how to get walmart seller support
How to Get Walmart Seller Support Faster and Quicker by Submitting a Case?

How to Get Walmart Seller Support Faster and Quicker by Submitting a Case?


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Walmart Seller Support is an excellent service that Walmart offers to the sellers ensuring that in the case they face any issue, they can appeal or seek information in the least. Moreover, Walmart Marketplace Seller Support covers all issues that are unrelated to the Integration Solutions. But the question arises, how to Get Walmart Seller Support? In case, an issue related to the Integration arises, you can contact the respective Integration Partner, and they can do two things. They can either help you themselves at a level where the issues fall in their domain. Else, they can create a case for you from Walmart Partner Support. Whereas, Walmart support stands for issues falling under one of these categories:

  1. Product Data Related Issue
  2. Incorrect  Product Identifier
  3. Removing of a Listing or Account Suspension with unclear reasons.

On the other hand, if one of the following issues arise, try contacting the Integration partner:

  1. Server down issue
  2. Inventory mismatch on Walmart
  3. Invalid product upload, etc.

Nonetheless, in case you find yourself unable to help your case, please get in touch with the Integration partner with Walmart Support related issues and they will put up a case on Walmart Partner Support as mentioned above.

Walmart Support Services:

Walmart offers an easy approach to all the sellers to help them out faster and quicker with the best solution possible. The way through which Walmart  Support caters to the Sellers’ cases is called Walmart Case Management. In order to raise a case and catch support appropriately, it is essential that sellers own a Walmart Seller Account. Thereby, every seller has access to Walmart support through their Seller Platforms. Nonetheless, for those who have not yet become the Walmart Seller and need some questions answered they can either try out the Walmart Knowledgebase or consult experts and put up their queries.

How to Get Walmart Seller Support Faster and Quicker by Submitting a Case?

In order to get help from Walmart Marketplace Seller support, create a case with Walmart Case Management. Thus, you need to start with logging in to your Walmart Seller Center Account. 

Further, Navigate to the ‘Question Mark (?)’ symbol on the top right corner. Select the ‘Partner Support’ option.

How to get walmart seller support walmart integration partner

Next, you will find yourself at the Partner Support Portal. Note that, this will open in a new window. Once you see, ‘Create a New Case’ button click on it.

How to get walmart seller support walmart integration partner

The Case

For the case form, you need to work on these fields:

1. Subject:

Define a title for your issue in 2-5 words.

2. Issue category:

Choose a category to which your issue best fits.

3. Sub Categories:

It is absolutely crucial that you select the most fitting most appropriate sub-category for your issue. The reason why the subject finds so much insistence is a good one. It is so, because the selection of a correct category, ensures that the Case reaches the right set of people dealing with the nature of issues particular to yours. Otherwise, it could take a bit long for the right team to take action on it.

4. Description:

Try to specify each and every detail. Preferably use simple language that explains every aspect of the problem clearly. It won’t harm you to get the description proofread by another person, to see if the issue becomes clear on the first read. But, otherwise, you can use your judgment to test the content just as well. Understand that the problem should be laid down properly for the technical experts to analyze and comprehend. Also in order to avoid any further delay try to add each specific detail concerning your order/inventory/feed id etc. that is corresponding to your issue stated and to the problem you quote.

5. Priority:

Do not forget to assign a priority to your concern as this will determine the escalation and response time. Walmart’s cases are prioritized based on their severity, urgency, and impact.

Sometime there might be an issue related to customer order, so while searching the order does not include the dash. Further, when corresponding with Partner Support, do not include the dash in the Order Number

How to get walmart seller support walmart integration partner

What to do after the case is made?

Once you report an issue to Walmart within a short time you will receive a response. Now, the response could be one of a type among the following:

Requesting more details:

There might be an occasion, where the details you have entered while initially creating the case were not enough. Thus, the technical team was unable to fetch the details. In which case you need to render the respective details that the technical representative asked for.

Issue Resolution:

This might be in response to your issue resolution. Post this, your case will be ‘CLOSED’. In case you are still not satisfied with the issue resolution, you can go ahead and ‘re-open’ the case.

Proper Noted comments:

In this kind of response, Walmart Support gives a clear indication explaining why the event occurred. The reasons could be an error on the seller’s part.

How to respond to these responses?

In order to reply to a case, click on ‘Add Comments’ to add a response.

How to get walmart seller support walmart integration partner

Necessary precautions and warnings

Do not reply by clicking on the comment section as highlighted in the image.

How to get walmart seller support walmart integration partner

Do not reply to the email you received from Walmart, rather click on the link to respond back.

How to get walmart seller support walmart integration partner

How to check your response?

You can anytime easily navigate to the case, and check up your response on the case.

Navigate to the ‘Question Mark (?)’ symbol on the top right corner and select the ‘Partner Support’ option. Next, select the case number and scroll down to the ‘Case comment’ section. Further, if you want you can reply back by ‘Adding comments’.

How to get walmart seller support walmart integration partner

Walmart Partner Support

Apart from this, you can also contact your Integration solution provider. They have means and access to Walmart Partner Support. They can easily place your case, seeking Walmart support for your benefit. In case you are not a Walmart seller already, they can help you become one. Also, feel free to seek advice on increasing sales and performance on Walmart, check dos and don’ts guidelines for sellers, and so much more. Handle your profits and pricing better than ever before, without much effort.

How to get walmart seller support walmart integration partner

Let experts make it all easy, automated and flawless for you.

“Customer Service is So Great, they fix it in no time. I had the feeling that they work ONLY with me, that’s how fast it was!!!”

– Sergey Friss, (NYC Moda Boutique, Store owner)

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      Really sorry to hear that you're facing troubles with your complaint/case with Walmart. I'll have to say that this seems like an unusual instance since Walmart Support is known to respond within 24-48 hours.
      However, it may take more time if accurate details aren't provided. Please try contacting Walmart through the new Live Chat Support, which might prove to be a simpler and less irksome way for you to connect with the helpful people at Walmart.
      If you're still facing issues with a response or still haven't received any news from Walmart, please contact us at Since CedCommerce is an official Walmart Partner, and we have a solid footing with Walmart, our team will surely help you out.
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