years, and everyone has suffered so much because of the pandemic. However harsh it has impacted us, now is the time that we should fill our lives with joy and positivity to celebrate the festivals with our family and friends staying home. While you are preparing to shop a lot, sellers out there are inculcating the best planning strategy for OnBuy events.

As a seller, you need to explore and adapt the trends for the coming times, as shopping becomes a way for people to celebrate and share gifts with their loved ones. In this article, we will share the best possible planning strategy for your OnBuy store.

Effective Planning Strategy for OnBuy events

You must be ready with your OnBuy store, and many of you must be working with different frameworks such as Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, WooCommerce, or Shopify. If your store is in sync with any of the above, CedCommerce facilitates you with the best possible services and aims for your business growth.

Let’s move forward with setting up the plan for events ahead. Festivals not only bring positivity, but they also bring numerous opportunities for the sellers. Efficient planning can give you more sales and more reasons to celebrate. But for this, you need to collect frequent updates i.e. dates and details of the coming events.

Having a planning strategy is mandatory as it lets you know what changes you need to make for your store and what you can offer to your customers. You can always drive customers from the frameworks you use for your store when you have an efficient planning strategy for OnBuy events.

What are the upcoming events?

  1. Halloween 2021
  2. Thanksgiving 2021
  3. BFCM 2021
  4. Christmas 2021

Halloween 2021

Every year Halloween is celebrated with high spirits. People plan themes, buy scary stuff and dress up like the devil. It will be celebrated on the 31st of this October. Halloween is celebrated with so much energy, and after the pandemic, we need some. Around 62% of people planned to hand out candy, spending up to $11 more on the sweet stuff, along with decorations, in 2020. The most expensive part of Halloween tends to be costumes. 46% plan to dress up this year.

Planning Ideas for you

You can optimize your store with costumes, candles, and other stuff related to the theme for Halloween. Selling products that are related to the theme is a good choice. If you’re selling on OnBuy or planning to start a store on OnBuy, the time is definitely in your favor. Below is the list of products you can add to your store in demand during Halloween times.

Halloween 2021

Candies with the slogan trick or treat are one of the most selling products. Theme Costume is another thing that is most looked for. Decoration items, as per the Halloween theme, are one of the most sold products. Halloween-specific jewelry is another item that can be added to your selling list. Children also love themed games and toys.

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Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving is majorly celebrated to thank the almighty for the harvest and other blessings of the past year. This year it will be celebrated on 25th Nov. This time, we are thankful to God for everything and for protecting us in these challenging times.

How to plan?

Thanksgiving is directly related to the harvest. Kitchen-related products are more likely to sell on Thanksgiving. Below is the list of products that can be added to your products list.

Thanksgiving 2021

Wine bottles are more likely to sell on Thanksgiving. Baking sheets, food storage containers are some of the major selling products. Electric wine openers sell in significant numbers on the day. Staying home, people will love to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and for that, streaming devices are more likely to sell.

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BFCM 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are considered significant eCommerce festivals across the globe. Sellers usually receive a hike during these times. This year BFCM is falling on (26th-29th Nov). You need to be prepared with the products you can sell on D-Day.

Let’s plan the next.

Being one of the significant eCommerce festivals, BFCM is more likely to attract tech product buyers. Sharing the list below for your reference.

BFCM 2021

Air pods are one of the most sold items. Play stations, Nintendo Switch, are also the highest selling items. Gadgets like Fire TV, laptops too are in demand. Fashion and jewelry brands experience increased revenue at this time.

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Christmas 2021

To celebrate the birth of the almighty, Christmas is celebrated across the globe on 25th Dec every year. Christmas is considered one of the joyous festivals in all of them. This festival can bring more joy to you when you are ready with the best planning strategy for OnBuy events.

Let’s do Planning

Christmas is one of the most joyous festivals. Families celebrate this festival with immense happiness. People love to buy gifts for their friends and families. Below is the list of top-selling products.

Christmas 2021

The Christmas Tree is one of the most selling items for D-Day. Flowers are more likely to be sold on OnBuy. Seed Tins are very popular at times of Christmas. Space Heaters, Fire Pits, and heated blankets are also sold fast on Christmas.

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Opportunities are yours!

The New Year 2022 awaits after the festivals of 2021 are over. Even if you miss any of the above, you have new opportunities with New Year. So stay tuned for more exciting planning and marketing strategies for OnBuy events.

Plan effectively, category-wise, and do add the products that are already in demand. Enhance your store’s growth with coming festivals. Although if you need any help feel free to contact our team of eCommerce experts at CedCommerce. As OnBuy’s channel integration partners, we aim to resolve all the obstacles from your selling process. All the very best for events ahead!

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