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How to sell on Walmart with BigCommerce?

How to sell on Walmart with BigCommerce?


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“How to sell on Walmart with BigCommerce?” Is this question extending your sleepless nights?
Do not worry as The Walmart BigCommerce Integration provides the complete integration solution to the BigCommerce store owners.

The Walmart Marketplace Integration app by CedCommerce synchronizes the BigCommerce Store with Walmart.

With the help of APIs provided by Walmart, the app creates a channel facilitating the synchronization of product inventory and orders, updating product information, and helps the BigCommerce store owner to manage the products from the store itself.

Awarded Rising Star 2017 & Great User Experience 2017 Award

Walmart BigCommerce Integration app

The leading SaaS-based product lister website, finance online awarded CedCommerce’s Walmart BigCommerce Marketplace Integration app the Rising Start 2017 and Great User Experience 2017 award. The app earned 97% user satisfaction and was rated 8/10 by the Finance Online review team.

Key Features:


Bulk Upload System:

Merchants have the flexibility to upload any number of products on Walmart using the bulk product upload feature.

Automated Shipment Process:

Merchants can automate the shipment process with Shipstation and Ship work if installed, else, the merchant can ship the product manually as usual.

Order Acknowledgement:

Merchants receive an acknowledgment of Orders automatically as soon as orders are created.

Complete Synchronization:

Establishes an auto-synchronization of the product listing, order, inventory, return and refund, and pricing at regular intervals between BigCommerce and Walmart.

BigCommerce Orders Creation:

The app automatically creates the new Walmart orders in the BigCommerce store with all the required details as it is on Walmart.

Product Category Mapping:

Follows many-to-one category mapping philosophy. Admin can map many categories of the BigCommerce store to the single category of Walmart.

Error Notification:

For all the failed product upload, corresponding errors appear. It enables the store owner to view the errors and rectify them to re-upload the products immediately.

Easy Return and Refund Process:

The store owner can easily fetch the returns generated on Walmart and list it to the BigCommerce app store.

How to sell on Walmart with BigCommerce?

Irrespective of the framework you use for selling online, firstly, you need approval from the Walmart marketplace, as it selects quality sellers that can impart a great customer experience to their customer base. If you’re still not selling on Walmart, you can apply here, and being the Walmart Integration Partner we will help you in all the letter-and-spirit.

Once you’re approved you get Walmart API keys, which includes:

  1. Customer Id
  2. Secret Key
  3. Consumer Channel Id

Now, Visit the APPS section of your BigCommerce Store and type Walmart Marketplace Integration, then proceed with the installation.


For installing the Walmart BigCommerce Integration app, visit Walmart marketplace Integration & click the GET option (The app will ask permission for approving the data access of their BigCommerce stores using API).

After that, click the INSTALL APP option (If access to different API levels is granted, the process of seamless integration of your BigCommerce store with Walmart begins).

After the app is installed, then begins the configuration process.

Walmart Marketplace Integration Configuration Process:

Once you successfully install the Walmart BigCommerce Integration App in the BigCommerce store and the API credentials are received from the Walmart Seller Account, the admin has to follow the registration process and set up the configuration settings to establish the connection between the Bigcommerce store and Walmart.

To follow the registration process and set up the configuration settings:

  • Go to the BigCommerce store admin panel.
  • In the left navigation panel, click the My Apps link.
  • The page appears as shown in the following figure:
  • In the right panel, click the Launch button.BigCommerce Apps

Step 1: A Registration page will appear as shown in the following figure:

On the registration page, you need to input all the basic information related to your business processes such as Name, Your Company’s Legal  Name, Store Name, and, other relevant information.

Step 2: Enter Walmart API page appears as shown in the following figure:

The second option requires you to enter the API keys obtained from Walmart in the given boxes.

How to sell on Walmart with BigCommerce

Paste the private keys copied from the Walmart Seller Account in the Walmart Secret Key box, valid Skype Id in the Skype Id box.

How to obtain Walmart API keys?

In order to obtain Walmart Consumer Id and API Secret Key the merchant needs to login to his Walmart Seller Panel. Click on the Settings Icon > API option.

sell on Walmart

Copy the “Consumer ID” and click on the “Regenerate Key” button to regenerate the secret key from your Walmart seller panel.

BigCommerce Apps

When you click on the “Regenerate Key” button then, a popup appears. Click “Yes, Regenerate Key” button, a new Secret Key is generated.

How to connect BigCommerce with Walmart

After that copy “Consumer ID” and “Secret Key” one by one, then paste these in the respective fields of the Walmart BigCommerce Integration app’s configuration settings. Now that the BigCommerce store is integrated with Walmart, importing products on Walmart from Bigcommerce Store is the third step.

Walmart BigCommerce Integration App

Click the Next button.

Thereafter, you need to map your products at the BigCommerce store with relevant Walmart categories and then map the properties of these products with those provided by Walmart.


Product Category Mapping: Besides one-to-one, it also follows the many-to-one category mapping philosophy. Merchants can map multiple categories of the BigCommerce store to the single category of Walmart.

For a detailed explanation refer to the user manual


Integrating your brand with Walmart must be high on your priority list, given, you have got a great product and proven track record of great customer satisfaction and a visible brand in 2019. Walmart will be continuously expanding its e-commerce marketplace based in 2019.

How to sell on Walmart

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