Ease your festive sales with Walmart new seller onboarding and an exclusive offer!

Ease your festive sales with Walmart new seller onboarding and an exclusive offer!


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Being #1 on the Fortune 500 list in 2002, Walmart broke into eCommerce in 2016 and continues to grow since. As evidence, Walmart’s online customer base has increased by 13% since 2020. Marking the benefits of selling on the giant eCommerce marketplace, Walmart has witnessed high year-over-year growth since 2019 during the holiday season. With its Black Friday and Cyber Monday events boosting Q4 sales to 124% yearly, is continuously gaining consumer favour. This benefits eCommerce brands looking to leverage their sales, especially during the festive season. Do you wish to leverage your sales with the added benefit of easy Walmart onboarding? Then be ready! CedCommerce Walmart integration brings you the most fantastic combination of Walmart new seller onboarding program and an exclusive offer this festive season. Read further through the end and avail of this offer.

Swelling sales during the festive season is one of the most trusted go-to holiday shopping destinations for shoppers looking for popular products, great value, and an exceptional shopping experience. It is so because the festive season brings in numerous deals across various categories, therefore customers shop like no other time of the year resulting in higher traffic. Hence, this time of the year is no other perfect opportunity to onboard Walmart with an exciting offer and start selling.

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Commence your eCommerce journey with Walmart new seller onboarding

Looking at the higher sales graph during the festive season, Walmart brings an exciting opportunity. With the added benefit of CedCommerce Walmart integration services, now avail of the Walmart new seller onboarding program and an exclusive offer. Walmart new seller onboarding is a new streamlined process to help you start selling on faster -just in time for the holiday selling season. All you have to do is create your account and complete the 3 step onboarding journey which includes:

  1. Verifying your business.
  2. Setting up payment options and
  3. Configuring your shipping methods.

We are happy to help

As the festive season sets in, you can expect higher sales. It is because customers look forward to bumper sales and shop like no other time of the year. Therefore to sell more and give your brand new recognition, onboard Walmart with the Walmart new seller onboarding program only with CedCommerce Walmart integration.

Get in touch with our experts to gain insights into enhancing onboarding and enhancing your sales. Our developers will assist you to incorporate the best practices in your sales strategy and sell better on Walmart this festive season.

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