CedCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace
How CedCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace solves Sales Related Problems?

How CedCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace solves Sales Related Problems?


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Most Common Problems Faced By Online Vendors

➤Biggest issue for any merchant is that they can not believe in “word of mouth marketing” for their products as there is huge competition. You can not target the product he had heard about, so there should be a service that can help them land on the product page directly.

➤Easiest alternative to selling a product can be an auction where he can list his product and set the minimum bidding price.

➤One should have the facility to reward his customer as it compels a customer to buy more products from his store in future to encash rewarded points.

➤Merchant usually wants to be recognized as the most dependable service provider, which helps them drag more traffic to their store.

Listing the available stores is no longer a feasible solution. Instead, the admin should be able to show the map to help users find the nearest store.

➤There should be a facility where customers can mention different shipping addresses with different vendors

There are plenty of features available in CedCommerce that will help boost your sales and solve all sales-related problems.

Refer a friend:

This is the path for advancing deals and brand popularity. The client can utilize the “Invite the 12friend” option to welcome their friends to the store, which helps expand its prominence.

Customer needs to invite a friend to the store. As soon as his friend gets registered, the customer will get reward points which can be encashed when shopping.

The more friends get registered, the more referral customers profit. Customer can also share their referral link on social platforms like Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

Admin has the right to fix discount amount and points. He has a separate Grid to check who all have been alluded to by his clients.

➤With this module, your customers have more reasons to recommend your products to their friends. The more friends your customers refer, the greater the discounts they earn.

This entire procedure helps expand sales and produce income for the store.

Rich product pins:

Rich product pins are an extension by CedCommerce, allowing users to pin any product image of their choice on the Pinterest board directly from the product page.

Rich pins carry essential (price, stock, availability, etc.) details about the product that helps customers to get an idea about the product.

Product can be imported with description, image, stock availability, site name, and URL.

Rich pins help promote the product, leading to increased sales by quickly attracting customers.

Online auction system:

An online auction is a facility where participants sell or bid for products or services through the Internet. Virtual auctions facilitate online activities between buyers and sellers in different locations or geographical areas.

➤Admin can add product for auction where he set bids starting price and time.

➤Admin can also set a minimum starting price of the bid to maximum price, auction status, and much more.

➤User needs to log in if he is willing to bid in an auction. As soon as a new (high) bid is placed the previous customer will get notified through the mail and vice versa.

Customer reward management:

CedCommerce offers a customer reward feature that helps vendors to encourage customers to buy more products from their stores.

➤Reward points are earned by registered customers when they complete their purchase process.

➤Customer gets notification via mail about his wallet balance after each order. He can manually review his total earned and used points report through the dashboard option.

➤ Customers can encash these reward points at their next purchase, which is a very convenient process.

➤Admin can set a time limit for using those reward points. They are authorized to manage points in case of an order is canceled/refunded.

➤It allows the admin to modify rules in a way that works best for the customer and business. He can also set “points value” for rewards which customers are rewarded.

Vendor badge addon:

CedCommerce vendor badge addon is strong checking and regulation tool.

➤Admin is authorized to award badges to vendors as indicated by the sales and ratings they get from clients.

➤Badges awards are only assigned to selective vendors.

➤They can not hide these badges from the customers.
➤It is beneficial for the vendor as it develops trust, which helps them increase sales.

Vendor split cart addon:

The vendor split addon developed by CedCommerce is the most accommodating addon from the possibility of the customer. It is not any more irksome experience. Now, with this addon, customers can settle on various payment and delivery choices for various vendors from whom they purchase the product.

➤With the help of this addon, customers can choose different shipping methods with different vendors. They can also apply their coupon codes to different vendors.

➤Customers can add multiple products at a time, mention different shipping addresses with different vendors, and choose different payment methods for each. They can also see vendor-wise products on the cart page.

This addon has improved the customer experience, which leads to customer retention and increases in revenue generation.

Store locator:

CedCommerce offers a new extension through which vendor can also show their store on the map.

➤Client can look at the closest store area or range-wise.

➤Admin also gets the facility to locate the created stores on the Google map.

➤Store can be searched by country, state, or zip code and through google map also.

➤The Store Locator extension permits the admin to set up unlimited stores according to the necessity, showing the address, opening and closing date, and time of each store for the comfort of clients so that the users can choose the required store.

It is an irrefutable fact that the extensions mentioned above and addons are fully equipped with essential features that will help empower your store to increase sales for you.


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