Sell more with Instagram Checkout
Scale up your business with the Instagram checkout!

Scale up your business with the Instagram checkout!


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So, you have sponsored ads of your products running on Instagram? How about enabling your customers to purchase the product without leaving the app?

In other words…

How would it be to sell on Instagram?

Yeah! You heard it right the all-new Instagram Checkout now enables merchants to sell their products right from the Instagram app itself.


As of writing this article, the Instagram Checkout functionality is currently in closed beta for businesses and people in the U.S. More than 20 brands have access to this feature including Adidas, Burberry, Prada, Kylie, Dior, H&M, Huda Beauty, and more.


Addressing major challenges faced by brands, Instagram has now reduced the friction of making a purchase. Thus, shoppers no longer need to redirect to an external site and carry out the long tedious checkout process.


Having said that, you must adhere to the fact that these higher conversions and increased transactions will surely come at a cost. Instagram will charge some amount of selling fee to the merchants. This selling fee will help in funding the products and the program to make the checkout possible.


Furthermore, on its way to become a full-fledged commerce business, Instagram will allow shoppers to pay via Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, or Visa.


Besides, Instagram forecasts to enable merchants to integrate their Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and other frameworks based eCommerce store with the Checkout feature.


A glimpse at the working of Instagram Checkout


Instagram has been a part of discoveries and experiments since its inception.


Bringing along new experiences for both the retailers and shoppers. Instagram unleashed an all-new opportunity to strengthen its relations.


Now with the advent of Instagram Checkout, shopping has become a friction-less experience for shoppers to make purchases.


With users having to pay for products with PayPal, major credit cards, Mastercard, and more.


Instagram gives them a seamless checkout experience by saving their payment data for future purchases.


Ensuring “secure payments,” Instagram said users can even make a second purchase from a different retailer.


sell more with Instagram Checkout

Image Source: Instagram


It works by the Checkout button attached to the organic posts of the participating brands.


A big blue “Checkout on Instagram” button appears below the products eligible.


Once you tap the Instagram Checkout button, you are asked to fill the necessary details (email Id, payment details, and delivery address). You can then place the order after reviewing the details.


Once a successful Checkout is made on Instagram, it tracks all the update right from tracking the order and forwarding delivery updates.


This discovery also has an option to cancel an ongoing order, return, or request support.



Being the most loved social platform, Instagram has now opened doors to enable retailers to bring their products among millennial, simply by integrating their online stores.



Instagram Checkout…A game changer for your online store?


With about 2.40 million users and counting, according to Similarwebs.


Instagram is growing at a fast pace and is now one of the valuable marketplaces for anything: fashion and digital products, apparels, mobile accessories, kitchenware, or anything you need.

sell more with Instagram Checkout


How about bringing your products amidst-

  • 500 million daily active users,
  • Where more than 60% of users admit they discover whole lots of new products on Instagram.
  • Said to have over 25 million business profiles,
  • Brands on Instagram witness an engagement of at least 4% by their followers.


→ Sell your products directly over Instagram in-app or onsite.


Predicted by experts, Instagram Checkout is a new face in the world of retail.


Bringing major transformations by addressing user pain points of security, speed, and convenience, Checkout reduces the obstacles in every aspect.


Wondering how to get started and be a part of Instagram eCommerce?


Simply automate, integrate, and sync your online store with Instagram today and experience a seamless selling option on Instagram.


Is Instagram Checkout worth your business?


Indeed yes, the newly launched Instagram Checkout can do wonders to your online business.


Not convinced yet? Here, look out at some major benefits for yourself.


  • Explore newer opportunities

Instagram no doubt is the home to millions of visitors (shoppers) every month. Being the biggest social platform so far, it presents a new customer base along with various income and revenue streams.


Bringing in more convenient and easy checkout options, Instagram attracts more shoppers. Thus, translating more orders which are directly proportional to increased ROI.


You get the opportunity to retarget old customer and target new visitors all in one app.


  • Instagram persuades buyers

Studies suggest about 74% of shoppers reach over buying decisions with the help of social media.


Besides, with the addition of “Instagram Checkout” button and saved payment credentials, users may make purchases without giving a second thought.


  • Cut down the Checkout step for your customers

Gone are the days when customers were redirected to offsite or off-app to proceed with payments.


Instagram Checkout brings out this easy way, easy pay methodology. Hence, catering shoppers with the frictionless payment method.

A flashback at Instagram’s Social commerce history…


Instagram in 2017:

Instagram released features enabling brands to tag products on their organic posts.


Instagram in 2018:

Including features such as redesigning of dedicated shop tabs on business profiles and shopping stickers in Stories, Instagram launched its enhanced shopping solutions.


To Sum Up…


Is Instagram Checkout really going to be a game changer for online shopping or is it more likely to be a great tool for many companies but not something that radically changes the shopping landscape?


Well, the coming days will surely answer a lot of queries. Till then, get ready to make some spontaneous sales even when you are half-awake with one eye barely open while scrolling Instagram feed through Instagram Checkout.

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