Expand Your Business This Christmas With OnBuy
Expand Your Business This Christmas With OnBuy

Expand Your Business This Christmas With OnBuy


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With businesses galloping rapidly towards Christmas and new year, it is safe to say that the final quarter will witness the best selling spree of the year. Marketplaces will be doing everything in their power to turn the tide in their favor. Being a seller, you can exploit this scenario and expand your business this Christmas with the world’s fastest-growing marketplace, OnBuy.

With OnBuy’s global expansion plan in motion, sellers will be able to take advantage of the coming Christmas selling spree. The year 2019 became the first trillion-dollar festive season in the e-commerce realm. Close to $137 billion was generated in revenue; this figure resulted from a 13.2% hike over the previous year’s figures. 2020, on the other hand is highly likely to boost these numbers by a significant margin this Christmas season sales.

Expand Your Business This Christmas With OnBuy

Getting good with the numbers: Increasing profit margins

Back in 2018, OnBuy’s Christmas season sales saw their fair share of action. The retail giant’s marketing strategy really worked well. Their ad campaign focused on the key attributes that make festive season sales worth the customer’s attention. Close to 20 million UK households witnessed the ad campaign in full swing.

This year however saw a significant boost in the marketing figures as well, as OnBuy invested close to £1 million for its TV-based ad campaign. The target audience also increased to a whopping 40 million UK households. Being a seller, you need to hit the right spot at the right moment, and this year’s Christmas season sales are going to be just the thing you need. And that’s why you need to expand your business this Christmas.

The virus that ruined it all: Covid 19

Everyone is well aware of the global pandemic and its impact on the e-commerce realm by now. People are still at home, finding ways to make their weeks and months more memorable. Online sales have seen a surge ever since the lockdown happened; the numbers saw a boost of 17% over the previous year’s sales.

Sellers on OnBuy are experiencing their fair share of the business as well; predictions state that a seller on OnBuy this Christmas season will make more bucks out of the season than they did previously. You can always expand your business with great results if you know the right place and time.

But here’s a serious question, while a veteran seller might make a bunch of moves and enjoy the profit this Christmas season, what about those who are relatively new to the game? Well, you can sell on OnBuy this Christmas with all the desired profit margins you’ve been planning for by following some simple yet crucial steps.

Nearly every field that sells well throughout the year is bound to see a spike in sales figures this Christmas season sales. Products from consumer electronics, beauty products, fashion, and home furniture are highly likely to see a hike of 20%, 23%, 19%, and 16%, respectively. It’ll probably be the best time for you to make a move in order to expand your business this Christmas.

Expand Your Business This Christmas With OnBuy

How do I boost my sales this Christmas season?

Every seller who wants to be competent in the e-commerce realm is currently asking the same question to themselves. Fret not, for you can always switch tactics at the right moment and let the profit margins talk. Since Christmas isn’t just restricted to one nation alone, it becomes evident for sellers to master the art of selling online efficiently.

You can sell on OnBuy this Christmas efficiently if you keep the following points at the back of your head. Merely memorizing them isn’t going to cut it; you need to perform these steps and work your way out of the Covid crisis in order to become a successful seller in the current marketplace. Here’s what you can do:

Gift cards always do the trick

Perhaps the best way to expand your business this Christmas will be to gift your customers gift cards on a certain purchase. Since every customer wishes to buy products during Christmas, they’ll scavenge for coupons and discounts. This is where you can drive more people to your store via the application of gift cards.

Popular payment portals such as Giftfly and PayPal can always provide you the offers you need. All you have to do is get these gift cards running before the Christmas selling spree. Physical cards used to be a thing (and honestly, it still is), but with the digital realm taking shape, it’s better to switch over to such a platform that acts as a customer magnet for your store.

If they know its urgent, they’ll do it no matter what

Another perfect tactic for you to sell on OnBuy is to create a sense of urgency before the sales begin. Customers at times understand the urgency of a selling season and eventually come rushing to the nearest store to make their purchases. Last-minute transactions have become a common thing these days. Stores often see a huge footfall at the very beginning and close to the end of a discount period.

Using the power of social media, you can bank on this strategy and get more and more people to buy from your store. Limited period offers on gift cards, exclusive sales, etc., can help you expand your business this Christmas.

A trend that’ll never die: Emails

Email personalization is something that has become a tried and tested formula for driving sales during any festive season. In the case of Christmas 2020, you can use the same methods and surf the profit margins. Sending personalized emails not only gets you new customers but also helps you in maintaining contact with the ones who have been your regular customers for some time now.

A subtle greeting with the customer’s name attached at the top will definitely attract more people than a banner with vivid images and bright colors. A customer checks their email at least four times a day for regular updates. In case of a subscription, this can increase to 10-15 times a day as well.

Also, you can always add a personal touch to the emails with images and banners based on the Christmas theme. Doing this will not only attract people, but it’ll also act as an identity for the time being.

Everyone loves free delivery services

Now here’s the thing, it has become a common tendency of customers to look for products with no additional delivery charges. Certain products fall under a threshold within which the customer has to only pay for the product and not for the delivery service. With OnBuy’s delivery partners at your service, you can make the best use of it during the Christmas sales season.

It is basically a tradeoff, you’ll have to shell a little more than what you’re used to for the regular services, but you’ll also be getting orders in droves. Now, who doesn’t want that? If you wish to transform your brand’s identity into a household name, you’ll have to take certain steps to ensure it happens. So make the best use of the free delivery formula this Christmas season sales.

Never forget the hand that feeds you

As the aforementioned saying goes, you need to remember the ones who are driving in sales for you. The customer is no less than a divine entity in any business model. Maintaining follow-ups with your customers even after a massive sales season is a good practice and should be continued throughout the upcoming years.

You can always maintain a loyal customer base by following a few crucial steps:

  • Send them a personalized email containing greetings and a token of appreciation for the latest purchase they’ve made from your brand.
  • Invite them to your latest selling spree with offers specifically tailored as per their needs.
  • Send them gifts upon completing a year or so while being your customer. This will help in getting more customers since you’ll be getting the much needed good reviews.
  • Create a club that comprises customers with a similar background. In this way, you’ll be able to maintain your customer base and get your sales boosted this Christmas season.

To sum it up…

Christmas is the last major festival in the fourth quarter of every year. With the arrival of Covid this year, things have been quite rough for the most part. Fortunately, though, sellers have found a stable ground to conduct and grow their business for the greater good. If you wish to become a part of the OnBuy marketplace, you need to look no further than CedCommerce.

With every solution at your disposal, you can easily manage and grow your business with CedCommerce’s integration packages for various frameworks. That being said, you’ve still got a lot of work to do. New year’s on the horizon, and things have to be done way better than before.

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