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How to get API Keys from Walmart Marketplace?

How to get API Keys from Walmart Marketplace?


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One of the essential things needed to integrate your online store with Walmart successfully is Walmart marketplace API Keys. You need to find the API keys or API credentials from Walmart Developer Portal to manage your product listings on Walmart.

Walmart marketplace Integration, i.e., Walmart Integration, helps sellers manage their items, orders, prices, promotions, inventory, and reports on And the Walmart API keys are essential to managing all these aspects mentioned above.

What are API Keys for the Walmart marketplace?

Following are the API keys for the Walmart marketplace:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

How to get Walmart API keys?

To get Walmart API keys, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit Walmart Developer Portal ( and click on My Account. Then Select Login Type – Marketplace.

Using the same login details, login to Walmart Developer Portal.

Then click on “Add New Key For A Solution Provider.”API keys- image

Step 2: Select the Solution Provider “CedCommerce” for the New Delegated Access Key. Then click on the “Next” button.API keys- image

Step 3: Give Full Access to all the fields. Select View only in those fields where there is no full access option and then click Submit.API keys- image

Step 4: Copy API keys, i.e., Client ID and Client Secret, and paste wherever required.

How to get Walmart Seller Account?

There are two methods to get your Walmart Seller Account. You can do it on your own or take the help of a third-party solutions provider, like CedCommerce.Walmart Integration

The process to get approved as a Walmart Seller is a lengthy one and a bit difficult too, as Walmart is an Invitation-based marketplace, but the third-party solutions providers make the whole process effortless.

Whichever method you choose, you will have to go through the following steps to get your Walmart Seller account and start selling on the Walmart marketplace:

  1. Apply to be a Walmart marketplace seller. Once approved, you will get an email with a link to further steps of configuration.
  2. Complete the Registration.
  3. Complete your Partner Profile.
  4. Set up items and Upload Inventory.
  5. Launch your Account as a Walmart Seller.

Benefits of using CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration App

The Walmart Integration App from CedCommerce has multidimensional benefits. Some of the essential benefits that you get after installing the integration app are as follows:

  1. The app helps in the easy item set up and their bulk uploads. Hence, you don’t need to upload items one by one. Select many items and upload them in one go.
  2. The app synchronizes products and their details from your online store with Walmart in real-time. Therefore, whatever changes you make on your store, they get reflected on Walmart, and the orders received from Walmart also get synced with your store in real-time.
  3. With the app, you can accept partial orders. So, accept those orders too, wherein you have some products out of stock.
  4. With the app’s repricing feature, you can increase your chances of winning the Walmart Buy Box. The app changes product prices as per the Walmart Buy Box price if the revised product price lies between your price range.
  5. Set the Shipping methods(Next-Day Delivery/ 2-Day Delivery/ 3-Day Free Delivery) for your Walmart products with the app.
  6. The app helps you to optimize the product listings according to the updated guidelines of Walmart.
  7. With the app, you can easily add products and remove those you don’t want to sell on Walmart.

To Sum Up

The API keys are essential to integrate your Seller Account on Walmart. With the API keys, you can look after your items, orders, prices, etc., on Walmart quickly. Just visit Walmart Developer Portal and follow the steps mentioned above to generate Walmart API keys quickly.

But you need to have personnel who understand API and the related terminology. However, if you don’t want to get yourself indulged in the process of generating APIs and want to sell on the Walmart marketplace smoothly with the help of a 3rd party integration, reach out to CedCommerce. Cedcommerce, being a proud partner of Walmart, will help you get API keys from the Walmart marketplace and streamlining your selling experience on Walmart.

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