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Onboard and sell on Walmart Mexico marketplace with your perfect 2022 guide.

Onboard and sell on Walmart Mexico marketplace with your perfect 2022 guide.


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With evolving technology and consumer shopping patterns, sellers are increasingly switching to a multichannel selling approach. For existing Walmart US sellers, multichannel selling has become much more accessible than ever. In addition to connecting with Walmart US and Walmart Canada marketplaces, existing US sellers now have the opportunity to sell on Walmart Mexico. Expanding your multichannel approach to a rapidly growing marketplace and tapping into a 27M+ monthly user base is easier than ever. Therefore, expanding to Walmart Mexico is no less than a fantastic opportunity for Walmart US 3P Sellers. To know more about the advantages of selling on Walmart Mexico Marketplace, why to integrate your eCommerce store with the Walmart Mexico Marketplace, and how to onboard quickly, read further.


  1. Reasons to sell on Walmart Mexico.
  2. Prerequisites for getting started on Walmart Mexico Immediately
  3. Getting started with Walmart Mexico marketplace
  4. Walmart Mexico Shipping Requirements and Partnerships
  5. Application tips
  6. Why should you integrate your eCommerce store with Walmart Mexico Marketplace?
  7. FAQs
  8. To sum up

Reasons to sell on Walmart Mexico.

Ranked 3rd among the top 3 websites in Mexico, Walmart Mexico has been the most preferred eCommerce shopping destination, with 2,643 stores and 171% YoY sales growth. A few boons of selling on Walmart Mexico include:

  1. Unique Customer count that consists of 52% of US-based orders.
  2. Affordable and Trusted Shipping with Estafeta.
  3. Additional Physical Channels
  4. Diversified Payment Methods
  5. Appear on two sites, i.e., &, by listing on Walmart Mexico.

Sell your products on 2 websites by listing them on

Prerequisites for getting started on Walmart Mexico Immediately

To onboard and seamlessly sell on Walmart Mexico, you should:

  1. Be an experienced Ecommerce Seller.
  2. Own a Walmart US Marketplace Account in Good Standing.
  3. Provide a compelling Product Catalog in Spanish. You can use Google Translate for the catalog.
  4. Offer competitive pricing.
  5. Include proof of Delivery Scan with shipping.
  6. Have an active Payoneer account for payments.
  7. Also, have a “Return Center” in Mexico (a Walmart Affiliate via Estafeta Return offering is available to sellers).

Getting started with Walmart Mexico marketplace.

  1. Marketplace Introduction → Get an overview of the Walmart Mexico Marketplace as well as the seller requirements.
  2. Application → Submit the online application for Walmart Mexico marketplace Account Creation.
  3. Virtual Training → Learn about the onboarding process to create and manage your catalog.
  4. Onboarding →
    • Complete your seller center registration.
    • Set up and configure your Payoneer account
    • Enter your Mexico return address
    • Upload your inventory as well as the catalog.
  5. Start Selling! → When you are ready, we will start selling together.

For all the PrestaShop sellers: do you wish to sell on Walmart Mexico Marketplace? Read CedCommerce’s Walmart Mexico Integration Module Live on PrestaShop Marketplace to know more.

Walmart Mexico Shipping Requirements and Partnerships

Shipping Requirements:

  1. Sellers can use Any carrier.
  2. No requirement to forward deploy or house inventory in Mexico.
  3. Must have a return address in Mexico.
  4. The carrier must also provide proof of delivery scan.

Shipping Partnerships

Walmart also offers Shipping and returns solutions from the US, China, and intra- Mexico. So, check out these partners for more information.

  1. Estafeta: US to MX Shipping and/or Mexico Returns visit:
  2. SFC: China to MX visit:

Application tips

To complete your marketplace application, you will need the following:

  1. TAX ID Number
  2. Address or place of physical operations.
  3. Business address
  4. Primary product categories, catalog size, and related information. e.g., total SKUs you will be selling on initially with verified UPCs.

Why should you integrate your eCommerce store with Walmart Mexico Marketplace?

With the continuous increase in online shopping in recent years, the eCommerce business has been unleashed. Its influence can now be witnessed worldwide. As modern users are continuously shifting their preference from physical stores to online shopping, this leads to the growth of the online Marketplace with each passing day. While numerous counts of similar products are listed on various websites, consumers tend to buy the same products from renowned Marketplaces. This depicts that if you haven’t considered integrating your store with one of the renowned marketplaces, such as Walmart Mexico, you are probably losing most of the potential customers.

Integrating with Walmart Mexico Marketplace offers numerous benefits such as:

  1. A huge audience reaches by listing on two websites.
  2. Improved SEO.
  3. Easy international sales, and much more.

Therefore to leverage your online Business, CedCommerce’s seamless integration is at your end.

Google Translate API for Easy bulk Uploads

Leverage bulk upload in addition to effortless product feed management on the Walmart Mexico Marketplace with integrated Google Translate.

Auto-Acknowledgement of Orders

With CedCommerce’s Walmart Mexico integration, orders are acknowledged automatically as soon as it is created on the Marketplace.

Real-time synchronization

Establish an automated synchronization of product inventories as well as prices between your store and Walmart Mexico Marketplace.


Create and assign profiles to the products to automate the Marketplace upload procedure. Also, gain Advanced Attribute and Category mapping for better SEO and listing quality.

Automated Shipment

With the Walmart integration, manage the orders as well as shipments from your local shop panel using ShipStation, Linnworks, Xtento, etc.


Q1) How do I onboard Walmart Marketplace?

To onboard Walmart Marketplace, complete the following steps:

  1. Attend the Marketplace introduction session.
  2. Apply online
  3. Attend virtual Training
  4. Complete seller onboarding process:
    • Seller center registration
    • Configure Payoneer account
    • Enter Mexico Return Address
    • Upload catalog and inventory
    • Start selling!

    Q2) Which Documents do I require to complete my onboarding process?

    To complete your onboarding process, you need the following documents:

    1. Marketplace application form
    2. Bank account linked with Payoneer for payments.

    Q3) Why should I sell at Walmart in Mexico?

    1. List products once to appear on two websites and in-store kiosks.
    2. Gain 27M+ unique monthly visitors.
    3. Walmart Mexico is an emerging marketplace experiencing rapid growth.
    4. Additionally, it offers customers a monthly installment payment program where Walmart assumes the risk of non-payment.
    5. Opportunity to participate in sales events to boost traffic and sales.

    To sum up

    Selling on a giant marketplace with an enormous user base can occasionally be overwhelming. It calls for seamless integration and constant support to grow your store in a marketplace such as Walmart Mexico.

    Therefore we at CedCommerce aim to provide simplified selling through our Walmart Mexico integration service with 24*7 customer support.

    You can contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for further queries. You can also reach out to our experts on WhatsApp or Skype.

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