switch your Magento 1.x store to Cloudways
Why switch your Magento 1.x store to Cloudways?

Why switch your Magento 1.x store to Cloudways?


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When Magento announced they would no longer be releasing updates or security patches to Magento 1.x, it caused a lot of discussion as the official date for Magento 1 End-of-Life (June 2020) comes near.

It’s really important to clear the myth that Magento 1 EOL means your store will disappear or your customers will no longer be able to shop or visit your online store.

That’s not the case at all!

The real challenge is security for Magento 1.x. If you plan to continue transacting and grow your business, Magento 1 will no longer be a reliable option after End-of-Life. Since Magento1 EOL is just around the corner, it is important that Magento1.x store owners should explore better options ASAP.

In this blog, I will explain how you can migrate your Magento 1.x store to a secure environment that offers performance and protection from attacks.

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Why Does the Magento 1 EOL Really Matter?

If you haven’t yet planned anything in this regard, I must say, there are some big reasons.

No More Security Patches for M1 Stores

Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day. Ecommerce stores are an important target of DDoS, SQL injection attack, brute force, and other attacks.

Magento is a secure platform and security patches are released when Magento developers discover a vulnerability in the system. But after the Magento 1 EOL, they will no longer release security patches. This also means that the supporting architecture for Magento 1 extensions will no longer have the extra security layer that could help once a vulnerability is found. Merchants who decided to remain on Magento 1 after the EOL should be prepared for the unwanted attention of cybercriminals.

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Lack of Support

Magento 1 developers who used to support M1 core architecture and other technicalities have moved on to Magento 2. Similarly, the majority of Magento certified partners have shifted their focus to Magento 2 projects. Hence, it will become difficult to find support for legacy Magento 1.x versions.

Miss out on Interesting Ecommerce Trends

It’s clear that the Magento 1 store owners will not receive the latest updates. Hence, it won’t be easy for them to adopt all the innovative solutions and deliver a better shopping experience to the customers.

Loss of PCI Compliance

With the M1 EOL on the horizon, the most important outcome for Magento 1 store owners would be the loss of PCI compliance. This would essentially mean an end of user trust as it would become very challenging for the store owners to offer secure payment options.

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Why Choose Cloudways to Secure your M1 Stores?

Whether you move to Magento 2 or switch to a new eCommerce platform provider, you will be undergoing a critical transition that includes data migration and moving themes and extensions. Personally, I would never recommend you to opt for migration without a detailed mitigation plan and Magento architecture mapping.

Let’s deep-dive into why you need to switch your Magento 1.x store to Cloudways. At the moment, Cloudways is offering a great set of M1 EOL focused services. If you aren’t ready to migrate your store from M1 to M2, don’t worry – you can extend your M1 store’s security with Cloudways.

How? Here’s your answer!

Secure Environment

Cloudways is taking the security for Magento 1 stores very seriously. They offer multiple security layers to remove uncertainty for the M1 stores.

Dedicated Firewalls: Cloudways ensures an OS-level firewall for all the Magento servers that are hosted on the Cloudways Platform. This ensures that your M1 store stays protected from malicious traffic and you keep on delivering a great shopping experience to your customers.

Free SSL Certificates: Cloudways provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. This adds an extra layer of security to your Magento 1 application. The stores without the SSL/HTTPS are already marked suspicious by Google and this has a huge impact on the store and brand’s reputation.

IP Whitelisting: Cloudways allows you to create a whitelist of IPs, making it easy to collaborate with networks or regions with unrestricted SSH and SFTP access to whitelisted IP subnets.

You can also specify IP or IP subnets from which your developer can set up a remote connection to the store’s database.

Regular Security Patching: Cloudways performs regular OS patches on your Magento 1 server to ensure a secure managed cloud server at all times.

Two-Factor Authentication: To enhance security, all Cloudways accounts have TFA enabled by default. This ensures that only authorized users have login access to Cloudways accounts.

Trusted Partners: Cloudways has partnered with Sucuri to provide additional security protection for Magento 1 stores. Similarly, they have partnered with trusted Magento agencies to build on-demand patches for M1 stores.

Server Scalability

If your Magento store faces an unanticipated and consistent spike in traffic and needs to enhance the server resources, Cloudways got you covered with an easy way of scaling your M1 servers to keep pace with your growing business. Use the “Vertical Scaling” option to increase your server resources in a few clicks.

Cloudways Hosting Stack

Cloudways has a robust hosting stack that makes Magento websites faster without much effort. The stack comprises of following components:

  • Varnish Cache
  • Apache
  • Redis
  • MariaDB
  • Memcached

These server and cache technologies combine together to ensure blazing fast load times that customers expect from a top of line Magento stores. Cloudways also offers Full-Page Cache for Magento 1 stores, so that you don’t need to purchase or configure the FPC Cache extension.

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24/7/365 Expert Support

Cloudways offers three levels of support so that you can stay focused on your business growth. Standard Support is free and includes 24/7/365 access to Live Chat to get assistance in case you run into any operational issue.

If you want to get deeper or need direct phone support, you can look for the Advanced and Premium Support add-on.

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Free Migration

Considering the current situation of Magento 1 End-of-Life, Cloudways is offering FIVE FREE Magento 1 migrations from any hosting platform. The Cloudways will take care of the entire migration process so that your store is transferred to its new home without any problems. Send your request now or visit the website for more information.

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Final Words

I hope, after reading this, you have found a way to extend the security of your Magento 1 store with Cloudways. I personally recommend it as a perfect workaround to secure your Magento 1 before End-of-Life.

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