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WooCommerce to eBay: How to sync your local Shop with eBay?

WooCommerce to eBay: How to sync your local Shop with eBay?


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WooCommerce to eBay? Are you struggling with syncing your eCommerce store’s product to the giant marketplace (viz eBay)?


If you own a WooCommerce online store and also sell your items on one of the tech-giants i.e. eBay, you might be looking for ways to easily sync your products to the giant marketplace and integrate all three in a single platform. Doing that will reduce your volume of work and let you manage all the orders from one place.


As around sellers raise their concern about syncing their eCommerce products with marketplaces.    


However, CedCommerce on the other hand has brought in the impeccable ways to sync your inventory automatically.


Merchants from all over the globe can smoothly list and sell on eBay while favorably managing the inventory process within WooCommerce.


The WooCommerce eBay Integration Extension (here) enables you effortlessly “Auto-Sync” your inventories instantly.


Join hands with the massive presence of eBay Marketplace

woocommerce to ebay

eBay amounted to 2.64 billion U.S. Dollars in the second quarter of 2018. There is no denying the fact that the eBay Marketplace proves to be the best place to sell your products on.



With eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) you can make you leverage the opportunity to exhibit your products to over 60 million buyers worldwide.


eBay Marketplace leaves no stone unturned in driving huge customer-base to your WooCommerce store.


Did you know?


Ruling 41% online stores, WooCommerce is but of course one of your best decisions to sell your products upon.


Running on more than 3 million websites, WooCommerce is aiding millennials to drive hoards of traffic. 

Luckily, the eCommerce world is assisting millennials to make money online way efficaciously.


The last quarter of 2016 saw eBay’s GMV to be at $22.3 billion and these types of astounding results are the mark of 25 million strong online sellers community selling on ebay, making “How to sync your local shop with eBay fairly common”.


Thus, this document addresses all the intermediary steps involved when syncing your shop with eBay. Actually, integration with eBay or connecting your woocommerce to ebay requires extensive information of your business.


The multi-layered information needed has many aspects to it and each one has its distinguished applications and importance. All the steps, that require information, are:


  • Configuration
  • Category Mapping
  • Profile
  • Manage Products
  • Bulk Action
  • Import
  • Description Template
  • Pre-requisites


Aforementioned categories requires data necessary to perform all the selling related operations and automating the sale.

1. Configuration:

This step requires you to provide eBay with your store’s location, take authorization from ebay, provide shipping carrier or logistic partner detail and the mode of the payment and your payment Id. It also includes defining your Return and Refund Policy. As soon as this information is provided and step completed comes Category Mapping.


woocommerce to ebay

woocommerce to ebay

2. Category Mapping:


Now since syncing enables transferring of data from your woocommerce store to eBay, mapping the appropriate category of your stores with that of defined by eBay becomes uber important. Any mistake may lead your products to be listed in the category where they ideally they shouldn’t be and neither their buyers are. Therefore it is one important part of the process.

woocommerce to ebay

woocommerce to ebay

3. Profile:


One of the best ways to avoid to manual work is to create various profiles of different product types – electronic and appliances, gadgets, health and beauty, and apparels etc. Creation of these profiles in advance enables you to bypass all the future efforts of creating the same information time and again. Simply assign the corresponding profile against the similar product to feed the information.


eBay sync for australia

woocommerce to ebay

4. Manage Products:


This step involves creation eBay ready products in compliance with eBay’s products guidelines and rules. Also, from this step, all the verification regarding the product/item data is done and the errors fixed and profile created in the previous steps can be assigned to the products. Also, in this step, you can see all the product ready to be uploaded at eBay.

5. Bulk Product Upload:

As evident from the name, this step enables to upload your local shop’s items on eBay in mass. The bulk uploading can be done in two ways – Bulk Product Upload or Upload queue. In the previous step – Manage Products – you also can add products to the queue. Moreover, the profile can also be assigned in bulk to the products.

WooCommerce product feed export

woocommerce to ebay

6. Description Templates:


eBay offers great flexibility when it comes to deciding how your product page should look like. You have total control over it as eBay provides various Product description templates. Also, it gives the option to online sellers willing to sell on eBay to come with their own unique and innovative product display methods. For it, you can add new product display templates as well.


Ebay importer woocommerce plugin

woocommerce to ebay

Apart from it, prerequisite section informs you about all the tools and requirements that you need before hand to successfully integrate your woocommerce store with eBay and offer them to 167 million strong monthly user base.

Also, you can see the entire process connecting your local shop with eBay in the following video.

Connecting your store with eBay can be a real revenue booster for your Wooocommerce store. And you could be the part of 25 million strong online sellers community.

What’s more, now you can offer your Woocommerce 3.0.0 store products on eBay for free.


You may be selling on WooCommerce. Its time to benefit with selling on other platforms using our efficient eCommerce solutions for: 
Drive maximum traffic from eBay to your store with Marketplace Integration.

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