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Free Version of Woocommerce eBay Integration Available on WordPress

Free Version of Woocommerce eBay Integration Available on WordPress


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Portland, Oregon – (April 25th, 2017) – The Free Version of WooCommerce eBay Integration App, named as eBay Product Lister is now available at Official WordPress website and also Woocommerce 3.0.0 compatible. It enables Woocommerce users to offer their products at eBay.

Key Features of Basic eBay Product Lister Integration are:

1. Simple Product Upload – All the products that have no variations can be uploaded easily.

2. Verify Products – Before products are uploaded at eBay, the extension checks if all the details are in accordance with the eBay’s product listing guidelines or not.

3. Profile Creation – It enables Woocommerce merchants to create Profile for different product types and bundle all the relevant attributes. Hence whenever the similar product type gets uploaded the integration fetches the data from the already created Profile.

4. Bulk Listing using Profile – The extension enables Woocommerce users to List all the products with certain Profile and upload all of them simultaneously

5. Bulk Product Upload – This enables users to upload simple products in Bulk. Users can select multiple products and upload them.

6. Category Mapping –  woocommerce ebay Integration enables Merchants to map the categories of their stores with that of eBay. The category mapping ensures products are listed at right place.

7. Custom Description Templates – Since eBay offers flexibility to portray the products according to merchants wishes, the integration extension has and enables sellers to create custom description templates.


The extension can be downloaded from Official WordPress Store (https://wordpress.org/plugins/product-lister-ebay/).

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