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The Magic Bullets: How to Write Product Features That Sell

The Magic Bullets: How to Write Product Features That Sell


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Have you ever wondered why some of your product listings are on upper verticals and others on the lower ones? Undoubtedly images attract users but product features add value to the product. The key feature of any product is its USP (Unique Selling Point) due to which it has gathered the attention of 3 million customers. Everybody reads the product features stated in the form of bullet points on Amazon.

Bullet points highlight the important information, keeps the data organized, and provides the readers with an effective read. Bullet points in Amazon play a major key role as it highlights the features and benefits of the product. As a result, communication and readability become a lot easier with the bulleted list.

As an active seller, how much attention would you pay to create productive and persuasive bullet points to enhance the beauty of the product? Not much right!
Do you wish to go on an interesting yet insightful tour on the importance and how to optimize the bullet points that attract instant leads?

Let’s get inspired!

The Magical Amazon Bullet Points:

One of the most vital elements of product listings is the product features which are presented in the form of bullet points. These are the short descriptions of texts generally found beside the product images. The bullet points on Amazon highlights as well as sell the features and benefits which will enhance the customer experiences.

Amazon suggests a standardized format of using up to five bullet points and not more than that. For mobile users, the product descriptions are displayed much lower on the product page. Sadly, as sellers, you don’t have the privilege to optimize the mobile view independently. Instead, you can fully optimize your desktop view and include persuasive features in the bullet points to get more loyal and happy customers.

If as an active top-rated seller you are not including the bullet points, you tend to lose opportunities that could turn your prospects into delightful customers. On average, every website gets 15 seconds to captivate the attention of the visitors. If you are unable to provide the information they need, the conversion seems doubtful. Inculcate the product features in bullet points and optimize them in such a clever manner that you get the visitors instantly and your product lands in the cart.

Why Incorporate Bullet Points?

The bullet points and their importance in the product listings are often ignored. Therefore, sellers need to contemplate and involve the usage of bullet points in their strategies.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits of inserting the bullet points as product features.

  • Impactful Selling:

    The product features stated in bullet points create a long-lasting impact. Stating the features along with their benefits will not only attract the customers but also resolve their needs. The bullet points help you highlight the USP of the product which is the most impactful common point where you meet the customers.

  • Indexing:

    This is the process that search engines use to crawl and rank the content pieces. Keywords play a major role in indexing. Include the top-ranked keywords in the bullet points and help your listings rank and indexed.

  • Enhances Visibility:

    When the content gets indexed on Google or other search engines, it enhances visibility and outreach. In short, that is the main reason why every element on the internet gets optimized.

The above-mentioned points help in realizing the importance of optimized product features and their bullet points.

“Content doesn’t win. Optimized content wins.”- Liana Evans

Structuring of Bullet Points:

The first captivating thing is the product image, the next thing that users scan is the bullet points. As a result, the formation and arrangement of persuasive bullet points become very necessary.

Let’s have a look at some of the pointers on the structuring of product features:

  • Analyze and sell the USP of the product
  • Step into the customer’s shoes, frame questions that can be frequently asked, and answer them relating it with the feature or benefit
  • State the benefits and make the customers feel benefited
  • Utilize a good amount of convincing words or phrases that create a visual presentation in the customer’s mind

Structure the Product Features

Inclusion of The Bullet Points:

Now that we have understood how to structure the bullet points, now comes how to add them. Let’s go through the points step by step on how to add the bullet points:

  1. Log in to your Seller Central Account or if you are new make one
  2. Navigate to the product listing tab and select the ‘edit’ option
  3. Position the cursor to the ‘description’ tab. You will find the ‘product feature’ domain along with the product description tab
  4. To add, enter the bullet points in the ‘key product features’ tab

Quick Overview of Amazon Product Description:

The product features in bullet points are a part of the product descriptions on Amazon. The product description is the short summary of the information provided in the bullet points. The description should utilize creative words and create compelling paragraphs that prompt the buyer to add the product to the cart.

This segment of product listing is your last chance to get into the buyer’s head and induce sales. This is your opportunity to speak and engage with the customer directly. Frame your description in a relatable manner and most importantly, state one winning benefit which can hit the customer’s mind and generate sales.

Must-Have Requirements:

Here is a list of a few requirements for the Amazon product description that should be precisely kept in mind. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Amazon provides you with the maximum limit of 2000 characters and not more than that
  • Frame and mold your product description in a conclusive yet persuasive manner
  • Use top-ranked keywords to ensure visibility
  • Include satisfactory phrases and information about money-back guarantees but don’t falsely commit
  • You cannot provide information about warranties, promotions, or achievements to attract customers
  • Avoid including merchant or manufacturer contact details and other shipping information

Product Features-Mandatory Guidelines:

Like all the elements of the product listing are optimized, similarly, there are some guidelines for optimizing the product feature section too. Let’s have a look at the guidelines.

Character Requirements:

As an Amazon top-rated seller or a newbie, there are a few requirements related to the character and word limit. Let’s check the pointers:

  • There are a maximum of 5 bullet points which you can fill with benefits/features
  • The character limit of all the bullet points in total should be 200-250 characters including spaces

The studies have shown that if the total of bullet points exceeds 1000 characters or bytes, the content faces difficulty in indexing. So, Amazon recommends staying within the suggested limits to get indexed and hence, win the top searches.

Note: The character limit varies from product to product so before jumping onto the conclusion please go through the Amazon official docs as per your product categories.

Format It:

Even a simple sentence needs some formatting tools and techniques to make it look fancy. Therefore, here on Amazon, we are not going to make the bullet points fancy but informative and relatable. Let’s have a look at some of the key pointers to be kept in mind for compelling bullet points:

  • Capitalize the first letter of each bullet point
  • Write the bullet points in segments and do not include punctuations at the end
  • Highlight the key benefits and select the top five and include them in your bullets
  • Separate phrases with comma or semicolons
  • Spell out the measurements and not abbreviations
  • Include the words instead of the numbers (For example: write ‘five’ instead of ‘5’)

Design and format product features

Say A Big No to the following pointers:

  • Avoid the usage of special characters, hyphens, or symbols
  • Don’t write false or misleading statements; be specific about your product features
  • Do not use synonyms in the features as it might confuse or disinterest the consumers
  • You cannot provide information related to the company, its shipping prices, offers, or discounts
  • Keyword duplicity is something that bores the customer
  • Keep a check on your grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors
  • Avoid including competitor’s brand names and other related information
  • Don’t include unnecessarily long-form content just to fulfill the character length

Amazon Product Features- Let’s Optimize

We all are aware of the importance of optimizing as we have seen drastic upliftment and growth of businesses due to the optimization techniques.

Every seller and his/her products have their own way of enhancing the quality by presenting creative features. There are some standardized optimization tips and practices which can revamp your marketing and advertising strategies. This totally depends on the seller whether he/she wants to inculcate the optimization techniques or not. Let’s look at some secret tips and best practices:

  • Make the keywords Shine:

    Selecting and placing the right keywords plays a major role, as it is the keywords that make your content rank. Include top-ranked keywords in your bullet points in such a way that they bring out the essence of the product.

  • Avoid Duplicacy:

    Just because you wish to rank for a specific keyword this does not mean that you deliberately stuff keywords. Avoid including keywords in every bullet point. Keyword stuffing makes your listings look dull and detaches the users.

  • Skimmable Content:

    Preferably, the product features are listed in bullet points as anything in list format is easy to read and understand. Therefore, keep the content simple and to the point. Don’t unnecessarily stuff it to fulfill the character requirements. Include the most important benefits and features that capture attention in just a few seconds.

  • Benefit-Rich:

    Fill your bullet points with more benefits and minimal features as most of them are visible through product images. The user feels most attracted towards the products that talk about their benefit and not the product itself.

  • Address The Pain Points:

    You need to understand and address why the users land on your product page. Structure the content of the bullet points in such a manner that it resolves the customer’s pain points and fulfills their needs.

  • Be Honest:

    The most common blunder that everybody does is making false commitments just to make the product more attractive. Always be honest, tell the actual features and benefits of the product, and never mislead the users.

  • Keep Them Updated:

    Always improvise your products listings and when you do that remember to keep your users updated. List the changes made to the product or its services in the form of bullet points.

  • Provide Discounts:

    It is a general notion that people tend to buy more in a sale or when offered multiple discounts. This will result in bulk purchases and increased sales and visibility for you. The Amazon Seller Central Promotions manager creates discount coupons and you should include this practice to drive sales.

Final Word:

The inclusion of the bullet points has made the Amazon product listings a lot easier and feasible. The product features become scannable and creates a long-lasting first impression. Owing to the character length restrictions, it is recommended to create the product features keeping in mind the customer’s pain points and demands. Try connecting with customers by framing and answering the FAQs as one of your product features.

“Sell the benefit, not your company or the product. People buy results not features.”- Jay Abraham

Tell us how optimization has helped you and what secret tips you would like to give to beginners. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy Reading Folks!

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