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In old days for selling craft supplies, vintage and handmade items were all about fairs and craft shows. But now every thing is changed You can sell and buy these types of items from

Etsy provides a marketplace and community for individual who wants to sell craft.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts guidelines at

Let’s start with what not to do.

Don’t spam your customer:

Don’t send your customer too many spam emails or messages.

Don’t tell your the customer that you think something bad

If you don’t have items which customer exactly wants then try to convey according to your the item which you have.

Don’t feel that you should need facebook twitter blog before you sell any thing on Etsy

These things are good but it may take time to get hang of.

Don’t put bad images on Etsy

Before listing images on Etsy make sure that make sure that all image should look attractive. You can edit your image using free photo editor. We suggested you use the white background of every item.

Don’t leave bad feedback:

If someones leave bad feedback on Etsy than make it as a feature.

Don’t Copy:

Don’t Copy someone’s work who really done well. The buyer thinks that original as well and copied is not good as the original.

Don’t worry about no sales:

Don’t compare your sale with another sale because both sell different products.

So What you should do?

Answer politely: If your customers want to know about and ask the question then reply them nicely. This includes people ask you question numerous times.

Say thank you when someone orders from your shop:

Whenever you get the order then respond them thank you and let them know the order is posted.

Be active team member:

Try to be the active team member of your team. Try to participate in maximum activities.

Make your shop’s look perfect

When customers come first at your site then try to provide the good look of your shop.

Follow Etsy’s rules:

Follow all the Term and condition provided by Etsy.


Set your price including all the fees and expenses which you have done.

Marketing of Product:

The unique item which you have made why customer buy? The customer should know what they are buying?

Look at your product critically:

The product you are selling it is original? People get excited or not? The product you are selling is unique or you can get it from anywhere else?

Provide Discount:

Provide the discount to the customer who buys several times on your shop. You can make coupon over Etsy and provide discount the customers.

Make your postage accurate at different places:

Put your postage price if you need. Don’t make money from them. Take the items to the post office and get them weighed.

Fill your all shop policies:

Make sure all the policies of your shop should be filled. What about the returns? What are the postage times? Describe every thing related to your policies.

Check your convos regularly:

Check you convos daily and reply them as soon as possible. Your customer may from the different country. If some ask to try to reply as soon as possible.

Brand Everything:

Brand every item which you are selling on Etsy. There should be no confusion to the customer related to the brand. So that they can tell their friends about your brand.

Detailed description:

Try to provide the detailed description to your product. Presentation of the product should be good. You should describe your product as accurate as possible.


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