Finding the best conversion triggers for your eCommerce website

Finding the best conversion triggers for your eCommerce website


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Every visitor on your eCommerce website is a prospective customer. Website visitor is your only chance of conversion as an eCommerce business. So you need to capitalize on every chance of conversion you can get. To make this sure, you must find the best conversion triggers for eCommerce website. There is no way around it.

You need to optimize your eCommerce website in a way that can turn your visitors into customers. In other words, you have to convince your visitors to buy a product or service from you. This is not an easy task. It is the most difficult part of an eCommerce platform. Almost 60% of eCommerce businesses collapse under pressure due to poor conversion strategy.

It is crucial to bring visitors to your website, but it means nothing if you are unable to convert them into sales. The bounce rate of business websites is higher than any others. Many eCommerce websites imply tools to pull the visitors but fail to hold on to them for long.

The sales trigger comes into play for the same reason. This is a quintessential way to propel the chances of engagement with a visitor. Engagement increases the chance of a conversion. It can be anything that compels action or interaction with the visitor.

The psychology behind conversion triggers

conversion triggers for ecommerce websites

Conversion is not rocket science. All you need is a good user engagement strategy for eCommerce. This attracts the user for interaction. The visitors on your website can be better understood from the analytics data. This helps to break down the psychology of your target audience. You can exploit it to create more impact and evoke an active response from your visitors.

“If your website doesn’t serve user intent, your approach need to change. The user engagement needs a sparkling start that helps proceed a sharper conversion strategy.”

Once you interpret your visitors, there are many viable options for you to consider. You can not let this psychological advantage go in vain. Your approach should rely on user intent. It is always better to start with the interest of your visitor. Understanding the intent of your visitor plays a big role in engagement. This eventually guides him to become your customer. A good impression is essential right away.

The approach behind website conversion

conversion rateSource – Invesp

One of the best ways to explore the mindset of your target audience is on three basic behavioral aspects; 

  • Motivational marketing – It is about raising curiosity and excitement for your products. This aims to develop an infatuation on the mind of user towards a particular segment of product that you deal in.
  • Brand building for awareness – Brand awareness comes through healthy engagement. It must nurture a sense of comfort about the company on the mind of the target audience.
  • Sales oriented conversion triggers – This creates a sense of urgency for buying a product. If your trigger work, it will carve the most impact on your visitor conversion rate.

Why should anyone buy from you?

eCommerce website

Every successful eCommerce website understands how to pull its consumers towards the product. You may have an awesome product but it doesn’t matter unless it sells in the market. There is no value of a product if buyers reject it. You have to outclass the competition posed by established brands.

The eCommerce marketplace integrations can help in this. They make the eCommerce websites more organized and engagement friendly for the visitors. If you get the right setup, you can expect to thrive and grow in the eCommerce.

You have to be very clear and specific about 3 basic things. Answering these 3 questions will help you understand how the best conversion triggers for eCommerce website are meant to be.

  • Why customers purchase the particular product you are planning to sell?
  • How can you create a sense of urgency to buy that particular product?
  • What makes your product better for the buyers in a way that can concern them?

Key conversion triggers for eCommerce websites that enhance sales

Social media branding

Conversion strategySource – comscore

Social media branding is a necessity for businesses nowadays. No matter how big or small a brand is, it needs to be present on social media. This is necessary for developing an influence while connecting with a larger audience. A lot of conversion triggers for eCommerce work on the premise of social sharing. Many successful e-commerce websites use social media tools for conversion.

Social media integrations can create a much greater impact on certain products. But this does not make it any less effective for others and every eCommerce website can benefit from it. There are different approaches a business can make to use social media and increase its sales.

Upselling suggestions

Upselling Products

Source – Truconversion

This is one of those tools which works great for e-commerce websites. Upselling is about suggestions you can give to your potential buyer. It could be anything relevant to what a consumer is searching for in a certain kind of product. You can upsell other relevant or similar products or even enhancement of the product.

You can always give Upselling suggestions upon the interests and relevance of the user. This comes in as a handy option for the multi-vendor stores. They can suggest various other products from the same category which the user is looking for. It thereby redirects an uninterested buyer to look for other viable options.

A compelling call-to-action

Call to ActionSource – Truconversion

This conversion trigger for eCommerce can work if and only if, your call to action is attractive and creative. It must also look believable and non-dicey at the same time. This conversion triggers aim to create a sense of urgency to buy the product. To get a user interested may not be enough for conversion. You need to give him a sense of now or never deal in your call to action.

This can also work with discount offers or sharing freebies that can trigger visitors. A call to action can only work when it has enough pulled and strikes the mind of the user. Thus you must understand the reasons which compel the buyer to buy the product from you.

Smooth, responsive and mobile-friendly website

User ExperienceSource – Truconversion

Conversion triggers for eCommerce websites are not always a set of designed tools. There is a massive role in the website interface. The fluency of operating a website influences the possibility of conversion. The user experience must be smooth and fluent.

In cases where a website is slow, the conversation rate drops down by 11% for every second of delay. At the same time, the bounce rate increases by up to 79%. More than 40% of the visitors avoid revisiting a slow and sluggish website.

In simple terms, the website must not waste time to load pages or transition from to the next page after clicking. The use of plain text is boring and non-engaging. You have to do something more interactive and illustrative to grab attention. Creating illustrative graphics is catchy and easy to understand. This attracts more visitors to your product.

Influencing with good reviews of the customers

Customer reviewsSource – Truconversion

If your customers are happy with you, it gives you a wonderful chance to attract new customers. The reviews of satisfied customers often pull new customers for eCommerce websites. Good reviews not only make you more credible but also establish your product quality. This always helps to convince the new website visitors for sales.

Reviews are always an arsenal that works as conversion triggers for eCommerce website. For any online business, customer reviews are an asset of visitor conversion. The placement of the reviews decides the impact it can create for the sale. This is why every successful business strives to ensure customer satisfaction.


The conversion strategy is the backbone of any eCommerce website. Even a great product will not survive if it fails to find an appropriate audience to sell. You can’t sell a product by force. The online user has the complete freedom to disengage or jump ships as and when they want. This makes him even tougher to convert.

You need to reach the audience with an appeal, no matter if they are coming from mobile or computer. For the computers, best conversion triggers do this part. On the other hand, Progressive Web Apps (Know more about Progressive Web Apps) are meant to play a critical role for engaging mobile users in near future.

If you follow an optimized conversion strategy, you have made the right start. The conversion triggers for eCommerce play a very significant role in making this happen. To be frank, the conversion triggers for eCommerce website are basic need for eCommerce websites. You need to offer product values to the buyers. If you don’t put it right, even the greatest of products won’t help your business.

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