How to Configure Sales Taxes at

If you want Walmart to collect sales taxes on your behalf certain settings are to be adjusted at Seller Center level. As the Walmart uses tax engine which calculates tax on your behalf whenever an item is sold. Also, the sales engine takes into account any sales tax changes.


Thus, if you want to benefit from this feature and save yourself from some head scratching conditions (they certainly can be, since each state has its own codes and to make matters more complicated, even the counties can have their sales tax code), then you need to follow some points:


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How to Configure Sales Taxes at


  • Complete Nexus Setup in Seller Center.
  • Set up your Shipping Sales Tax Codes to account for taxes for shipping and gift wrap. For more information on Shipping Sales Tax Codes, see Shipping Sales Tax Codes.
  • Provide your Sales Tax Policy.** Note: For more information on these three steps, see Configuring Sales Tax Collection . **
  • Provide relevant sales tax codes for every item to account for the sales taxes on individual items in your item feeds.



Information Source: Walmart Knowledgebase


We also, advise you to consult a person having in-depth information about the Sales Tax of your area and also take their help while assigning tax codes to items.


For more information, you may refer to the video prepared by




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