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With NEW Features, Selling on Walmart gets more enriching with Walmart Magento Integration Extension

With NEW Features, Selling on Walmart gets more enriching with Walmart Magento Integration Extension


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March 16, 2017 – (Portland/Oregon) – The promised “Coming Soon” Features of the Walmart Magento Integration extension are available now. CedCommerce on Friday 24th added new features to its popular Walmart Magento Integration.


1- Automate Shipment:

Now, the Magento sellers can automate their shipment process with Shipstation, Shipwork,, Linnworks, Xtento, and ShipRush extensions.

2- Low Stock Notifications:

Vendors, now, would be apprised of product inventory status through notification by e-mail whenever it diminishes lower than the threshold.

3- New Order Notifications:

Whenever a new order is fetched from, vendors now will receive the notification.

4- Shipment Reminder:

Now if vendor forgets to ship a product, he would be reminded to fulfill the order at earliest.

5- Product Status Sync:

Now the there is near real-time data and status synchronization of products between your store and

All the added features are aimed at making selling with Walmart Magento Integration Extension hassle free.



Moreover, there are also some new features that would be added to Walmart Magento Extension, and they’re:

1- Repricing:

This feature will enable sellers to automate their products pricing and get MSP for their products.

2- Vacation Mode:

This feature is similar top hibernation mode. Thus whenever online sellers are traveling or incapable of fulfilling the orders, for reason best known to them, this feature would make products unavailable on Walmart for that duration.

3- Social Sharing:

Online sellers will be able to share the product that went recently live on the Walmart marketplace on their businesses’ Social Profile.

About CedCommerce:

Started in 2010, the company recently became the Official Channel Integration Partner of and has been involved in over 1000 ventures of customizing solutions to address all the unique needs. Fueled by its rich experience, the company has developed highly popular Jet Shopify Integration app being used by 500+ sellers across United Stated of America. The company offers all the products that make selling easier on e-commerce.

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