Walmart Sellers won't Miss Sales Opportunity as they can Accept Partial Orders
Walmart Sellers won’t Miss Sales Opportunity as they can Accept Partial Orders

Walmart Sellers won’t Miss Sales Opportunity as they can Accept Partial Orders


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A piece of good news for Walmart sellers! Fulfilling partial orders is now possible with the Walmart Integration app. Until now, if a customer placed an order with more than one product; and the seller had only one of those SKUs available, the complete order got cancelled. This means, if either of the items that constituted the order was out-of-stock, the complete order got cancelled. This cancellation of complete orders resulted in significant monetary loss for Walmart sellers.

Now, the sellers won’t miss sales opportunities due to the cancellation of those complete orders containing a few out-of-stock items. With the feature of partial orders fulfilment, you can ship the in-stock products and overcome the cancellation of the complete orders, i.e, now you can fulfil partial orders with the use of the Walmart Integration app and sell what you have.

Why Partial Orders fulfilment is crucial on Walmart?

A customer won’t know the actual reason for order cancellation. When he places an order, he is simply hopeful about the delivery of his order on the expected date. If you happen to lose a selling opportunity due to the cancellation of a complete order in spite of having a few products in stock, then it’s a big deal. This cancellation of complete orders adversely affects the shopping experience of the customers. And because of this, your sales also decline. So it becomes of utmost importance to sell the partial order to avoid the cancellation of the complete orders because of a few out of -stock products.

The Concept of Partial Orders

Two possible scenarios are possible when a customer places an order on Walmart:

When a customer places an order for two Line Items (i.e., an order is placed by a customer for two different products). Now, if the seller doesn’t have either of the products in stock, the order will be created for one product that is in stock and will be cancelled for the other.

For Example: Suppose a customer places an order for a shirt and a trouser. Now, if the seller has only trousers in his stock and the shirt is out of stock, then the order placed by the customer will be created for the in-stock product(trouser) and will be canceled for the out-of-stock product(shirt).

When a customer places an order for one Line Item (i.e., when a customer places an order and the seller doesn’t have sufficient stock to fulfill that order, then the order will be auto-canceled).

For Example: Suppose a customer places an order for four quantities of a product and the seller has only three quantities of that product in his store. In this case, the whole order placed by the customer will be canceled automatically.Walmart Integration

How to accept partial orders using the Walmart Integration App?

To enable accepting partial orders in the Walmart Integration App, follow the steps given below:

  1. Log in to Walmart Integration App.
  2. On the Home section of the dashboard, click the Settings button.
  3. Click Order Configuration.
  4. Now, choose Yes to enable Partial Orders and click the Save button.partial orders

Availability of Walmart Integration App

The extension is available for a majority of frameworks and you can easily download them from their official stores. Available extensions at the respective framework app stores are – Shopify, Bigcommerce, 3dCart, and other framework extensions that can be accessed from the CedCommerce website. This is an excellent feature of the Walmart Integration app to ensure sellers sell on Walmart in full swing.

Free 2-Day Shipping – A Big Reason to Sell on Walmart

Being Amazon’s biggest competitor, Walmart leaves no stone unturned to improve customer experience. Having said that, Walmart offers Free 2-Day Shipping. This helps sellers to guarantee super-fast product delivery.

Suppose customers want to buy at the last moment or desire 2-Day Shipping, then sellers who opt for 2-Day shipping will appear in the top result. This boosts the rate of sales.

2-Day Shipping tag is beneficial in helping customers understand whether their product will reach them in the next 2 days.

Currently, a minority of Walmart sellers are leveraging the 2-Day Shipping service. This means by opting for the same, you can attract millions of visitors on Walmart.

More Benefits to Sell on Walmart

In contrast to other leading marketplaces, the following features make Walmart stand out and help sellers sell on Walmart without hassles and ensure a great customer experience.

  1. The user-friendly layout of the website is eye-pleasing and easy to navigate.
  2. If a customer orders an item over $35, its delivery is free.
  3. The payment process at Walmart is very effortless. When customers go through quick page checkout and can pay through their preferred mode of payment, customer experience and sales increase significantly.
  4. Customers find the option of BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In-Store) very meaningful, as it helps in saving extra money.
  5. Walmart is truly incredible when it comes to affiliate marketing. It widens the seller’s opportunity by enabling product listing on other websites.

The Walmart integration enables you to materialize these benefits that can turn a newbie Walmart seller into a brand.

To Sum Up

With the partial order’s creation, you get the benefit of fulfilling orders constituting a few out of stock products. The order gets created for in-stock products and cancelled for the out of stock items when settings are turned on in the Walmart integration app. Also, this feature helps to cancel orders when you cannot fulfil orders due to low inventory levels in your store. So what are you waiting for? Make the most out of this feature of the Walmart Integration. For any further help, get in touch with CedCommerce, Walmart’s official channel integration partner and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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