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Drive Discovery With OnBuy This Thanksgiving

Drive Discovery With OnBuy This Thanksgiving


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There isn’t an inch of doubt that OnBuy Marketplace is turning out to be 1st choice for not only European but also global sellers.

This seller-friendly marketplace is currently experiencing one of its ‘all-time highs’ in terms of sales and this trend is sure to continue in the coming Thanksgiving sales season 2020.

Performing outstandingly, OnBuy has successfully made itself a proficient competitor of eCommerce tycoons such as eBay and Walmart in no time. The growth figures from the past 4 years look quite impressive with no signs of slowing down.

The holiday sales season has kickstarted. We are on the edge of witnessing one of the grandest sales of the season and looking at OnBuy’s past track record, it’s going to be HUGE.

Look what the CEO of OnBuy, Mr. CAS PATON has to say regarding

A Message from OnBuy this Thanksgiving Sales 2020

“OnBuy was established in 2016 with one clear mission – to level the playing field for eCommerce sellers by using fairer fees, a transparent approach, and never, ever holding our stock to compete against those businesses we welcome on our platform.”

CAS PATON the CEO of OnBuy says that- “I created OnBuy because I recognized that sellers needed a route to market that put them first. There was a recognizable appetite among eCommerce businesses of every shape and size for a more transparent approach – one we’ve refined over the years through our official PayPal partnership, our strategic expansion into over 140 countries by 2023, starting with 40 sites before year-end 2020, and a huge marketing drive that puts our sellers’ products in front of millions of buyers’ eyes around the world”.

As a seller, you must be wondering – if you can benefit from these upcoming Thanksgiving sales by selling on OnBuy?

The answer is YES, YOU CAN!!

Just simply register yourself as a seller and start selling on OnBuy hassle-free. You can easily set up your store in no time using marketplace integration solutions by CedCommerce which will provide you an automated and centralized platform to manage all the sales-based activities during the most competitive and demanding times of the year.

Mr. Paton also shared a wonderful note and recognized how the partnership between OnBuy and CedCommerce has proved to be an ace for sellers in simplifying their way of selling online.

“Through our partnership with CedCommerce, we’re able to make the seller journey with OnBuy even easier – through inventory synchronization, bulk product upload, API configuration, order management, and more. Integrations like these are a perfect match for OnBuy’s philosophy of fair-yet-fast-moving business, allowing you to focus on growth and opportunity across our platform using industry-defining integrations.”

You’ve got the platform and you’ve got the tools.

There’s one more aspect that we are yet to cover and that’s – tips to increase sales on OnBuy Thanksgiving sales 2020.

Well, we’ve got that covered as well for you.

5 Amazing Tips To Increase Your Sales On OnBuy this Thanksgiving 2020

The quarter has already gone, now your heads must already have been thinking about how to get the most amazing output from this Thanksgiving 2020. Hold on, here we are with some great tips you can follow this Thanksgiving 2020.

Work on your website and get it ready for the customers

Want to have season sales kick-off? Make your websites ready for that. An optimized site is your ticket to gain maximum conversions

OnBuy Thanksgiving preparation

Source: website builder expert

Now, what can you do?

  • Optimize your site so that it can handle orders in bulk.
  • Make sure it loads in 5 seconds because if it takes much time, then the customer will jump off, creating hassles for your store.
  • Don’t forget mobile-friendly optimization.
  • Make your site catchy and creative for better customer engagement.

Use the power of Social Media.

In the current scenario, build a market strategy by having social media in your head. Social media can work in your favor. In these digital times, everyone is using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, etc.

Try creating pages on various social media handles for promotions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the proven strategies for Thanksgiving.

Isn’t it amazing?

How can you make the most of your email campaign?

  • Personalize your email for better engagement. 
  • To get extra attention, Create an enticing subject line. 
  • Try to be more innovative and less formal. 
  • Create some holiday-themed contests like quiz etc. 
  • Schedule your email, be punctual in sending emails as it will let you be in customers’ eyes.

Inventory Re-organisation & Set-Up

After Covid-19, it is a great opportunity for sellers like you to do something better for your customers.

  • Inventory Management is very important before the festivals begin.
  • Examine old data, sales records to understand the sales pattern
  • Keep an eye on the latest trends to understand what is coming, and what better you can offer.
  • Avoid “Out of stock” as it spoils the mood of the customer, and it increases the chances for the customer to leave your site.

Offer Gifts and Cross-sales

Make some products exclusively for Thanksgiving 2020, as this will enhance your brand recognition. In festive seasons, most of the time, cross-selling turns out to be effective. Similar products lead to increased customer engagement in a positive way. Small surprises like Thanksgiving Giftwraps for your valuable customers is never a bad idea. Most people appreciate gifts more than discounts.

Some of the major benefits of doing so include:

  • Raise and Build Brand Awareness
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Generate More Leads
  • Save Money
  • Improve Brand Reputation and Perception
  • Build and Nurture Relationships

Give your customers a chance to love your site and get engaged with it this festive season.

As a seller, you must realize that your decision to sell on OnBuy is not only beneficial for the holiday season furthermore will yield the benefits of a lifetime.

This festival season selling on OnBuy can turn the tables for you, as OnBuy has record-breaking growth and is increasing substantially. And CedCommerce as the official channel integration partner of OnBuy is always ready to assist you in your selling process.

OnBuy Marketplace is Growing Worldwide:

OnBuy has officially declared that October 2020 is their biggest, most record-breaking month. Let’s have a glimpse of what OnBuy achieved this October.

OnBuy sales record

  • 700% more growth as compared to 2019
  • The highest number of sales 800% more increase in monthly orders
  • The highest number of sellers sign up in a month.
  • Their ITV campaign is being broadcast to over 44 million people.

Isn’t this amazing?

OnBuy has reached millions and is breaking records in just four years. The UK is considered one of the most challenging eCommerce markets in the world, and OnBuy emerged exponentially.
And that’s not it.

OnBuy is eyeing the global competition.

“In this phase, we are all aware of the news of the expansion of OnBuy in 140 countries and are excited.OnBuy is expanding. With this, it comes to a lot of opportunities to improvise and to grow substantially.CedCommerce is now an official channel integration partner of OnBuy and is always ready to assist sellers in the selling process and set up your store with ease. We have all the possible frameworks you need for your store.”
 – Mr. Cas Paton

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