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7 Best Magento Marketplace Extensions to sell multichannel

7 Best Magento Marketplace Extensions to sell multichannel


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Looking for the top-selling Magento marketplace extensions to sell multichannel?

Well, we have the answer to your question.

Hence, selling on multiple channels has become a necessity for Magento-based sellers in order to make the most from their selling. But the biggest roadblock that sellers often face is choosing an ideal integration. A budget-friendly solution that allows them to sell efficiently on multiple channels.

Also, sellers often wonder, which are the best extensions to sell products?

Thus here’s a list of Best Magento Marketplace Extensions to sell multichannel.

Best Magento Marketplace Extensions:

On number 7 we have:

etsy extension

Etsy Magento Integration

For a Magento seller, selling on a marketplace like ETSY can not be simpler with Etsy Multichannel Magento Integration. Therefore, that’s the reason why this extension is among the Best Magento Marketplace Extensions to sell multichannel. This is a tailor-made tool designed by the Magento experts after carefully analyzing all the requirements and complications faced by Magento sellers while selling on Etsy.

reason for integration popularity

These days creativity is the best way of surviving the competition in the eCommerce retail business. Thus online sellers’ community has already realized the concern and for that, they have found an ideal creative marketplace – Etsy. This massive onboarding of sellers also gives rise to the massive demand for Etsy Magento Integration.

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integration making life easier

This extension is very precariously designed as per Etsy seller’s demands –

  • Simple and Configurable Products Upload
  • Live Order Notifications
  • Automatic order import & creation
  • Third-party syncing
  • Shipment Automation

And last but not least – this Integration comes with a yearly subscription plan.

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Now let’s move to the 6th best extension in our list of Best Magento Marketplace Extensions to sell multichannel.


Wish Magento Integration

Making its way to the 6th in the list of best Magento extensions, the Wish Multichannel Magento Integration is a great choice for Magento sellers who target mobile-based customers.

reason for integration popularity

Wish is the first name that pops up in every customer’s mind for shopping in the European and US regions. Mobile commerce has turned out to be the new heartbeat of the customer journey with research concluding that by the end of 2021 mobile commerce will include 72.9% of overall eCommerce. Looking at the change in customers’ selling patterns, the sellers are also shifting their attention towards a mobile-friendly marketplace. And that’s the major reason that makes this extension so popular among the Magento sellers.

integration making life easier

The Wish Magento Integration is designed specifically with a mobile-friendly approach making selling on the wish marketplace as easy as possible.

Some of the major features of this extension include:

  • Bulk product Management
  • Enabling and Disabling Products on the Marketplace
  • A Real-time inventory syncing between the Magento store and Wish marketplace
  • Simple and Configurable Product Management
  • Updates about newly created orders
  • Receive notifications of the rejected products from the Wish marketplace and stay updated
  • Batch Status Product Update
  • Automatic Order Import from Wish marketplace

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Walmart Magento Integration

On number 5 in our list, we have the Walmart Magento multichannel integration. A perfect solution that enables Magento-based sellers to successfully establish a real-time link between their store and marketplace.

reason for integration popularity

Walmart has always been one of the popular choices of US customers. It hosts an average of 270 million customers per week making it a popular choice for US-based retailers to sell products online. For a Magento seller of any magnitude, including Walmart in their selling campaign will always prove

integration making life easier

Packed with all the features to sell your products to the biggest retail store in the US, this extension is a complete selling package. Have a look at the features:

  • One-click listing of products on Walmart
  • Order Automation or automatic acceptance of orders from Walmart
  • The feasibility to Retire/Republish Products
  • Simplified refund process
  • Bulk management of products
  • Regular Shipment Reminders

Additionally, this extension is also available for other Walmart subsidiaries such as Walmart Canada, Walmart DSV.

google shopping

Google Shopping Magento Integration

On number 4 we have none other than Google Shopping Integration. A commission-free and frictionless shopping program powered by Google which is turning out to be a haven for Magento sellers.

reason for integration popularity

Well most of us thought that rising the current eCommerce conglomerates would be impossible for any new marketplace. But we have an exception that has broken all the stereotypes. In just a span of a few years, Google Shopping has earned the trust of 6000+ Brands who are currently enjoying the Unpaid Selling Experience. Therefore for any Magento-based seller, the best selling platform available is the Google Shopping Magento Integration.

integration making life easier

This integration is designed specifically by the official partners of Google Shopping. It includes end-to-end features that a Magento seller requires while selling on Google Shopping. Here’s the list:

  • Product Profiling and Organisation
  • Order Management
  • Manage your Business Information
  • Goal Set-Up & Tracking
  • Enhanced eCommerce Set-up
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • 0% selling commission

Now let’s move on to the top 3 Best Magento Marketplace Extensions to sell multichannel.


On number 3 we have:

Facebook Magento Integration

A perfect multichannel integration that acts as a perfect 2-way bridge between your store and the World’s largest social platform Facebook.

reason for integration popularity

A massive shift in customer interest has been observed in the recent few years since the world’s biggest social platform announced its inception to the eCommerce world. Sellers, especially those operating on a small scale saw this as a massive opportunity to boost and scale their selling campaign. To do so, they just need a reliable multichannel integration tool and that’s what makes this extension so popular.

integration making life easier

Facebook shop Magento Integration by CedCommerce is undoubtedly the most powerful eCommerce tool ever developed for sellers. Hence this remarkable integration allows Magento sellers to list and sell products from the Magento store directly on the Facebook shop. And we are not even to the best part yet. Thus you can manage all the store activities from one single platform and remove the hassles of switching between channels.

Now let’s have a glance at all the features of this extension:

  • Bulk Products Upload
  • Automate Inventory Synchronisation
  • Redirecting at Checkout
  • Advertise your products on Facebook in a single click

Finally, we are at the top 2.

Well, the next extension to our list of Best Magento Marketplace Extensions to sell multichannel is –


eBay Magento Integration

When speaking of the Best Magento Marketplace Extensions to sell multichannel, how can we miss out on the eldest eCommerce website – eBay.

Therefore a seller selling multichannel never forgets to include eBay in their list of the marketplace.

reason for integration popularity

The demand for eBay Integration has always been there for Magento sellers from all around the world. Hence the reason what makes this extension so popular is the flexibility this extension offers to customize your Magento 2 store as required.

integration making life easier

  • Auto Order Import & Operation
  • Bulk management of products
  • Organized Selling With Product Profiling
  • Increased Product Visibility With Category Mapping
  • Stay Updated with notifications of New Orders

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Now here comes the extension we all have been waiting for. The Best Magento Marketplace Extensions to sell multichannel of all time.


Amazon Magento Integration

Making its way to the top of the list, the Amazon Magento Multichannel Integration is undoubtedly the most popular and most selling multichannel marketplace connector.

Well, I must clearly say this – You are not using your selling campaign’s full potential if you are a multichannel seller and not selling on Amazon.

reason for integration popularity

Therefore the reason that makes this extension such in demand is that – 60 percent of Magento merchants already sell on Amazon marketplaces with 92 percent of these merchants expecting their Amazon channel revenue to grow in the next 12 months. This is the most trending marketplace at present time.

integration making life easier

Firstly, this is the ONLY native Magento integration to sell on the Amazon marketplace from the Magento panel.

  • Centralized management from a single dashboard
  • Management and upload of products on Amazon in bulk
  • Allows management of Simple And Configurable Products
  • Create Multiple Price Rules based on profiles
  • Multi-Account Support
  • Supports FBA and Automated Shipment
  • All round real-time synchronizer
  • Low Stock Notification

On the other hand we also have separate integration for Amazon FBA and Amazon Vendor EDI.

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Why Choose Marketplace Integrations for Multichannel Selling?

A multichannel Integration is the most powerful tool that allows sellers to drive customers to Magento stores from the leading marketplaces in the world. It allows sellers to link multiple accounts (from different marketplaces/channels), hence allowing them to turn their Magento Panel into a hub for all their critical marketplace activities, removing operational friction and additional integration costs.

magento multichannel

Thus, using this tool, Merchants can seamlessly integrate their catalog with the top marketplaces in the world and manage all product listings, orders, repricing rules, and SKU level override directly from the Magento Admin panel.

In other words, multichannel marketplace integration fosters the online selling business by expanding the audience reach, market share, product visibility across the global platforms, and last but not least, the customer retention rate which every online seller wants to place into their plate of stratagem. By integrating with the multichannel integration, online selling operation management and revenue generation will be more efficient, optimized, and result-oriented. Simply the jack of all trades!!!

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